The start of tour and so much more

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*Dallas's POV*

I woke up like five minutes ago and I'm literally shaking with excitement. Tour starts today and that means traveling. I've always wanted to travel and now I get to. Alex is still passed out, well that's probably because it's only like 4 in the morning. I got up and grabbed my clothes for today which was just black skinny jeans, a white t-shirt, my moms jauregui sweatshirt , and my undergarments. I got in the shower and washed myself. By the time I got out it was almost 4:30. The busses were to be here at like 5ish. When I walked in my room Alex was still passed out but was laying like a starfish. I walked over and shook her awake, surprisingly she woke right up. She went grabbed clothes and took a shower. As she was doing that I went through my backpack that I carry instead of a purse cause ew purse. By the time I made sure I had everything packed up she was checking her bag as well. She had on red skinny jeans, a black shirt that said "bubble buddies", and her hair was straight. I threw her my jauregui sweatshirt, cam said it was always cold in the bus. We were mostly matching other than she has on red jeans, the number on her sweatshirt is 07, and she has on my beanie with "Dal" and I have hers with "Al". We went downstairs and it seemed like no one was up till we got to the kitchen. Everyone was there but Dinah and mom, they were just on there phones.

"Where's Dinah and mom?" I ask catching their attention.

"Uh upstairs getting ready I think. Oh the busses are here." Ally said looking out the window.

"I'll go tell them." I say with a smirk.

"Don't get yourself killed." Demi says knowing I'm bound to do something stupid.

"Eh no promises" I say grabbing the clear tape. I walk upstairs and put tape on Dinah's door frame. I walk open moms door and tell her the busses are here. I then walk to Dinah's.


She opens her door and runs straight into the tape. Oh that's going to hurt coming off. She looks me dead in the eye and I see fire. Oh god. I take off running and she try's to but the tape wrapped around her feet so she tripped.

"Oh gosh that wasn't supposed to happen! Do you want help?" I walk towards her but when she looks at me I slowly back away. "Okay Ima take that as you want help but not from me. MA!" I yell and she walks up the stairs and looks between us.

"What am I going to do with you?!" She asks figuratively.

"You could love and cherish every moment we have together?" I say sweetly.

"Yeah I could that is if you escape her alive." She said pointing at Dinah.

"Oh yeah. She needs your help and I need protection. Soooo I'll meet up in the bus maybe." I say before taking off down the stairs and into the kitchen. "Okay so in about 5ish minutes a very angry Dinah will be in this kitchen sooooo I love you all please never forget me." I say dramatically and hand Alex my bag before taking off outside. The next few minutes is a blur but now I'm apparently on top of the bus, which one I don't know but one of them.

I hear a very angry Dinah yelling for me and I lay down flat as I can. I hear a bunch of foot steps and hear everyone looking for me. They look for five minutes then regroup in between the busses.

"Where could she have gone?" I hear Leigh ask.

"Who knows its Dallas, and plus she won't come out if Dinah is still mad at her." I hear Mani say and I nod cause it's true.

"Well let's see where have we looked? Trees. Roof. Shed. Busses. Well that's all and there aren't exactly that many places to hide." Mom said. They must have been nodding as she listed off.

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