Pranks and pizza

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*Dallas's POV*
I get out of the shower and put on black ripped skinny jeans, a gray tee shirt with "talk nerdy to me" written on it in black, my gray vans, and my gray cimorelli beanie. I walk downstairs and see Dinah passed out on the couch. Hmmm prank time. I walk into the kitchen and see everyone else. "Do we have whipped cream and sprinkles?" I ask as sweetly as I can. "Yeah why?" They all say at the same time. "Just need some" I say looking through the pantry for the sprinkles. I find green and red ones then go get the whipped cream. "This should be fun" I say while walking into the living room. I take my hand and spread whipped cream all over her face and arms then sprinkle the sprinkles all over her. I go grab a drawstring bag and walk back in the kitchen. I grab a apple and a bottle of water along with the book I'm reading which is "Fangirl". "I'm going to hide in the tree" I say as I walk outside. I climb about a good 30ish feet before I sit in the spot I was in earlier. About twenty minutes later I hear Dinah screaming her head off. I almost fall out of the tree laughing when she comes outside with the whipped cream and sprinkles still on her. She looks up and I wave. "Whatcha doin?" I say as innocently as I can. "Ima get you" is all she says before starting to climb the tree. I look down and see the girls watching, I look to the right and see that there's a balcony about seven feet from where my branch ends. I look down and see she's almost to me. I grab my bag and let it drop to the other girls. I the. Stand as carefully as possible and move to the end of the branch. "DALLAS DONT YOU DARE!" Ally yells "Sorry Als I gotta get away before she catches me. I'll be fine" as soon as I say that I leap to the balcony almost missing it. "See all good" I say looking down then back at Dinah. Her eyes are huge, I just laugh and say you ain't gonna get me. I look back down and only see Normani and Camila, I look at the doors leading to the balcony and see a very scared and angry Ally and Lauren. I laugh nervously and before they get to me drop the thirty feet and land right in front of Camila and Normani. "Hey guys!" I say and look around to see where the other three are. Dinah is still in the tree and the other two haven't made it down yet. "So how's it going?" "Good but ARE YOU CRAZY?!?" Camila asks to which I nod and I feel someone staring at me. I turn around and see all three of the people I'm running from. "Ha ha hey guys. How's it goin?" I ask as I back up slightly. "What should I do?" I whisper to Normani. "I suggest you run." And with that I take of. I turn to go around the house and find a dead end. Oh great I turn around and find the girls all walking towards me but they are still a good twenty feet away. So I quickly climb onto the window then the roof. I look down and see Lauren climbing up here. Ok um think. I could jump off the other side and land in the pool. I just don't want her or ally to be mad at me. I hate when people are mad at me yet I do stuff like this. When people are mad at me I freak out and run but I have no where to run to. Ok um well to late I guess she's here. I back up slowly till I hit the side of the house then curl into a ball. I hear her walking over to me and I flinch when she touches my shoulder. She sits next to me and pulls me closer to her. "Aren't you mad?" I whisper and look at her but not in the eyes. "I was more scared. But yeah I was a little mad. Don't do that you could get hurt." She says and wipes the tear that I didn't even know was falling. "Ok I-I just d-don't like when people are m-mad. They act different. They can be mean." I say and curl into her side more. "Well I'm not mad. Dinah she might be. But she won't hurt you. I will warn you though you might wanna watch your back she's gonna prank you." She says chuckling. "We should probably get down and I should probably talk to the other girls." I say standing up and helping up Lauren. We walk to the edge and look over and all the girls look up. "H-hey. Quick q-question before I get down are any of you m-mad at me?" Normani, Camila, and Ally shake there head while Dinah nods. I look over and Lauren is getting down. "Uh uh okay I'm just g-gonna stay up here for a w-while." I say moving away from the edge. "Why?" Ally asks. "Dallas you're crying." Normani points out as I wipe my tears away. "N-no I-I-I'm not. I'm fine." I go back and sit against the house. I don't know how long I was up here for but it seems like it's noon and I'm hungry. All the girls went inside so I jumped off the roof into the pool. I climb out and walk inside. "Can someone get me a towel I don't want to get the carpet wet?!?" I yell through the house. I see Dinah walk out with a towel. "Are you still mad at me?" "No but let me tell you kid you have balls. I never would of jumped to the balcony or dropped off it" she said giving me a high five. I giggled then asked what's for food. She called the girls in and they all looked at me surprised. Probably because I'm in the house and wet. "Why are you wet?" Lauren asks. "I may or may not of jumped off the roof into the pool." I say with a nervous chuckle. I see them all roll there eyes then they send me up stairs to get changed. I throw on some sweats and a pair of minion socks then I go to Lauren's room and grab a softball hoodie with our last name on the back. I walk downstairs and into the kitchen. "So food?" "What do you want?" Ally asks "PIZZA!" Camila and I say at the same time. We look at each other then back at ally. "Sure" the others say at the same time then look at each other and laugh. "Wait! Can we get it from Papa Johns?" I ask looking at ally. "Sure but why?" Dinah asks. "I like the pepper that comes with it." They all look at me weird and I just shrug and say hot and spicy things are good. They look at me weird then let it go. "CamCam wanna go play a game on the Xbox?" I say with hopeful eyes. "CamCam?" "I don't know where it came from but I'm fallin you it" I say nodding my head. "Sure we will play till the pizzas here." As soon as she says that I pull her to the couch. I put in Call of Duty: Black Ops. I know it's old but I like it. We play till the pizzas here and while we are eating I feel someone staring at me. I look up and see Lauren looking at me like she's trying to figure something out. I know I'm going to have to tell them at least a little more but I want to keep them safe. So I need to figure out how much I can push it.
💚 Sucky chapter but it's only the second day with them so more will happen. Hope you liked it. What and or who do you want to see in the next chapters? Anyway I'll probably update either later today or tomorrow. And remember to keep smiling. -Taylor 💚

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