Depression talks and midnight walks

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-Trigger Warning- (Depression/Self Harm/Suicide)

*Dallas's POV*

Its been two weeks now. She won't really talk to any of us, and its worring me. I think its time to talk to someone about all of this.

I walk out of my room and go three doors down to Demi's. When I get there I can hear light music coming from behind the door. I knock just loud enough to be heard over it. A few seconds later she opens the door with a smile.

"Hey Dal, what's up?" She asks letting me into her room.

I sit on her bed and respond with "I just wanted to talk to you about a few things." We make eye contact in the mirror she's doing her hair in.

"Okay shoot." She replies putting the curling iron down and shutting it off.

"Well first of all I wanted to talk about Alex. She's distancing herself and it has me worried. I expect her to be distancing herself away from me, but to do it to everyone else just doesn't make sense. I think there's something wrong. You know, more than just her breaking up with me." I glance up to see her looking at me intently. She just nods for me to keep going. "So I wanted to know if you'd keep an eye on her, make sure shes safe. I was also wondering if you could try and talk to her, maybe see why she called it quits?" I look at her hopefully.

She nods and tells me that she probably just needed some time. She also agreed to keep an eye on her and that she'd try to talk to her.

I nodded and started to prepare myself for the next topic. Demi was still staring at me, her eyes soft like she knows why else I'm here.

I take a deep breath and start "So, do you remember that time at the house?" I question being as vague as possible.

"I remember a lot of times at the house, but I think I know which one you're talking about." She responds with a comforting smile.

"Back when I mentioned something about dying." I clarified, not looking up to meet her gaze. She only hummed in response. "It's getting worse, and I don't know how to control it. When I was back at the orphanage and things got bad I'd scratch, and I've almost fallen back into it a couple times. It's getting harder to resist the urge." I glance at her with my tear filled eyes and see she has tear filled eyes too.

"I know it's hard, I've been there, but you have so many people that are right by your side. I know these are just words but they mean something so please, please listen to me. No matter how hard it gets, no matter how alone you feel, you will always have me. You can come to me when it gets too hard and I'll keep you safe, from yourself and from others. You have to promise me that you'll try to come to me when it gets too bad, okay?" She finishes her little speech and pulls me into a side hug.

"Thank you for this." I whisper as she still has ahold of me.

"Anytime kiddo." She kisses my head and speaks in the same volume. Her music still playing in the background.

Eventually she let's me go and continues to get ready for whatever it is she's doing. And I leave to go back to my room.

I check my watch and its about 5 o'clock, so I decide it's due time for a nap.

*Alex's POV*

-time skip to 11:30 pm-

I've done nothing but lay in bed all day and think. I mean I don't have much else to do since I'm avoiding everyone like the plague.

I don't want to though, it's more than I have to. I have to keep them all safe. I get constant reminders that they have people watching us, and that if I go to the police they will kill them.

So, for now I stay away. I'll figure out a plan eventually. It just needs to be perfect or else it'll be dire.

I need to walk to get out of my head. I put my tennis shoes on and Dallas's hoodie before texting mom and letting her know.

I'm out the door and down the steps when my phone goes off twice in a row.

Mama🐻- Okay, be safe and call if anything happens. Back before 1.

Mama🐻- I love you kiddo💚

I sigh stuffing my phone back into my jeans pocket. We're in Ohio today, Columbus I think. So, its not the biggest city but there's still a lot of bussling around.

I walk for about twenty minutes before a new text is ringing through my phone.

Unknown- (3 new attachments) Watch yourself or you know what will happen.

As I opened the photos may breath catches in my throat. One is of mom and Camila in our room. The other is of all of Little Mix, the rest of Fifth Harmony, and Demi at what seems to be a club. And the last is of a sleeping Dallas.

I get back to the hotel as fast as I can and first check on mom. I walk into the room to find both her and Cam fast asleep. I let out a breath I didn't realize I was holding, but there's still a pain in my chest.

I call Lauren and ask her where the others are. I proceed to ask to talk to them all. It releases a bit of the pain in my chest. I still have one last person to check on.

I get into the room with the key Dallas had given me before we broke up. I don't know how she got three keys but I didn't ask. As I get fully in the room my chest tightens for a complete different reason. She's laying there perfectly fine, but this is the first time I've really looked at her since I've ended it.

I sit gently on the side of the bed to make sure she doesn't wake, and just look at her. It looks as though she's been crying and just the thought makes my heart ache.

"I'm going to figure this out babe. I'll find out who's doing this, I promise. Then we can be together once more." I whisper and kiss her head before leaving.

If its the last thing I do, I'm going to find this person.

Hey guys! I know this is kind of short but there's a lot going on in my life right now, but I'm trying. Let me know where you think I should go with this. Its not proof read. Thanks for reading!


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