Not half bad

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*Dallas's POV*

It's been about a month since Alex woke up and everything is getting back to normal. They found her father shortly after she woke and he gave up Luis's hide out. Weird enough he admitted to everything and we didn't have to go to court.

All that aside though Alex and I are going strong. She still hasn't remembered why we broke up though so we will have to deal with that when it comes.

Right now though? I'm drawing another picture. This time it's my family. All of us, the girls, ma, Alex, Demi, and even all of little mix. This is one of my favorite pieces yet. All that I have to finish is the shading.

There's a knock at the door right as I'm about to finish.

"Come in"

"Hey munchkin, what're you up to?" Ma asks poking her head in.

"Just drawing. What's up?"

"Well we are going out for dinner tonight so I just came to tell you to get ready. Dress a little nicer please." She says leaving the door slightly ajar.

What's with parents not being able to close a door? It's like they forget how every time. But I guess I should start getting ready.

I walk into my bathroom and turn the shower on before looking in the mirror. A lot has changed in the past year. I went from not having any family to having a huge one. I went from feeling unloved to feeling nothing but love. I have a beautiful girlfriend and a life worth living. I notice the little bit of weight I've put on. I actually look and feel healthy. I guess that's what happens when you have a family that helps you through the rough times.

I shake my head and start to undress for my shower. Once in I do all the necessities all whilst singing and using various bottles as a microphone. Once I'm done though I get out and quickly dry myself. Then I wrap my body in a towel before going back into my room to get dressed.

Hmm gotta dress nice. But like how nice? Like full tux or just a button down or like a nice tee shirt and pants? We will go with the middle man. Grabbing a nice pair of dress pants and a blue button down, along with my undergarments, I start getting ready.

Clothes? Check. Hair done? Check. Teeth brushed? Check. Deodorant? Perfume? Check. Check. Okay I think I'm good to go.

I walk down stairs into the living room to only be met with Camila. She's on the couch in a pretty black dress with her hair all up.

"Hey Cami" I sat sitting next to her.

"Hey kiddo, you all ready?"

"Yeah I think so. Do you know where we're going?"

"Mmm nope. Your mom and Dinah wouldn't tell anyone." She says looking at her phone.

"Okay then. I'm going to grab a water, want anything?" I respond, standing up. She just shakes her head and goes back to her phone.

I get my water and as I'm heading back to the living room I hear multiple sets of footsteps behind me. I'm in the middle of a drink when I turn around and the next thing I know I'm choking and there's water all over my shirt.

Alex is standing there in a white dress that fits perfectly. Her hair in light curls and a pair of black heels adorn her feet.

"Wow you're so beautiful" is the first thing I hear myself say.

"Thank you baby, but you might want to go change. Our mothers are almost done and will have a cow if you're not ready." She says coming up to me kissing me gently.

I just nod before running upstairs to change. Grabbing a white shirt and black bow tie I change really fast and head back downstairs.

This time when I enter the living room everyone is there and ready to go. As we head out Alex grabs my hand.

*skip the car ride*

Getting out this place looks super fancy which is kind of intimidating. We walk in and instantly get seated.

I'm still extremely confused as to why we're out today but I am never once to pass up a meal.

Once we order and everyone starts talking I can't hold it in anymore. I got to know why we're here.

"Okay so why are we here?" I ask bluntly to the whole table.

Everyone looks shocked but Dinah quickly recovers.

"Well we thought it would be a good way to say that we are finally through all the drama that went down last month."

"Is that really it?" I ask in disbelief. If this is some kind of closing and starting anew I don't get why we came to somewhere so fancy.

My mom gave the answer this time.

"Mhm it's just a way of putting everything behind us. Starting fresh and having a good time with the people we love." She says smiling at me.

I guess that makes sense but I still think it's too much for something so simple. Either way I'm not going to complain.

Looking around at each of these people I realize that my life's no longer bad. I love each and everyone of them and I can't wait to continue this journey. It'll be a story to remember and if I'm lucky it won't be half bad.

Well you guys that's it! I didn't really know how to end it but I hope you like it! I'm thinking about writing a camren fanfic, let me know if you guys are interested.

Thank you, it's been a journey in itself!

Love, Tyler💕

*not edited*

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