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*Dallas's POV*
I was laying in my bed watching the rain drops race each other to the bottom of my window. A small smile falls to my lips, I love the rain as long as I don't have to go out in it. Luckily it's Monday so nothing is happening today. I know you're thinking shouldn't you be in school? Well no I do online schooling so I can help Mrs. Thomas with the little kids. If you haven't guessed it, well I live in an orphanage. Yep I'm a orphan but It's not that bad. I hear my door creek open and the soft patter of little feet. Turning my head I see Louis. "Hey there buddy. Whatcha up to?" I ask ruffling his hair. "Hey Dallas, Mrs. Thomas told me to tell you to get ready. There's guests coming." He says struggling to jump up on my bed. I pull him up on the bed and he looks at me like he wants something. "What do you want?" I ask smirking, knowing it's probably to help him with something. He's just the most adorable little five year old. "Can you help me with my outfit and can I wear one of your beanies?" He asks with puppy eyes. No don't look at them. Stop don't give in. "Ugh fineee come on" I say picking him up as he does a little dance in my arms. We walk in his room and I put him on his bed and throw him his dark jeans and a orange and gray stripped button up. He changes and I roll up the sleeves and put my gray beanie on his head. "Kay no go downstairs while I get ready ya little monster" as I say that he takes off downstairs. I run to my room and throw on black skinny jeans, a white Harry Potter shirt, a black beanie and my gray hi-tops. I walk downstairs and right when I get to the bottom someone jumps on my back. "Awe why didn't you get scared?" "Really Louis? You thought you jumping on me would scare me?" "Well maybe." I laughed and carried him to the kitchen. "Hey Mrs. Thomas is everybody ready for the guests?" I ask seeing if I can help. "Everyone's ready we are just waiting now" "Mkay well if you need me I'll be with the little kids" I always preferred the little children always had more imagination then the bigger ones. What can I say? I might be 14 but I don't like how kids my age act. "Ok Dallas I'll be in the office" Mrs. Thomas said walking away. As I'm walking to the playroom with Louis on my back the doorbell rings. I walk over and open the door. When I see whose there I almost drop Louis.

*Lauren's POV*
The girls and I are in the van off to SunRiseHills orphanage. I was happy the girls went along with my decision to adopt. It's just I don't know this weird emptiness in me, I'm hoping that me getting a child will fill it. I've always wanted a kid so why not now? When I look out the window I realize that we are already there. We get out and run to the door since it is raining. Ally knocks on the door and a girl about 13 or 14 opens the door with a little boy on her back. She almost drops the boy when she sees who we are. "Can we come in its kinda wet out here?" Camz asks from beside ally. "Oh...uh...yeah...come in I'll go get Mrs. Thomas." She says as she opens the door wider. We walk in and she goes behind a door and walk out with a woman in her 30's. "Hello I'm Mrs. Thomas and I see you've sort of met Dallas and Louis." Mrs. Thomas says. "Hello I'm Ally, that is Camila, Dinah, Normani, and Lauren." Ally says pointing to each of us. I just noticed that Dallas and Louis have gone somewhere. "Oh I know dear we hear about you all the time. Dallas is the fangirl slash obsessive one of all the children." She whispers the last part like Dallas is in here. "ITS NOT AN OBSESSION ITS A VERY DISTINCT LIKING TO" we hear Dallas yell from a couple rooms away. "How did she hear you?" Dinah whispers. "I hear everything" Dallas says walking in the room with a little smirk on her face. I try to hold in my laughter when Dinah's eyes get huge not expecting her to hear that. "Ok well I'll take you to the playroom where everyone is" Mrs. Thomas says.

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