Love vs. Lust

Chapter 6

I cried myself to sleep and woke up Saturday morning with a pounding headache. I checked my cell phone for the time and saw that it was after nine. I dragged myself out of my bed and took a long hot shower before heading downstairs to get something to eat. The last time I ate was yesterday at lunch and I was starving.

The house was surprisingly quiet and I couldn't help but wonder where my brother and Cole were. Maybe they were still passed out at Ray's house I thought to myself happily but I wasn't that lucky. They were definitely passed out but on our living room couch. I sneaked passed them hoping to get a few more hours of piece and walked into the kitchen. I didn't feel like having cereal and we didn't have much more food in the house so I settled for some toast and eggs since that was all I could find.

I popped the bread into the toaster and threw the eggs into the pan. My mom will be back home on Wednesday and that is also the end of the month so hopefully we'll be able to buy some more food then.

"Smells delicious" I heard Cole say from the kitchen door. My first reaction would usually be to spin around and give him some horrible comment about how he should go home and leave me alone but I didn't. I focused my attention on the eggs in the pan in front of me and ignored him. The sensation that I felt last night when he kissed me filled my body again and I found myself between wanting to run over to him and kiss him again and being so angry at him that I wanted to throw him with the pan.

"Gabby?" Cole questioned as he walked closer. I could swear I heard a pinch of concern in his voice but figured I was wrong when I turned around and saw him standing behind me with one of his stupid smiles on his face.  

"Yea?" I answered trying to pretend that everything was the same between us. Maybe it was for him but it definitely wasn't for me.  

"Your eggs are burning" He said and I found myself staring at his lips for a few seconds before his words sank in and I grabbed the pan off of the stove.

I threw the pan in the sink with the eggs still in it and then I remembered the bread in the toaster. I turn around and start moving towards it but Cole beat me to it. He plugs it out and holds up two pieces of burnt toast.  

"I think you killed the bread" He says still smiling at me.  

"I wish it was you" I mumble under my breath but by the look on his face I can tell that he heard me. I should really learn to keep quiet sometimes because now we were probably going to get into one of our fights again and I really wasn't in the mood.  

"I won't fit in there" Cole replies as he tosses the toast into the bin and take out two bowl and place them on the table.  

"Is Conner awake?" I ask as Cole throws some cereal in the bowls and add some milk.  

"No, he had way too much. This one's for you" He says pushing one of the bowls towards me. This takes me by surprise but I sit down and start eating anyway, I was way too hungry to argue.

"Are you ok?" Cole asks as we eat and I have to look up to see if he is serious or being sarcastic.  

"Yea I'm fine, why?" I ask. It felt weird having a normal conversation with Cole. Usually I yell at him and then he makes some stupid comment and then I tell him I hate him and run upstairs to cry.  

"You looked really upset last night" He says watching me carefully, he was probably considering the fact that I might throw him with something at any moment.  

"I was" I answer honestly.

We sit there looking at each other for a few second before Cole speaks again.  

"I'm sorry" He says.  

"For what?" I ask.  

"For kissing you, I should never have done that" He replies before getting up and leaving out of the front door.

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