What's happening?

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*Dallas's POV*

I felt her kiss my head and then heard her footsteps fade. I had been awake since she walked in the door, what can I say, I'm a light sleeper. I don't understand why she said what she did but it did tell me that there's a bigger picture here. Now all I have to do is find out what it is.

I turn over and look at my phone to check the time and it's almost two in the morning. I'll have to wait and talk to someone tomorrow. For now I'll just get some rest.

- Time skip to noon the next day -

I groan when I hear someone pounding on the door. Dragging my feet I reach the door opening it to see mom.

"Yes?" I say unamused since she definitely has a key to this room.

"Get ready kiddo, it's a me and you day." She says with a big smile that is kind of creepy.

"Uh, okay. Well what are we doing?" I ask walking in with her following.

"So you like to draw and what not yeah?" She asks her smile getting impossibly bigger. I just hum as she continues. "Well there's a couple art museums around here that I figured you would enjoy."

She finishes and I just look at her with a soft smile. "I love you mama but I know a big part of this is to distract me. It does sound fun though, so I'm in."

She just bounces a little on my bed like a kid that's had too much candy. I shake my head and go shower and get ready.

Once I'm done we walk for about ten minutes to this museum, it's not packed but I'm still surprised they let us come without a bodyguard. We start at the beginning and take our time going through admiring each piece.

It only takes us getting half way through for her to start up a conversation. One being that started with how I'm doing.

"I'm fine mama, I'm always fine you know that." I speak dismissing what she means and looking at a painting of a little girl in the rain. "I like this one, it speaks volumes."

She stops looking at me to glance at the piece. "Yeah, it's beautiful. What do you think it means?" She glances back at me then at the paining.

"I think it's saying that even though she's so young she can still feel sad and depressed. That youth doesn't dismiss feelings, because a lot of people do that. Yanno? The whole "you're too young to actually be sad. Wait till you're an adult! Then you can be sad!" I say doing my "grown up" voice.

She looks at me while I'm talking but when I'm done looks back at the painting. "It looks like she's all alone. Maybe it could be saying that sometimes children feel that way, even if they have friends and family."

"Why do you think she has friends and a family? I mean she is a lol alone after all." I ask looking at the painting. The little girl was truly all alone. There wasn't much else in the painting but her and the rain.

"I don't know really. Just figured because how she's dressed. Most people when thinking of an orphan or a loner you'd see just normal clothes. She looks like she has on a church dress. Like one for Easter yanno?" She responded still looking intently at the painting.

"Yeah I guess I can see it. I never really had what one would call nice clothes. Mostly jeans and tee shirts actually." I trial off with my eyebrows furrowed. I hum before I'm moving on to the next piece.

We get through the rest of the pieces and walk down the street to a little diner. It's cute and has a rustic vibe to it.

We sit and soon order before I look up to see Lauren just looking at me. Before I say anything a chocolate shake is sat in front of me and a vanilla in front of her. 

"What?" I ask sipping away at my shake.

She shakes her head before saying "I know you don't want to talk about her but you have to."

"What's there even to talk about?" I say avoiding what I had heard last night.

"How about why you guys broke up? Why she isn't talking to anyone? How about how you're taking it?" She says softly.

I sigh and respond with "don't know why, don't know why, and I'm fine." Looking away at the end.

"I'm not going to force you to open up to me, I just wanted to remind you that I'm here." She smiles sadly and sips on her shake.

We sit quietly till our food arrives then eat in the same silence. Once we're done we pay and stand to leave.

On the way out she stops me and tells me we're going to make one more stop. I shrug and follow her about fifteen minutes later we are in front of a different museum. I look at her confused and she just smiles.

We walk in and it there's a sign that reads "Welcome to We the Kids week at Columbus Art Museum! This week and this week only we will have up young local artist works instead of the normal works. Enjoy!"

I look at Lauren and she's looking at me smiling.

"I figured you'd like this one because it's young artists. Apparently they have works from kids as young as four up to seventeen."

I listen to my mom as I walk down the first little corridor. I get to the first one and it looks like a bunch of scribbles in purple and pink. I read the little plaque next to it and it says "Parker, 4, A dog riding a elephant" smiling I look back and try to see it.

Shaking my head and moving onto the next one I see something similar to the last but it's very different. It's black and grey scribbles that are much more rigid and carefully placed. The plaque next to it reads "McKenzie, 16, Where depression and anxiety meet"

I turn to mom and she's looking at the first one still smiling fondly. I walk up and ask if she found the dog. She smiles and shakes her head no.

I grab her hand and lead her to the next one. "Look at this one now. It's interesting how two pieces can be so similar but so different." She nods and asks which I like better. "I love the innocence in the first one, it's cute. This one though is reality, it's always good to have both and I think that's why they put them together." I say looking between them both.

We spend another three hours in this museum just talking and exploring. I'm actually really happy she did this. We get back to the hotel and she's dropping me off at our room before going to one of the other rooms.

"Thanks mama, for everything, but especially for today." I hug her tight and she pulls back and kisses my forehead before telling me she'll be back later.

I go and change in to comfy clothes before laying on the bed and taking in all of today. Today was fun but tomorrow I have to tell someone what I heard Alex say. I could feel my eyes starting to close effortlessly and my body relaxing into the blanket. I guess that's my bodies way of saying it's time for sle-

"DALLAS! MAMA! SOMEBODY HELP!" A scream that sounded like Alex jolted me awake.

Sooooooo more of a filler chapter with a weird ending! More to come! Sorry I'm so bad at updating frequently. A lot is happening. Anyways I'm 19 how old are you???

Bye bye from your main dude ty!✌️

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