Can we tell em?

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*Time skip a week*
*Dallas's POV*
I'm sitting on my bed scrolling through Twitter when there's a light knock on my door. "Come in." I say quietly. The door opens and Lauren walks in. "Hey what you doin?" She asks sitting on my bed. "Nothing just Twitter." I answer throwing my phone to the side. "Soooo" "Soooo" I mocked. "Wewerewonderingifwecouldtellthefansaboutyou?" She says really fast. "What?" I ask cause I didn't really catch it all. "We were wondering if um we could tell the fans about you?" She's says again even more nervous this time. I'm mean it can't hurt right? They will find out sometime. So why not now. "Sure why not." I answer and she looks at me with a ginormous smile. "Cool so we will do a Twitcam later?" "Ok welp ima go shower" I say as I get up to grab clothes. I walk into the bathroom as she walks out of my room. I turn the water on jump in and do everything I need to. When I get out I put on my white skinny jeans my blue doctor who shirt that has a silhouette of the 10th doctor and says Allons-y across the bottom. I also put on my red converse and my glasses since I don't wanna wear contacts today. I walk downstairs to the kitchen and grab a apple. Yum apples. It's unusually quite inside. I go to the living room but no ones in there. I go up to check each room and only find ally in hers. "Hey Als where is everyone?" I say as I walk in her room. "Um I think everybody is outside other than mila. I think she is in the attic." She's says not looking up. "The attic?" I say as I raise my eyebrows. "You haven't been up there yet have you?" She says finally looking up. "Since when do you wear glasses?" "I only wear them when I don't feel like wearing contacts and nope didn't even know we had an attic." "You should wear them more often they're cute. Well come on let's go to the attic if you want" she gets off her bed and walks out. I follow still not understanding what's so cool about an attic. We go to a door I didn't even notice and go up some fluffy stairs. When we get up there mila is sitting on a blue fluffy beanbag chair in front of huge screen. There are different colored beanbag chairs all around the room a whole wall of movies and a bunch of candy. "Woah this is so cool!" Omg a neon green beanbag chair. As soon as I see it I run over and sit on it. "When did you get glasses?" Mila asks with a amused look on her face. "Um these ones I got a couple months before mom adopted me." I said looking around when I got done I looked back at the girls and they had big eyes and even bigger grins. "What?" "You just called Lauren mom." Ally says smiling impossibly wider. "What? No I didn't." I shake my head. "Uh yeah you did." Mila says. Oh my gosh did I. They can't tell. "You can't tell her. I don't know if she wants me to call her that! It does not leave this room got it." I say and I can only imagine how big my eyes are. "Calm down we won't tell her if you don't want." Mila says with a smile smile. I let out a sigh of relief. "So wanna watch a movie?" They laugh at my childishness and nod.

*Time-skip to Twitcam(still Dallas's pov)*

The girls are setting up the Twitcam in the attic while I am pacing in my room. I mean what if they don't like me? What if they convince lauren to take me back? What if the girls get hate for it? Ugh that can't happen. Well I guess we will see what happens. I run up the stairs when I hear Normani call for me. "Guys we know you want to know about the girl in all the pictures. Well here she is my daughter Dallas" Lauren says pulling me onto her lap. I wave and say hi. The girls then go on about there next tour. I just sat quietly unless asked a question. If glance at the comments and there was quite a few good ones but all I could really see is bad. Like "why'd Lauren adopt her she's ugly" "ugh she's so fat" "she's just gonna drag them down". I just have to ignore them so the girls don't worry. "I'm tired can I go to sleep?" I ask turning to face the girls. "Yeah good night princess. See ya in the morning." Lauren said as she kisses my cheek. "Night girls" "night Dallas" they all say. I walk down stairs and throw minion pj's. I jump in my bed and turn on my music. Listening and thinking. Maybe I am going to hold the girls back. That's the last thought before I feel into the peaceful blackness.
💚 So yeah.......idk hope you liked it. And remember to smile sunshines! -Taylor💚

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