Swiming and demi?

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*Dallas's POV*
Alex and I walk out of the house right as Camila is getting ready to jump in. We set our towels down and jump in. I come up and get out to get a pool noodle. It's such a weird name form a foam tube. Are the foam? Wait getting off track. I hear the door open and turn to see the rest of the girls all in there swim suits. Nobody really notices me outside of the pool so I grab a water blaster and fill it up. I shoot dinah in the back of the head and she screams and everyone turns to me. Oh gosh they are going to kill me. I'm frozen in my spot but no ones moving they are all just staring at me. "What?" I ask looking around. "Dude you got abs!" Alex says staring at me defined abs. " oh yeah I know." I say and they are all still staring. I shoot each of them in there tummies. Then the get out of there little trance. Oh no I did it now. They all start chasing me but I'm faster then the girls, Alex however I am not. She tackles me to the ground and straddles me. "Oh you did it now." She says smirking. "What are you going to do moisturize me?" I say quoting one of my favorite shows. Next thing I know she's tickling my sides and the girls are recording us. "N-no s-stop!" I gasp out laughing so hard my abdomen hurts. "Say Alex is the awesomest human being on this planet!" She says in a teasing tone. "N-never" and she tickles me even harder. "O-okay. A-Alex is the a-awesomest h-h-human on this p-planet!" I gasp out still laughing. She finally stops and has the biggest smile on her face. "Still want me to hold her?" She asks looking at the girls. They nod and she mouths "I'm sorry" to me. The girls grab me and each take turns tickling me for like five minutes. Have you ever been tickled that long? Let me tell you it hurts. We all go back and spend some time in the pool till Alex's phone goes off. She gets out and reads it and I see her go tense. "You okay Alex?" I ask and she looks up with scared eyes but nods anyway. "My dad just wants me home." "Ok well put your number in my phone and I'll put mine in yours?" I ask as I get out of the pool. She nods and hands me her phone, I put my number in and hand her phone back to her. "I'll text you later?" I say as she leaves through the gate nodding her head. "I'm going to shower." I walk inside and go to my room. I grab my pj's which are a cheetah footie pajamas. Don't judge they're comfy, plus I just plan on watching movies for the rest of the night. I quickly get my shower and get dressed. I walk downstairs and there she is one the couch. No not my mom or the girls not even Alex but the Demi Lovato. "ALLY! DEMI LOVATO IS SITTING ON OUR COUCH!" I scream. "LAUREN YOUR DAUGHTER IS SCREAMING ABOUT ME!" She screams back and I can't help but giggle. She smiles and I walk down the stairs. "I'm Dallas" I say holding my hand out. "I know." She says and pulls me into a hug. We pull away and see the girls have entered the room. "Why didn't you tell me she was coming? I maybe wouldn't of yelled, probably would of anyway." I say trying to look mad. It obviously didn't work because Lauren said "you're adorable trying to act mad". I huffed and plopped on the couch. That wasn't allowed either cause Lauren picked me up and say me on her lap. "How'd you do that?" I say with my eyebrows raised. "You're really light" she says in a duh tone. "You're really light" I say mocking her giggle after. "You think that's funny" I just nod. Then she starts tickling me...again! "Ugh I'm s-sorry" I laugh out. "You're forgiven" she says and kisses my forehead. "You two are just so cute!" Ally and Demi gush at the same time. I hide my face in my moms neck and she just laughs. "Wanna watch a movie?" I ask looking at all of them. "Sure" everybody gets up and I jump on Dinah's back. "Foreword! To the movie room!" I yell as she runs up the stairs. We got there first and she tries me on the neon green bean bag. "I'm never doing that again" she pants out. Well she did just run up two flights of stairs with a child on her back. Everybody is fighting over what movie to watch and I feel my phone go off.
Alex texted me. I open her text and giggle at the name "Alex the Awesome🙊".
(A=Alex D=Dallas)
A- Hey whatcha up to?
