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*Dallas's POV*
As soon as I open my eyes my nose fills with with the wonderful scent of chocolate chip pancakes. I run downstairs still in my pj's. "PANCAKES?!?" I scream running into the kitchen. Everybody look at me like I'm crazy. "What I smelt pancakes?" The all laugh and I get handed a plate. I eat then run upstairs and take a shower. I change into gray jeans, a black hoddie with a gray superman sign and black vans. I straighten my hair and put on my winter candy apple spray from bath and body works. Yum smells so good. I walk down stairs and camila and dinah are cuddling on the couch watching some chick flick. "Where's lauren?" "Uh kitchen I think" dinah answers. "Thanks" I say walking in the kitchen. Lauren and Ally washing dishes. "Can I go to the coffee shop down the road?" "Yeah just take your phone." Lauren said turning around for a second. I walk out the house starting down the street. When I got a text, I pulled out my phone then the next thing I know I'm on the ground. "Hey sorry didn't see you there." I heard a girls voice and see her hand stretched out. I grab her and stand then finally see her face. She has the most beautiful blue-gray eyes. "W-woah" is all I can manage to get out. "What?" She asked with a small smile. "I-I mean it was my fault I was looking at my phone on my way to get coffee." I said looking down sheepishly. "It's all good, hey I'm getting coffee too." She said looking over at me since we started walking again but I don't remember when. "Cool oh um what's your name?" I asked looking over noticing that her facial features are the definition of perfect. "Alex, you?" "Dallas" I say as we walk into the coffee shop. We walk up to the counter and I order a mocha freeze. "Oh I'm going to get that too" I hear from behind me. I turn around and smile at alex. "Can I get another mocha freeze?" I ask the barista. "Yeah that'll be $9.43." She says and I hand her a ten. "Oh do you want whipped cream?" The barista asks as she hands back the change. "Do you eat whipped cream?" I ask turning around. "Uh yeah why?" Alex asks looking up from her phone. "Just wondering, I'm on one of them please." I say turning back to the barista. "And here you go. Have a nice day!" "Thanks you too, and here you are madam" I say with a funny accent handing Alex her drink. "You didn't have to buy this but thanks" she says smiling that wonderful smile of hers. "Wanna hang out?" I ask as we leave the coffee shop. "Sure where?" "Well we could go to the park or my house we have a trampoline and a pool?" I ask turning wondering where she'd want to go. "Ohh can we go swimming!?" She asks excitedly. "Yeah you want to go get your suit or I have a couple brand new ones you can have one?" "Uh c-can I use one of yours?" She's looking down at the ground with one hand messing with the hem of her shirt. "Yeah that's cool. So wanna play 20 questions?" I ask trying to get her to look up. "Yeah you start." "Favorite color?" "Neon yellow, we'll all neon colors but yellow mainly, you?" She says turning to look at me as we talk. "Neon green actually. Soo favorite bands?" "Uh cimorelli, little mix, jake miller, eminem, and fifth harmony to name a few. You?" She names off when she gets to the last one I smirk and she notices and raises a eyebrow. "Uh I actually love all of them plus My Chemical Romance. Uh favorite animal?" I say as we walk on to my porch. "Seal...wait no bear...uh monkey...uh I can't decide anything fluffy or cool looking." She says with a big smile. Her eyes sparkle when she talks about stuff she likes, I've read about that happening but never really seen it. "Um I like squirrel monkeys, and squirrels and monkeys. Well other animals to but those are just three." By now we are in the living room after I got the stupid key in the door. I think it hates me. "What's your full name?" She asks this time. "Dallas Sage Jauregui. You?" "Alex Lauren Thomas. But I don't like it much. Wait did you say-" she got cut off by Lauren walking in to the living room. Alex looked like she was going to explode. "ALEX BREATHE!" I yelled shaking her. She sucked in a big breath. "You didn't tell her did you?" Lauren asked looking amused. "In my defense I was going to on our walk here but then she said she likes you guys so I figured I could have some fun. Oh GIRLS!" You could hear them running down the stairs. "What?" "Who's that?" "I thought you were hurt" "I'm hungry" we're the answers once they got down. "You're always hungry Camz." Lauren said looking over at Camila. "This is Alex" I said smiling. "She's turning red again" m-Lauren said. "BREATHE WOMAN" I yelled shaking her again. "Yeah I'm good. Thanks for that...again." She said smiling sheepishly. "It's all good wouldn't want ya dying on us. So as I said this is Alex, she knows who you are and we are going swimming." I say excitedly. I haven't been swimming for a while since I was always helping around the orphanage and I haven't gotten to it since I've been exploring the house. "Ok don't drown. And it was nice meeting you Alex." Normani says walking back upstairs. "We were going swimming too." Dinah says pointing to her and mila. "Ok we will meet you out there." Alex follows me upstairs to my room and sits on my bed waiting for the swim suit. "Um I have a red, blue, black, or aha I have a yellow one?" "Can I have the yellow one?" She asks hopefully. "Yeah the bathroom is right there." I say pointing to the door. All my bathing suits are neon well other than the black obviously. While she was in my bathroom Ima find my green one. Aha! Found it! I turn around when I hear the door open. Woah she looks amazing. "I'll be out in a sec." I go in and change into my bathing suit and matching swim shorts. They are for like sunburn or something but whatever. I grab two of my beach towels. "Uh Lilo & Stitch or Wreck It Ralph" I ask as I walk towards more door to go downstairs. "Wreck It Ralph" I throw her the towel and we go downstairs.
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