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*Lauren's POV*
I slowly wake up and feel a light weight on my side. I then remember last night and a smile comes on my face. She called me mom. I look down and Dallas clinging onto my side. There's a knock on the door and Camz peeks her head through the door. "Hey Camz." "Awe hey Laur. You two are soo cute." She says walking into the room. "Guess what Camz!" I say looking down at Dallas to make sure she's still asleep. I heard her hum in response. "She called me mom last night!" I almost screamed but refrained myself. She squealed then Dallas shuffled. "Ughhh shhhh sleepy time" Dallas muffled into a pillow. We laughed and I shook her. "Hey princess time to get up there are people coming to meet you." I whisper in her ear. "Who?" She said lifting her head. She has serious bed head. "Well my boyfriend and Ally's boyfriend are coming."

*Dallas's POV*
So mom and Ally's boyfriends are coming. "Ok well I'm going to get ready" I say getting out of Lauren's bed. "Ok. What do you want for breakfast?" Mom asks as she gets out of bed. "Waffles?" "Yeah ok waffles it is." I get to my room and go take a shower. Once I'm out I go to my closet and put on my under garments. I then change into my outfit (picture on the side). I walk downstairs and see chocolate chip waffles and bacon on the table. I sit down and am basically bouncing in my seat. "What's got you so excited?" Dinah asks walking in. "WAFFLES!" I scream and they all laugh at me. I pout and cross my arms over my chest. "Awe does da baby not wike bein laughed at?" Cam says in baby voice. I just glare at them and they stop. Woah I didn't know my glare was that powerful. "Soo other then your boy toys coming over what's going on today?" I ask looking around. "Uh well I don't think we have anything" Ally says looking around for conformation. Everybody nodded in agreement. "Mkay well can Alex come over?" I say avoiding there smirking faces. "Yeah. Have at it." Mom says. "Thanks ma. Ima go... Yanno text her." I say walking out of the kitchen. "Did she just call you mom!?!" All the girls say at once other then Cam and mom. "Yeah she did." You could hear her smile. I walk upstairs and dive into my bed and grab my phone.
D- Heyyyy wanna come over? We could have a movie day and pig out on junk food!
A- Yeah sure. When should I come over?
D- Uh anytime. Now later anywhere in between. Ha😃
A- I'll be over as soon as I get ready!
I sigh and turn over on my bed. I plug my phone into the speaker and put on Bea Miller's Young Blood Ep. I sit on my bed with my sketchbook and start to draw stitch. There's a knock on my door and mom comes in. "The boys are here." She says and turns to walk out of the room. I grab my phone and walk down the stairs. I turn and see Ally and her boyfriend sitting on the couch. "Hey hey hey I'm Dallas." I say putting my hand out. "Oh I know. I'm Troy." He says shaking my hand. "Nice to meet you. Where's everyone else?" I ask Ally. "Uh Lauren and Luis are in the kitchen. And the others are in there room." "U-ugh did youu say l-Luis? Luis w-what?" I stuttered out. Then they walk in the door. I feel myself stiffen and start to shake. "Hey princess this is Luis" ma says not noticing I was shaking. "Ugh ugh h-hi nice t-t-to meet you." I say and the door bell rings. "Ima go get that." I say shakily walking to open the door. I open the door and see Alex. I relax slightly but still shaking. "Hey what's wrong?" "Uh um well someone from m-my past has showed u-up again." I say shaking. "Want to go talk?" She asks taking my hand and pulling me towards the stairs. I nod and let her pull me up to my room. "So you want to tell me why you were shaking like a chihuahua?" She asks as we sit on my bed. "First I have to know that I can fully trust you. Uh maybe you can tell me something about you that no one knows?" "Uh w-well when I tell you this I hope you don't stop being my friend." "Hun I think you're stuck with me." I giggle a little. "Well m-my dad he i-isn't exactly the nicest. He h-hits me. I mean I know there are kids who have it way worse b-but it still hurts yanno." I look up and she's crying. I wipe her tears gently and hold her as she cries. "Hey it's ok. I'm here for you. I'll help you through it." I whisper in her ear. "S-so why were you shaking?" " Well l-Lauren's boyfriend h-he used to help my d-dad do what used to d-do to me." I stutter out and now she's holding me. " Well do you want to tell Lauren?" I shake my head and she looks at me questionably. "H-he makes her happy. I-I can't do thattt to her." She nods and just holds me. We are silent for a while and I look up and she fell asleep. I pull the covers over us and fall into a deep sleep.
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