D- Movie night with the girls and DEMI LOVATO!😎 whatchu doin?
A- What?!? That's awesome! Um nothing just chilling. Want to play 20 questions? I'm so bored. Ha
D- Ikr! Sure you can ask the first question.
A- Um what are your nicknames?
D- Well there is... Dal, Dally, Sage, then my close friends call me babe sometimes. You?
A- Cute.🙈 Just Alex or al. Am I close enough of a friend to call you babe?
D- Yeah I think so, even tho we just met you're my first friend here and we did click pretty fast. Haha
A- Good I was hoping we would be good friends. Haha well I gotta go. 😒 goodnight babe😉 ha
D- Goodnight Al🙈🙊
I didn't realize it was that late already. I also didn't realize I was blushing till Demi said something about it causing everyone to turn to me. "What?" "Your cheeks are really red" Cam giggled. "Who you texting?" Demi asked. "What makes you think the person I'm texting did this?" I ask raising my eyebrow. "Well we didn't do it and you've had your face stuffed in your phone for over half the movie... So it has to be who you're texting. So who is it?" Lauren says. "It's no one" I say waving them off. I mean yeah Alex is beautiful inside and out from what I've seen so far, but the girls don't need to know about my little crush till I'm sure. But apparently while I was think they grabbed my phone. "Who's Alex?" Demi said and that's when my head snapped in her direction and I noticed she had it. "Hey give that back!" I said lunging for it. "You like Alex!?" The girls said at the same time except for dinah. I looked at her and she shrugged "I knew". "How'd you know?" Normani asked. "You could see it when she looked at her. At least I could maybe I just looked a little harder then you guys. I don't know." Dinah said shrugging again. While they were talking I grabbed my phone and made a break for it but I guess Demi is a fricking ninja and she grabbed me. "Ugh almost" I whispered. "Sooo I want to know about her." Demi says looking right at me. "Uh um ok what do you want to know?" "What does she look like?" She said and I showed her the picture of us before we went outside. It was of us in the mirror in our swimsuits. The questions kept going on till she asked what I like the most about her. I actually had to think about this one. "I don't know really. She just is different I guess. I mean she's not the first girl I've liked I've known for a good second that I like girls but she's not like others. I mean I only just met her today but I feel like I could tell her anything, which is not easy for me to do. Not even you guys know everything yet. So I don't know maybe it's the sense of security or maybe it's something so much simpler, like her smile or her giggle. So I guess the answer is I don't know yet." I say and look up and they are all looking at me with smiles on there faces. "Hey guys I'm going to go to bed." I go around the room and hug everybody even Demi. Telling them that I love them. I walk back downstairs and go to my room. I lie down and just my luck can't fall asleep. I lie there for I don't even know how long. The clock says 2:30am. Ugh I wonder if Lauren's awake. I get out of bed and tiptoe to her room. I push the door open and see her on her phone. "Hey princess I thought you were asleep?" "I can't sleep can I stay in here?" I say as I open the door a little more and she pats her bed. I crawl in and cuddle next to her. "Hey princess why did you where shorts in the pool today?" She asks and I tense immediately. "Uh well you see uh." I stutter out. "You don't have to tell me" se says quickly. "I uh probably should. Well you see I have um permanent bruising all over my body from when I was still with my parents. A-and I cover most of it w-with m-make-up but you're not supposed to put it that close to yanno there." I stutter out and I know her next question so I just answer before she asks. "I got the bruising from my d-dad and h-his friends. Before the crash t-they would b-beat me and u-use me a-as there p-play t-toy. I was o-only five so I-I didn't understand. N-nobody knows not even the o-orphanage knew." I finish and look up to see lauren crying. "No no don't cry. It's okay. I'm okay." I say wiping her tears. I didn't notice I was crying till she wiped my tears away with the pad of her thumb. She pulled me closer to her and whispered "I love you princess" in my ear. I whispered "I love you too mommy" right before I fell into darkness.
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