I can handle myself

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*Alex's POV*

I run the sleep from my eyes as I sit up, instantly regretting it. I grab my head and groan as I hear someone stand up beside me.

"Hey baby, how ya feelin'? Dallas says as she rubs my back gently.

"I have a pounding headache, what happened?" I say leaning back and grabbing the water bottle from her.

"You fainted sweetie" mom answers. I hadn't even noticed her and the rest of the girls in the room. I just nod and think for a second.

"Why did I faint exactly?" I ask with an eyebrow raised. Everyone looks around then leaves the room leaving just mom and I.

"Why haven't you been eating?" She asks gently whilst sitting beside me. I just shrug and look down playing with my fingers.

"I just haven't been hungry, I don't know why." I finally answer looking up at her.

She just sighs and nods. She seems to be thinking. I feel like she doesn't believe me, however I'm telling the truth. I just haven't been hungry lately. It looks like I'm definitely going to have to work on it though.

"You're sure that you are just not hungry? Nothing else is going on?" She asks once again.

"I'm sure momma, I would tell you if there was something bigger happening." I say looking into her eyes trying to show her I'm not lying. She seems to believe me since she mentions something about getting the release times for me.

She walks out of the door and everyone else comes back in. All at once they start talking about how worried they were and how "I should never do that again" as if i did it on purpose.

Demi was very quiet during all this and I think I know why. I look at her to try and get her to look at me. Once she does I give her a look that says "it's not what you're thinking" she seems skeptical but eventually believes me.

Mom walks back in with the release papers and a change of clothes since the other ones were all dirty and had a couple holes in them. I changed and we left back to the buses. Once there we were back on the road to another city that I'm not to sure the name of.

-Time Skip to next destination-

Ah yes Las Vegas Nevada, I had found out by the sign we passed just as I awoke from a nap I wasn't planning on taking. We had just stopped at the venue and the girls were already inside getting ready for the show. I was still in the bus with Dal as we just hadn't moved yet.

I pulled out my phone and texted my mom.

Me- Can I go for a walk for a while?

Momma🐻- Yes just be careful and keep your phone on you at all times

Me-Thanks momma what time should I be back?

It was only one in the afternoon at the moment but it's always better to ask.

Momma🐻- round 3ish you and Dallas need to get ready for something round then

Me- okayyyy but what do we need to get ready for?

Momma🐻- you'll see kiddo

Me- ughhhh

With that last message I got up and threw on a pair of shorts and a tank top getting ready to leave. Just as I was about to open the door I heard my name being called.

"Where are you going?" Dallas asked rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

"On a walk I'll be back in a bit." I respond ready to leave again.

"Wait babe are you sure? I mean it just got out of the hospital." Ugh she's treating me like a baby.

"Dal I'm not three, I can handle myself." I say rolling my eyes.

"Baby I know that it's just what if you faint again? Or like someone try's to hurt you? Or fans mob you or something?" She says pacing back and forth.

"Dallas I'm going on a walk and nothing you say is going to stop me" I say as I reach for the handle.

"Alex I don't think you should go out yet!" She almost screams at me.

"I can handle myself Dallas!" I scream finally leaving and starting my walk.

I don't understand why she wouldn't just leave me alone. I know I just got out of the hospital but it's not like I didn't ask permission. Ugh she makes me so mad sometimes.

*Dallas's POV*

Oh man what'd I just do...

I know it's short sorry guys! However I'm always open for suggestions! Or just to talk yanno whatever. -TayTay🙈

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