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*Dallas's POV*

It's been a month. A month and she's still in the coma. The days seem to drag and no one smiles anymore.

We're all sitting in her room around the bed, talking. That's all we really do anymore. Everyone from tour decided to stick around even though tour was cancelled. I guess it's for support but it's nice that everyone's together.

I haven't talked much or eaten almost anything since. Everyone's noticed but I don't think it's a big deal. Demi and Lauren try their hardest but it never works. It's just life I guess, yanno?

I'm sitting in the chair closest to Alex when two police officers walk in. They figured out who the perpetrators were within a few days but finding them was a whole different story.

"Have you found them yet?" Dinah asks after approaching them.

"We tracked her father in a small town in Mississippi  and we've teamed up with the local department to get him into custody" the first officer says.

"And Luis?" Lauren intervenes.

"We've yet to find any leads on him yet but there's a nationwide search since we haven't found anything local." The second officer informs.

Each officer bids everyone a good day before exiting the room in a peaceful manner. Once the door closes the chatter is back about where they are in the case. For me though, all I cared about was when Alex would wake.

At around seven in the afternoon everyone had left for dinner. It had been like this since she was admitted. We'd be here as soon as visiting hours permitted, then around seven everyone would leave to eat, then they'd come back for me and we'd head to the apartment we had gotten. The routine carries on.

The nurse walked in, greeted me, and went on to check Alex's vitals. This was usual as well however this time she seemed nervous. She hit the red button and asked for me to leave the room.

"Why do I have to leave? What's wrong?" I continued with an onslaught of questions as she hurriedly pushed me towards the door. The doctors rushed in as I was being pushed out and right before the door shut her heart monitor went haywire.

I don't know when I started crying but I feel the tears running down my cheeks as I pull my phone out to call Lauren.

(Dallas, Lauren)

Mama I-I don't know what h-happened. Someth-things wrong. Her h-heart. C-come b-back.

Dallas, sweetie what's going on?

I-I don't k-know. H-hurry p-please.

Okay okay we will be right there were only about five minutes away. Breathe baby breathe.

Mama I can't l-lose her.

I know baby, just breathe. She will be okay. Okay? We're in the lobby, stay on the phone with me baby.

I just kept crying into the phone until I heard the nearby elevator ding. I shot up and ran right into Lauren's arms as soon as the doors opened.

She held me trying to get my breathing to steady while Ally rubbed my back. Dinah and Camila had gone to the desk to find out what's going on and everyone else had gone to the apartment.

When they got back over they said that they weren't allowed to know anything just yet. It was just another night of worrying without any news.

Hey guys! I'm sorry this is so short but I need some opinions! Do you think I should have Alex pull through or no? Do they actually find her father and Luis? What does this mean for the rest of the group?
Let me know what you guys want!
Love y'all!

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