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*Alex's POV*

I've been staring at this wall for what feels like forever. It's about 5 o'clock in the morning and I couldn't get back to sleep. Today's the day, we have court at 12 then if everything goes right everyone that is going on tour is meeting here at 5. The tour buses will be here tomorrow at around 4 in the morning. I'm just scared that we won't win this and I not only have to stay with my father but I won't get to go on tour and who knows what my father will do to me. Right now though I feel safe, just laying here with Dal. She looks so peaceful. Her eyes flutter open and she has a lazy smile on her face.

"Good morning. When did you get on top of me?" She asks with furrowed eyebrows.

"Well I'm not sure but I am super comfortable." I say looking up at her and snuggling closer at the same time. She looks down at me and smiles before looking at the clock.

"It's 5:37 in the morning, what are you doing up?"

"I couldn't get back to sleep. I'm nervous about today. What if it all goes bad? What if I have to stay with him? What if I never get to see you guys again?" I mumble into her neck.

"Hey hey hey don't think like that. We will win this and I will be by your side every step of the way." She says rubbing my back.

"Okay but why are you up this early?"

"Well I was going to get up and work out a little bit but now how about we go make breakfast?" She asks trying to stand with me still on to of her.

"Suuuure but will you carry me?" I say in a baby voice.

"Hop on." She says bending down slightly. I hop on and she takes off out the door and down the hall. I have to hide my face in her neck to keep my giggles quite. I don't want the girls getting mad because we woke them. Especially Dinah she would probably prank us and that's never fun to deal with. We get down stairs and I hop off while she gets everything out.

"What are we making?" I ask sitting on the counter.

"Well I was thinking of making pancakes and waffles with bacon. Is that okay?" She says bending over to get the flour. Woah her butt is woah. "Aaaallllleeeeexxxx come back from never land." She says snapping her fingers in front of my face. I can feel my cheeks heating up.

" Huh? Yeah waffles and pancakes sounds good. Ohhhh can we put chocolate syrup in the mix?" I say hoping she didn't realize I was staring.

"Yeah that sounds good." She says as she adds the dry ingredients into a bowl. I hop down a grab the chocolate syrup and plug my phone into the speakers. Really don't care by Demi starts playing. I walk over to where she is mixing everything in the bowl and put some syrup in then I take some on my finger and put it on her nose. She looks up shocked then gives me a look that I think means run. I drop the bottle and take off into the living room. I turn around and she has the bottle and of course I ran myself into a corner.

"Okay okay now you know you don't wanna do this." I say laughing slightly because no matter how much I want it to be true we both know it's not.

"Oh but I do Hun I do." She says with a huge grin and flips the cap up. I'm still standing and we are about a foot apart. I'm not sure why she hasn't done it yet but I can use this to my advantage. I put my arms around her neck and pull her closer.

"No you don't." I whisper in her ear and put our foreheads together. I feel her hands lightly on my waist which means she dropped the bottle. I flip us so she's against the wall then lean in and I'm a couple centimeters from her lips I mumble "got ya" then kiss her cheek and take off to her room. I can hear her running up the stairs from her room.

"ALEX OPEN THIS DOOR!!" She screams beating on the door.

"Not till you have calmed down." I say with a small laugh. I hear five doors open and hear a very angry Dinah.

"What are you doing?" I hear Ally, Lauren, Camila, and Normani ask at the same time.

"Really it is only 6:12 in the morning!" I hear Dinah say angrily.

"Oh you did it now" I whisper through the door.

"Oh no if I'm going down you're coming with me." Dallas says.

"Anyone want to explain why you are screaming at 6 in the morning and you have chocolate on your face?" Lauren asks in a motherly tone.

"Well the chocolate is easy. You see we were making breakfast and putting chocolate in the pancakes but then the one putting the chocolate in put it on my face." Dal says and I hear okays and then questions about the screaming. "Nah uh she has to be out here." I hear Dallas say.

"Alex come out of there." Ally says.

"Is she going to get me?" I ask.

"No you're fine." Lauren says. I open the door and peer out.

"Good morning." I say with a smile.

"Okay so what happened." Lauren asks.

"It was simply self defense." I state smiling at Dallas.

"That's not telling me what happened." Lauren says in a stern tone. Dallas then tells them all that happened and we both blush really hard rehearing it.

"You were screaming because you didn't get a kiss?" Dinah asks trying not to laugh.

"No I was screaming because she tricked me. Oh and yeah Alex?" Dallas says. I go to turn but before I do I feel a sticky substance rolling down my face.

"Okay yeah I guess I deserved that." I say using my finger to wipe it off my face then lick it off my finger. "It tastes good"

"Go shower and I'll finish breakfast." Ally says walking down the stairs.

We all get ready and eat breakfast. It's about 9 o'clock now and they told us that we should be there an hour early. We are leaving now because we don't know how bad traffic is and the court house is like an hour away.

-Skip car ride/ about 11 o'clock-

We are now in the court room because apparently they could get us in early. The judge said a bunch of stuff I don't understand. Then I was called up and had to say everything that he has done to me and they showed the pictures the police took. I also had to tell them why I came forward now. They then had my father come up to tell why he did it or prove he didn't. He had a convincing story. I turned back to look at the girls and they had worried faces.

*Dallas's POV*

Her fathers story was convincing. I was sure the judge was starting believe him. Alex turned in her chair looking slightly panicked. We all were scared that we wouldn't win. The judge said recess and we met Alex outside the room. She looked panicked. I went up and hugged her.

"Hey it's okay. There was so much evidence against him that there's no way we won't win." I said kissing her forehead.

"His story though, the judge looked like he was believing him. What if he wins and I have to go back to him and I never get to see you guys again?" She says with watery eyes.

"Hey no matter what happens you will always see me. I would climb to the end of the earth to protect you Hun. You are my best friend." I say pulling her closer.

"Guys we have to go back in." Camila said opening the door. We walked in hand in hand till she had to go sit.

"She will be okay." Ma whisperd in my ear rubbing my back. The judge walked in and sat down.

"Okay I have came to a decision." The judge says. He turns to Alex briefly and says "I'm sorry..."

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