You gotta tell 'em

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*Dallas's POV*
The sun peering through my curtains stirs me awake. I get up and grab a black t-shirt and white skinny jeans and my undergarments and get in the shower. When I'm done I get out get ready and walk into my room to find my phone. Today is the day we are going to the police. I should probably wake Alex up.
"Alex get up" I say gently shaking her. She mumbles into the pillow and turns away from me. "Alex get up" I say shaking her harder yet I get the same results. I get on my bed, grad a pillow and start jumping while hitting her with the pillow. "ALLLLLLEEEEEEEEXXXXXXXX WWWWWAAAAKKKKEEEEE UUUUUUPPPPPPPPP!!!!!" She finally sits up and pulls my legs from under me and I land in her lap. "Hello" I say with a cheeky smile.
"Hi" she says trying not to smile. "You could of just shook me you know."
"No I couldn't of cuz I tried and you rolled away from me." I said and got up grabbing her something to wear.
"Try harder next time" she says with a smirk. I just playfully glare at her and throw my clothes at her.
"Get a shower we have a big day ahead of us." I say and she nods and heads toward the bathroom. I walk down the stairs and instantly the smell of waffles invades my nose. "Morning" I say walking in the kitchen. Everyone turns to look at me and says morning.
"Where's Alex?" Ally asks setting a plate of waffles in front of me.
"Showering" I try to say but it comes out like shommph because of the waffles in my mouth. Ma hits the back of my head.
"Don't talk with your mouth full."
"Don't talk with your mouth full" I say mimicking her.
"Stop that"
"Stop that" I say with a smirk.
"Dallas Sage Jauregui" she says sternly.
"Mommy Michelle Jauregui" I say as cute as possible.
"Ugh you're lucky you're cute." Ma says.
"I know" I whisper to mani how's sitting next to me.
"Gurl where is your boo? You've been down here for almost 45 minutes." Dinah says looking up from her phone.
"Uh I don't know. I'll go see." I say getting up and running u stairs. Once I reach my room I open the door softly, last time I thrust it open and mom got mad. I look in and see her standing there looking at the bruises all over her arms. She doesn't even notice I came in the room. I walk up behind her and pull her back into me. "You're beautiful. I hope you know that, even if you don't I'll tell you everyday to remind you." I say into her neck.
"Have you seen me dal? I'm not beautiful, he's told me so. Everyday when he was beating me he would tell me how I was an ugly, fat, worthless, waste of space. I didn't believe him at first, I didn't want to, but after hearing day after day every minute I was there I just started to." She says leaning back into me. I turned her around and that's when I saw the tears. I wiped them away softly with the pad of my thumb even though she was still avoiding my gaze.
"Alex look at me." I said putting my fingers under her chin and lifting her head. "Hun he lied. He has to of set the world record for lying because you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and I live with fifth harmony" I say trying to get her to smile, which she does she even lets out a small giggle. "Babe you are perfect. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks as long as you believe that you are perfect just the way you are. I know you don't believe that right now but you will I will make sure of it. You are beautiful. You are NOT worthless. You are NOT fat. You are NOT a waste of space. You are perfect. You are loved. You are you and that's all you can be, that's all you have to be. You being you is so much better than you being someone your not for someone that doesn't even matter. The people that love you and matter will never try to change you and if they do then they don't matter. Well unless they are trying to change you for the better. Like getting you to stop smoking or something. You don't smoke do you?" You ask with a mild look of disgust. She shakes her head laughing slightly. "Good smoking is gross." You say and pull her into a hug and mutter "you're perfect don't let anyone change that" in her ear then pull away and plant a kiss to her forehead. "You hungry?" You ask when you pull away. She nods and asks for a minute to wash her face. We walk downstairs and everyone looks at us again. "Stop doing that, it's kinda creepy" you say grabbing a plate of waffles and sitting them in front of Alex.
"As soon as you're done eating we are going to go okay?" Dinah asks looking at Alex who nods. She finished eating and we all got on jackets and our shoes. We all got in the car and we're off to the police station.

-Skip car ride-

We got out of the car and walked into the station.
"Hello how may I help you?" A woman in her early thirties says looking up.
"Um hello we would like to report a child abuse issue." Ally says looking serious.
"Uh okay um I'll need the name of who is being abused and who is abusing and also evidence." She says looking at all of us. Alex steps forward bringing me with her.
"Uh the a-abuser is named M-milo S-steven Thomas and uh I-I'm the one being a-bused." She says looking down and squeezing my hand.
"Okay Miss Thomas what's your full name and do you have evidence?" The police woman asks writing everything down.
"Uh Alex Lauren Thomas is my full name and uh yeah I have bruises all over my body and uh scars all over my back." She says gripping my hand tighter.
"Okay Miss can you follow me so we can check you out?" The police officer stands and gets someone to take her place.
"Can the girls come with me?" Alex asks finally looking up. The officer nods and we follow her to a back room.
"Okay I know this is going to be awkward but you have to take off your shirt and pants so we can see. Okay? Then after we will ask for a story and ask a few questions." The female officer explains. Alex nods and strips the clothing she was asked to take off. I feel my eyes widen and I looked down blushing. I mean I know I've seen her in a swimsuit but woah. Plus she doesn't have makeup covering her scars and bruises now and it hurts to know someone would do that to her let alone her own father. While I was lost in thought they got done checking everything and she was clothed again. We sat down and she started to explain everything from how it started when she was 5 behind her mothers back to when it got worse when her mother died all the way to now. They asked why she came forward now even though what he threatened her with. All she said was she has people she trusts and cares and love now. That made us all smile. The officers said they had enough to bring him in and he will be held till trial. Until the trial in a couple of days she is staying with us. The officers were also told that if he does get sent to prison that Dinah would be adopting her. They said it was fine she would just have to sign the papers and get it approved by the judge. We were free to leave the station after they had her father in custody. We went out to eat then went home it was already 10 o'clock. We spent literally all day in the station because it took them a few hours to find her dad. We got home and everybody crashed in there rooms. Hopefully everything will work and she will be safe. I kiss the top of her head before blackness overtakes me.

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