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*Dallas's POV*

So it's been a week since the whole Luis thing. When we got home mom threw him out and Dinah threatened to give him a poly beat down if he ever comes within a twenty foot diameter of any of us. So it's been pretty quite 'round here other than the normal crazy that is ourselves. As of right now we are all in the movie room having a Disney movie marathon. I'm cuddled into my monkey pillow pet as Lilo and Stitch is playing. Gosh I can't even express my love for this movie! Oh did I mention Demi and Alex are here also, yeah Demz smirks at me every time she sees me looking at Alex. The movie has just finished and I want gummy worms or brownies, yummy seriously my two weaknesses.
"Moooooom?" I whine while tilting my head back to see her in her bean bag.
"Dallasssssss" she mocks me. I playfully glare at her.
"Do we have brownies or gummy worms?" I ask still tilting my head. Which ow kind of hurts.
"Ummm I don't know. Go look." She says getting up to change the movie.
I groan and roll on the floor like a secret agent over to the secret little compartment I found. I reach in and grab my stash of York peppermint patties,snickers mini, skittles, and m&ms. I then roll back over to my bean bag.
"How did you? What?" Ally asks looking at me.
"What?" I ask scrunching my eyebrows together.
"How many secret places do you have in this house?" Dinah asked eyeing me suspiciously.
"Well if I told you they would no longer be secret therefore defeating the purpose. Soooo pass." I say opening a peppermint patty and popping it in my mouth. The movie starts and it's Cinderella, YASSSS I love this movie too. Someone taps my shoulder as I'm unwrapping a snickers. I look to my left and see Alex.
"Can I have one?" She whispers pointing to the snickers in my hand. I don't answer just lift it to her mouth and she takes it. "Thanks" she says after she's done chewing. I just nod my head to kind of say you're welcome.
I look past her and see the girls smirking at me. I quickly avoid there looks and check my phone. It's already 11 at night. I turn back to the movie and see its already half way over. I sit and finish the movie but once it's over I tell the girls I'm going to bed. I look over and Alex is past out on her beanbag, which she called the first time we all did this its a tie dye blue and green, I pick her up and carry her to my room after saying goodnight to the girls. We get there and I put her in bed and slide in next to her, as soon as we're both in she curls into my side. Not long after I'm drifting into a deep sleep.

-The Next Morning-

*Demi's POV*
I wake up to the smell of pancakes and bacon. Which is weird because I live alone, oh wait I stayed with the girls last night. I still have to ask them if they want to come on tour with the Little Mix girls and me. I get up and stretch then walk to the door. I open the door and as I'm about to step out Dallas runs by screaming "PANCAKES!!" Followed by a not so awake Alex.
"How is she like this?" I ask.
Alex shakes her head saying "I don't know" I follow them down the stairs and to the kitchen to see Dallas bouncing in her seat.
"Did you like drink a red bull or something?" I ask and she shakes her head quickly.
"Ma says I'm not allowed to have those. Like people die from drinking those or something, but that makes no sense cuz it's 'red bull gives you wings' not 'red bull gives you death'. I don't know it all seems fishy to me." She says very very quickly.
I shake my head slightly and look to see ally cooking away as the others slowly trudge in.
"You all look so happy to be awake" I say with sarcasm just dripping from each word.
"Shut it you." Dinah says as she sits next to bouncy McGee. "Girl you need to chill it's only 8 o'clock." She says looking at her.
"I know I just can't. I have a lot of energy for whatever reason i don't know. Demz have you ever seen my climb before?" She asks and I shake my head. "Well after breakfast I'll show you make I can burn this energy and freak you all out like last time." She says still bouncing.
"You are not jumping from the tree to the balcony again." Lauren says sternly.
"Buttttt maaaaaa I gotta show demiiiiii" she whines out.
"To bad if you do you're grounded." With that being said Dallas kind of looks like she's going to explode. She huffs out a fine.
"Well after she shows me her climbing I need to talk to you guys" I say looking at the 5H group. The bid and we start eating.

-After Breakfast-

"Come on! Come on! Come on!" Dallas says pulling on me.
"Okay I'm coming" I say and follow her with the rest of the girls.
"What did I say?" Lauren says before she lets her climb.
"No jumping from the tree to the balcony. I know. I know." She says getting out of her moms grip.
She climbs the tree in record time, she's about thirty feet up in ten seconds. She is climbing out onto a branch that goes slightly over the pool.
"What are you doing?" Ally yells up.
"Nothing I was told not to do" Dallas yells down as she jumps from the branch landing in the pool.
"Your daughter is crazy Lauren" I say after I calmed down from thinking she was going to fall to her death.
"I know" she says angrily walking over to grab Dallas out of the pool. "What were you thinking? What would of happened if you missed?" Lauren says because she knows Dallas will close everyone out if she feels like she used to.
"But I didn't miss. I was thinking might as well take a risk what's the worst that can happen." She says shrugging.
"Um death!" Camila says from beside me. Dallas shrugs again and everyone turns to go get ready for the day but I hear DALLAS whisper "death wouldn't be that bad". I stop and look at her and she knows I heard. She takes off not wanting to explain, which I get so I'll just let her cool off. About an hour later the girls and I are in the living room while Dallas and Alex are in her room.
"So what did you want to talk 'bout? Mani asks.
I look around and say "I was just wondering if you guys wanted to go on tour with Little Mix and me?" I ask and they all have big smiles on there faces.
"HECK YEAH" they all scream.
"Good now I know this is short notice but it's in two weeks and I got to go my manager just called." I say standing up. I hug everyone and get in my car that went better than expected.

*Lauren's POV*
So we are going on tour with Demi and Little Mix! This is freaking awesome! I still have to talk to Dallas about it though. I'm not sure how she will take being away from Alex, they've been practically glued at the hip. Maybe we could get Alex to come with us for a couple weeks or something.
"I'm going to talk to Dallas and Alex about the tour." I say standing but only ally notices and she smiles slightly. I walk up stairs and knock on Dallas's door and wait till I hear the faint "come in". I walk in and Alex is laying across the bed reading and Dallas is sitting at the head of the bed with her sketch pad on her lap. I walk in and sit on her desk chair.
"So what's up mom?" She asks looking up at me for a moment then glancing at Alex then back to her drawing.
"Well I came to talk to you two 'bout something important." I say and they look at each other than to me.
"What?" They say at the same time.
"Well Demi just asked if we'd go on tour with her and the girls of Little Mix and we said yes." I say slowly.
"I don't-

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