Love vs. Lust

Chapter 2

At first nothing happened but then the door slowly opened revealing Cole with a panicked expression on his face.  

"I'm going to kill you!" I yelled pushing him backwards into the room almost causing him to fall over.  

"Whoa.. . It was an accident" He complained as he regained his balance.  

"An accident!? What were you doing with it in the first place? I questioned not believing him. I knew him to well and I knew he is a sleek liar.  

"Why don't you calm down then I'll tell you" Cole replied regaining his confidence.  

"I am calm! Now start talking" I yelled contradicting myself and causing him to burst out in laughter which frustrated me even more, how could one person possible be so arrogant?

"I'm sorry but you should have seen your face" He said still rolling with laughter.  

"Tell me what happened right now or I'm going to throw you with something" I threatened while picking up a picture frame that was standing on the dresser beside me.  

"Ok, just don't start breaking things" Cole said with an evil grin on his face.

"I was hungry this morning so I went downstairs to the kitchen to get something to eat and by the way you seriously need to do some grocery shopping. There was like nothing to eat, I'm starving" Cole said rubbing his stomach.  

"Get to the point!" I snapped feeling irritated. Cole knows we are battling with money and I couldn't believe he would say something like that even if it was just a joke.

"Yea, I'm getting there. So like I was saying I was looking for something to eat so I started going through all the cupboards hoping I would find something. I saw a box of cereal stacked away behind that stupid bottle of champagne so I took it out of the cupboard and that is when Conner started yelling at me. I had such a fright because I didn't see him and I let the bottle fall. I still don't know what the big deal is". Cole replied looking confused that we were so upset over a bottle of champagne.  

"You know what? I would have tried to explain it to you but I'm not going to waste my breath on someone who wouldn't understand anyway". I said trying to stay calm but failing miserably, I ran out of the room slamming the door shut behind me.

I didn't bother leaving my room for the next couple of hours but eventually decided that I had to go downstairs and get something to eat. I heard Cole and my brother laughing about something in the living room and shook my head at how easily my brother gets over things. I knew he wouldn't stay angry at Cole but by the way he acted this morning I thought his anger would last longer than that.

I checked through all the cupboards but couldn't find anything to eat so I decided to take the money our mom left for us and go to the shops. I only bought the necessities and then headed back home. It was after five when I got back home and Cole was still there so I wound up making us all dinner. I would have only made for myself but I felt bad about not feeding my brother and I couldn't make food for him and not for Cole.

I ate downstairs with them while watching a football game on TV and then headed back upstairs figuring I was going to continue reading the book I started last night. I just picked it up when my phone rang, it was Reagan asking me if I could come over.

I arrived at her house about half an hour later and we headed upstairs to her room where she broke down in tears.  

"What's wrong?" I asked feeling worried about my best friend and giving her a huge hug.  

"Cole" She answered through her sobs.  

"What did he do?" I questioned feeling anger fill my body from just hearing his name.  

"Nothing, his done absolutely nothing, that's the problem. I've tried phoning him, texting him and emailing him but he doesn't answer me. I love him Gabby" She whispered softly looking helpless.  

"I'm so sorry" I whispered pulling her into another hug. I knew she liked Cole but I didn't realize she felt so strongly about him. Reagan's had a few boyfriends before and usually she got over them quickly after a good night of partying.

We spent the rest of the night talking about how much she was missing him already and how she wanted him back. It took me a while but I eventually convinced her that she was better off without him, or at least I think I did.

When I got back home Cole was still there which was nothing new since he basically lives at our house. I figured they would be upstairs sleeping since it was late and neither one of them had money to go out partying but instead I found Cole in the living room watching TV. I walked right pass him without saying a word and headed towards the stairs.

"Well hello to you too" Cole said sarcastically from behind me.  

"I hate you" I replied turning around to face him. I was tired of his stupid behavior and nasty comments. At first he looked shocked and I thought I saw a hint of hurt cross his face before the corner of his mouth turned up into an evil smirk.

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