What are we going to do?

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*Laurens POV*
Okay so she's abused be her father, we have to do something. "Alex hun have you ever tried to get help from the police?" I ask still rubbing her back softly.
"N-no he said if I did he'd make my life worse." She said with her head on Dallas's shoulder.
"Okay well the girls and I will figure something out okay?" I say standing up and placing a kiss to each of there heads. She nods and cuddles more into dal. The girls and I walk downstairs and sit in the living room.
"What are we going to do guys?" Camz asks looking around.
"Maybe we should go to the police. I mean if they get him and he goes to jail then he can't hurt her." Ally says.
"But she'll go into foster care. I know she doesn't want to leave dal just as much as dal doesn't want to leave her." I say looking at the floor.
"Well maybe one of us can adopt her?" Dinah says playing with her hands.
We all turn to look at her and she looks up. "What? It's the most logical answer for them to stay together." She says.
"She's right yanno." Mani says.
"Okay well if this works and he ends up in jail who is adopting her?" I ask looking around.
"I will, that is if none of you want to." Dinah says looking at us.
"I mean you are really great with children and it's not like you won't have is around." Camz says.
"So is it settled? Dinah adopts Alex if this plan works and if Alex wants to be?" I say and everyone nods. "Okay are we going to go talk to them about it now or later?"
"Now would probably be best, get the talking out of the way." Ally says standing. We all stand and follow her upstairs. She knocks on the door and we hear a faint "come in".

*Dallas's POV*

"Come in" I say a little louder then a whisper. All the girls come in and sit like they were about thirty minutes ago.
"We came up to talk about a plan we made." Mom says quietly.
"Uh okay and that plan is?" I say moving slightly trying not to wake Alex.
"Maybe we should wait till she wakes up." Dinah says. I nod and tell them we will be down when she wakes. It is only 4 o'clock in the afternoon. They all get up and leave and I cuddle back into her.

- About 8 o'clock-

* Still Dallas's POV*

I feel shuffling next to me causing me to open my eyes slightly. I look down and see Alex looking up at me. She looks beautiful, she has bed head and a dopey smile. She reaches up and rubs her eyes whilst yawning, she kinda looks like a puppy. "Hi" I mumble. She says a small hey back. "The girls want to talk to us." I say trying to sit up only to be pulled back down.
"No. Cuddles first." She says in a baby voice.
"It's really important what they need to talk to us about. We can cuddle later."
"Pinkie swear?" She says holding up her pinkie. I wrap my pinkie 'round hers and say pinkie swear. We then get out of my bed and walk downstairs.
"You guys look great." Ma says. Alex and I look at each other and bust out laughing. We both have bed head and are clothes are all wrinkly from sleep.
"Heck yeah we do. Model ready erry day!" I say walking to them like I'm a model. They all laugh at how ridiculous I look. I sit down and Alex plops next to me. "Soooo what is this plan?" I ask leaning back into the couch.
"Well it's up to Alex if we do it but we were going to go to the police." Ally says. Alex visibly tenses and rapidly shakes her head.
"No w-we can't. H-he said.." She started but got cut off by mila talking.
"We know what he said but if we go to the police they can take him in and then he can't get you." She says calmly.
"But I'll be put into foster care." Alex says and she starts to shake slightly. I wrap my arm around her and pull her into me.
"Well you see maybe not. If you would let me I'd adopt you." Dinah says with a small smile.
"You w-would adopt me?" Alex asks starting to stop shaking.
"If you'd want me to." Dinah says kneeling down in front of us. Alex nods and flings herself into dinah who hugs back instantly.
"Okay now we have to go to the cops but we will do that tomorrow okay?" ma asks and Al nods her head. Everyone goes to there rooms and Alex follows me to mine.
"Everything is going to be okay" I say cuddling into her. Everything will be okay... Hopefully.

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