Getting to know each other

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*Dallas's POV*
After I got all my stuff unpacked I went downstairs to see the girls all watching Lilo & Stitch. The girls hadn't noticed me so I decided to kinda scare them. So ally was sitting on the left side with Camilas feet on her lap, Lauren was sitting on the right with Camilas head in her lap, and Normani and Dinah were on the floor about three feet apart. I then ran and dived over the couch landing right in the middle of Dinah and Normani on my tummy. I turned around and couldn't stop laughing at there faces. "Where did you come from?!?" Normani says looking at me like I had three heads. "Well when a mommy and a daddy ha-" I was cut off by Dinah slapping her hand over my mouth. "She ment weren't you unpacking?" "Ohh yeah I was but then I was not and no here I am." "And you dived over the couch instead of walking like a normal person?" Ally asked. "Mhm told you I was weird. Abnormal, different. Ugh so many different words." I was looking at the ceiling while talking till I felt everyone's eyes on me. "Sooo whatcha doin?" I ask "we were watching Lilo & Stitch but I want to know more about you." Lauren says turning off the movie. "Mkay why don't you guys go in order asking me a questions? Start with Normani, Lauren, Camila, Ally, then Dinah?" I say looking around. They nod then start. "So what's your full name?" "Dallas Sage Jauregui I think" I say looking at Lauren and she nods. "Mkay favorite color?" "Green, black, and gray" "favorite food?" "Tacos!" "Favorite song as of right now?" "Umm so many but if I had to choose I'd pick...."You're worth it" by cimorelli" "do you like Beyoncé?" "Umm who doesn't?" I ask laughing. It kept going on and on till Camila asked "what's your biggest secret?" I feel myself go pale and I start breathing heavy. Oh no not now. I run upstairs and get under my blanket and try to even my breathing. It's not working till I feel someone pick me up and set me on there lap. "Hey copy my breaths. In. Out. In. Out." Once I'm finally calm I look up to see I'm in Lauren's lap with the girls all around me. "Sorry" I whisper. I didn't think anyone heard me till Dinah tilts my chin up and says that I have nothing to be sorry for. I want to tell them I just can't. After that we go down stairs and watch "Camp Takota". I'm cuddled up with my mom..wait I can't call her that she might not want it. Anyways Camila and Dinah are cuddled together as well as Ally and Normani. Just as I'm about to fall asleep I feel Lauren kiss my forehead and mutter "I love you baby girl." I smile and whisper a small I love you too.

*Lauren's POV*
The last thing I hear before I fall asleep is Dallas whisper and I love you too. Then I'm out for the count.

When I wake up there's no one beside me. I look around and all the girls are still asleep. I check my phone to see its only 6:30 in the morning. I get up and go to Dallas's room to see what she wants for breakfast but she's not there. I check the whole house and she's not there. "GIRLS GET UP! HELP ME LOOK FOR DALLAS!" I yell a lot louder than I thought I would. All the girls shoot up even Dinah. Huh that's a first. "What do you mean she was right there." Ally says pointing to where we slept. "I know but she's not in the house anywhere." I say worried. "Well let's get looking" Normani says. We look all through the house again and we all go out side looking around. Once we are done we were standing about five feet away from the house under the shade of the big tree in our yard. Then all the sudden Dallas drops out of nowhere. "Where were you?" I ask in a worried tone. She points up and says in the tree. "Why?" Camila asks. "I was reading." That's when we notice the bag on her back that must of had the book and stuff in it. I pull her into a hug and whisper "don't ever scare me like that again. I thought you left." "You guys care?" She asks like she just now realized. "Why wouldn't we?" "I don't know, the only people that have are the people at the orphanage but they don't know." She whispered the last part. "Don't know what?" "Uh...uh nothing ima go shower." She says the. Rushes inside. "That was weird." Ally says from beside me. "Mhm and ima find out what she is hiding from us" I say as we walk back inside.

*Dallas's POV*
Oh gosh I almost slipped. I can't say anything. Especially if they care I don't want them to talk me back. I wouldn't even by my fault it would be all his. And like ten others but mostly his. Ugh I hate hiding things from the girls. We may have just met but they have helped me through so much. Now to decide do I tell it do I not?
💚 What do you think Dallas's secret is? Just wondering I may take suggestions. What do you want to see in the next chapters? Sorry for any mistakes. Hope you liked it - Taylor 💚

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