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Love vs. Lust by Seager99
Love vs. Lustby Seager99
Gabby hates her brother’s best friend Cole but then she is forced to spend some time with him and realizes that he isn’t as bad as she always thought he was. Follow Gabb...
  • brothe
  • boy
  • best
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Even Goody Two-Shoes Have Secrets by BraveNewWriter
Even Goody Two-Shoes Have Secretsby BraveNewWriter
Her name is Melanie Clark and she’s a goody two-shoes. She’s always followed the rules. In fact, she’s a bit of a moralist. Never been kissed, never snuck out, and never...
  • girl
  • make
  • brownies
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My poems ~ONGOING by bookandbomb123
My poems ~ONGOINGby bookandbomb123
A book flooded with ripples of poetry . Simple but nice and I hope you will like .
  • enjoyreading
  • ongoing
  • thoughtsandfeelings
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MAGICAL ACADEMY by kitty142005
First Story ko po ito so don't expect to much wala akong Story na ginaya dito!
  • king
  • rich
  • fantasy
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The 'it' boy, in love with me? My ass! by Dania_ZR
The 'it' boy, in love with me? DZR
Alvii Smith is not your average 16 year old teenage girl. She has a good life in and outside and having 3 brothers, one of them also being her twin makes her more known...
  • highschool
  • gamee
  • nerd
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Friendship Qoutes by jollianrosegarcia
Friendship Qoutesby Black_Rose
Qoutes po to para sa mga bestfriends na laging anjan sa tabi niyo at pati na rin sa mga kaibigan niyong plastic
  • freind
  • friendship
  • shortstory
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Best Friends With Sam Evans by volleyballxcutie
Best Friends With Sam Evansby R
Sam & Piper have been best friends since birth. They've been each other's first kiss, first crush, and first date to a dance. But now, their in high school. He's the soc...
  • hug
  • people
  • girlfriend
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Axel by KaisarAlzahabi
Axelby القيصر💎
A journey of a young Artist
  • action
  • mistry
  • family
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A E S T H E T I C by CacaoJK
A E S T H E T I Cby CacaoJK
"Wtf is that?" "Its an aesthetic hoe, heard about it?" "Can you even spell that shit?"
  • jokes
  • ongoing
  • cursing
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Change in Life. by AlienGirlParsa
Change in AlienGirlParsa
It's a story about change in my life. ( it's just my imagine ) Zara's Parents died in a car crash and she'd to live with one of her elder freind Mr Zain. she's to live...
  • care
  • freind
  • disipline
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the weeping willow (poems) by ChesneyGunnells
the weeping willow (poems)by Chesney Gunnells
mostly sad poems/songs written by Chesney Gunnells
  • gunnells
  • heartbroken
  • regrets
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The girl i use to will be in love! by sa_bin_sth
The girl i use to will be in love!by sa bin sth
This is an story about my dream girl or say my soul mate its complicated though why i love
  • girlfriend
  • freind
  • relation
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I'm No Ordinary Wolf by SameDifference
I'm No Ordinary Wolfby SameDifference
This story is about Tina, her older brother, her best friend ( boyfriend) Kane and her best friend Kim. However not all is what it seems, Tina is really a werewolf but n...
  • fight
  • satanssister
  • attack
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The Final Electus by TurqoiseDance
The Final Electusby Trupti
  • electus
  • final
  • freind
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I met him at a club... (on hold) by katelyn_luvs_you
I met him at a club... (on hold)by Katelyn (DUH)
Zoe Miller loves to go out. Everything about the experience makes he forget why her life sucks, and why her parents would have nothing to do with her if they could. Some...
  • hot
  • note
  • love
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Loss by KedricBranford
Lossby Kedric Branford
The lose of a love can damage you
  • them
  • liking
  • lose
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Story's for my freinds by 97Kookiemonster97
Story's for my freindsby BTS Is life
A story for my freind
  • freind
  • jimin
  • story
My best freind by Athena_hailey
My best freindby Athena_hailey
she is my best freind and we will stay that way because at least my modo is basicly born together die together. Even if we whernt born together.
  • best
  • freind
  • sister
Best friend (A braiden wood fanfic) by exitervanna
Best friend (A braiden wood fanfic)by McDunnaJoPoe2
This is a fanfiction about braiden wood :) A girl finds a best friend and does she fall for him? Does he fall for her? Read to find out more!!!
  • fanfic
  • best
  • wood
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