Oh shoot

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*Dallas's POV*

By the time I get out of my room and to hers Dinah is standing there with wide eyes frantically trying to get in.

"Dinah you have a key!" Comes out of my mouth before shaking her a little.

She seems to realize, shakes her head and reaches in her back pocket. Just as the door clicked open a gun shot was heard followed by a whimper.

We look at each other with wide eyes before pushing the door open and gasping at the sight.

Alex was laid on her bed with a gun shot to the tummy. The window was open and no one else was there. Immediately Dinah was at her side and the girls had entered the room.

Someone was on the phone with who I assume is the police; there were sirens that could be heard from streets away, and someone was trying to talk to me. I couldn't hear what they were saying only the sirens and the gun shot was running through my head.

I gentle hand pulled me out of the room and into someone's chest. It was like I couldn't even cry. I don't even know what just happened but I feel numb.

Moments later a EMT rushed passed us into the room and not even a whole two minutes later Alex was on the gurney. Everyone was pacing trying to get everyone into cars to get to the hospital as fast as we can.

The last thing I remember is getting in the car with mom, and then darkness.

-Timeskip to at the hospital three hours later-

I wake up in someone's lap with their hand gently running along my spine. It takes a few seconds then I realize the earlier events. I shot off the persons lap and looked around frantically.

That's when I noticed I was in a waiting area with everyone else. Most of them being asleep but the few that were awake were looking at me with wide eyes.

"Hey princess, I need you to calm down." Mama kneeled in front of me speaking gently. I just shook my head looking around for Alex. "Baby she's with the doctor right now we have to wait. Come sit with me and Dinah" she pulled me back into her lap and began rubbing up and down my spine again.

Looking at Dinah she looked like someone had taken everything from her. Camila was on her other side holding her hand whilst sleeping but Dinah was wide awake. I gently moved off Lauren and into her lap. She looked down and smiled sadly, obviously trying to stay strong. I just smiled slightly, grabbed her hand, and kissed her cheek before laying my head on her chest.

We sat there for what I think was another hour but maybe a little longer before a tall doctor came through the doors. She smiled sadly at us then asked who was here for Alex Hansen. Dinah and mom got up but Dinah still had me in her arms.

Once we reached her she begun to tell them everything, "She's okay so to speak. She took a gun shot straight to the stomach but with how she landed it managed to keep her alive. She's not going to be able to move fully for several months after she wakes, and there will have to be some therapy." She smiles sadly at me as I cling to Dinah. "Do you guys have any other questions for me?" She asks looking back at the adults.

"When can we see her and when will she be awake do you think?" Dinah asked as quick as she could.

"You guys can go in anytime during visitor hours from here on out, other than parents or legal guardians they can enter whenever the see fit. But we estimate it will take at least three weeks for her to wake." She looks down solemnly.

My head shot up at that. "T-t-three weeks?" I manage to squeak out.

She just nods her head before speaking. "We're truly sorry but Alex has slipped into a coma due to blood-loss, the good news is she should pull through just fine. We just can't pinpoint the exact day.."

She keeps talking I know she does but I don't hear it. All my brain can hear is her telling me that Alex is in a coma.

Alex is in a coma.

Hallo everyone, this is a short lil chapter. I'm here to say thank you to all that responded to my last Update(question). I love you all keep commenting and voting! Till next time! See ya!

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