Bullies (Fifth Harmony/You) by CamilaIsSmexy
Bullies (Fifth Harmony/You)by G
You've been bullied by these five girls since Freshman year and now you are a junior. What if feelings change? Or will they always be bullies. Maybe once a bully,always...
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  • camilacabello
  • camila
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Howling in the Streets by Jane_Jergi
Howling in the Streetsby Pluto
(Y/N) has never left Australia in her life. Deciding in her first year of University that she wants to study abroad in America nothing will change her mind. She wants t...
  • allysus
  • mates
  • dinah
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Allured (Camila/You) by drizzycabello
Allured (Camila/You)by drizzycabello
What's wrong? Should i kiss it first?
  • 5h
  • romance
  • cabello
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Yes, Ms. Cabello. (Camila x You) by canola-jauregooey
Yes, Ms. Cabello. (Camila x You)by 🍌CanolaJauregooey🙊
//teacher x student\\ Up to twenty years in jail for statutory rape, and the disqualification from working with minors; that's what Camila could face if this got out, an...
  • teacher
  • camila
  • estrabao
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I'm Watching You 5H/you (Completed) by CoolJAROCKS
I'm Watching You 5H/you (Completed)by CoolJAROCKS
Sometimes we ask ourselves wouldn't it be cool to be stalked by someone? No it isn't. How do I know? Well I was stalked by not just one person, but five people. ...
  • ally
  • mystery
  • camilacabello
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The Hoodie. - CAMREN by IJustDk
The Hoodie. - CAMRENby IJustDk
In which Lauren and Camila seem to get along a lot better when they're drunk.
  • harmony
  • love
  • lauren
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Internet fuckgirls (camila/lauren/you) by babygloss25
Internet fuckgirls (camila/ I miss @rozaelfitaa
"I admit I hesitate but the truth is.. I'M INTO IT!" A/N: don't like it don't read it
  • fanfic
  • laurenjauregui
  • camilacabello
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Only for Lauren ( Camila G!P ) by charlotte_cabello
Only for Lauren ( Camila G!P )by charlotte_cabello
Camila got a crush on Lauren. And the whole school knows, except for Lauren. WARNING: G!P Camila ;-) #wattys2018 Highest rank: #3 in #camren #2 in #camila
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Torment (Ageplay) (complete) by Sweet_DispositionLJ
Torment (Ageplay) (complete)by camEEla-cabeYo
Camila Cabello is a 16 year old girl. Her home life isn't the greatest and she's constantly living in fear of when her next 'beating' will be. One night, after yet anoth...
  • fifthharmony
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Yours (Camila/You) by trueloveneverdies42
Yours (Camila/You)by trueloveneverdies42
Y/N Y/LN is a basketball player who is looking to make it into the WNBA. She has had a rough past and has taken a long journey to be where she is at today. Along the way...
  • girlxgirl
  • heartbreak
  • love
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Off Limits | Camila/You AU by Kay_T27
Off Limits | Camila/You AUby DadsyKayson_27
"Oh, and one more thing." "Yes?" "My daughter? Off. limits." • Y/N Y/L/N, the freestyling boxer with a cocky attitude. At the right time, y...
  • intersex
  • charlieputh
  • gxg
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Beautiful Problem | Camren  by endedcity
Beautiful Problem | Camren by 🍒
Tutor sequel. The past memories and old people come back into Lauren's life and Camila doesn't know if she should forgive Lauren after the mistakes she has made, or not...
  • camila
  • lgbt
  • fanfic
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Anonymous Number by PapiJauregui
Anonymous Numberby cynthia
One day you get a random message from an Anonymous Number, What's gonna happen? Highest Rank: 57 In fanfiction
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Camren Daddy Smut by sweetnymphet
Camren Daddy Smutby 。・゚゚・Andriya ・゚゚・。
Do you ship Camren? Got a daddy kink? You came to the right place. Lauren/Camila/Camren G!P Some of these oneshots are converted They are not mine. All credits go to t...
  • girlxgirl
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Camp Harmony Hub by kellic4lyfet
Camp Harmony Hubby Aleah Givens
Camren/You *Maybe one day I'll have a real summary*
  • intersex
  • femaleyou
  • laurenjauregui
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Till There Was You ⇸ Camila/You by smolcabello
Till There Was You ⇸ Camila/Youby ping guerrero
Some people are saying that, "There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need them to change your life or you're the one that changes their."...
  • camila
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Stealing Kisses by Weirdo2020
Stealing Kissesby Weirdo2020
"Uh Lauren what are you buying?" "Nothing." "Oh my god is that condoms? What are you doing with my Camila?" "First of all Austin, she...
  • fifth
  • camila
  • harmony
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Camila Cabello Imagines and Oneshots by canola-jauregooey
Camila Cabello Imagines and 🍌CanolaJauregooey🙊
A collection of oneshots and imagines which surround Y/N being in a relationship/friends with Camila! Requests are open, so send me your ideas in a comment or message. A...
  • cabello
  • 5h
  • imagines
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Fallen Too Far ~ Camren by Lernjergi97_
Fallen Too Far ~ Camrenby KASS
[BOOK 1] She is only nineteen. She is her new stepfather's daughter. She is still naive and innocent due to spending the last three years taking care of her sick mother...
  • camila
  • allybrooke
  • lauren
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I Like My Mom's Friend!? (Camila/You) by raginghomosexxual
I Like My Mom's Friend!? (Camila/ Sensitive Child
Hi my name is Y/N and I'm intersex. My mom had me when she was 15. I know too young right? But ever since I was small there was this cute cuban hottie my mom was friends...
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