Well okay...

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*Dallas's POV*

"Okay I have came to a decision." The judge says. He turns to Alex briefly and says "I'm sorry Mr. Thomas but you are not fit for raising this young lady and will have your parenting rights terminated. You are also sentenced to 2 years in jail. Miss Thomas we will have someone take you to get your things then you will be sent to an orphanage."

I looked at Dinah when the judge said that and she glanced at me nodding subtlety. Alex's lawyer stood and started explaining that someone wanted to adopt Alex. The judge said it was fine but he had to get background and other info on Dinah. The court room cleared out, Alex's father got taken away, and the judge got the info and was looking over it. Alex got up and walked over to us and hugged each of the girl. She walked towards me and wrapped her arms around my neck.

"This feels a little familiar doesn't it?" She laughed as I circled my arms 'round her waist.

"A lil bit." I giggled. "I'm sooo happy we won."

"Me too but we still have to see what the judge says about Dinah adopting me." She says just as the judge walked up to us.

"So I've looked over everything and the only real problem is that you aren't 18 yet Miss Hansen. So if there is someone who is 18 that is able to sign till you turn 18 we may be able to do it like that." The judge says looking at all of us.

"Ally how much do you love me?" I ask as sweet as sugar.

"Loads but what does that have to do with anyt- ohhhh" she says looking and me and Alex. We gave her our best puppy dog eyes. "Ugh okay but it's only till Dinah turns 18 right?" Ally asks turning towards the judge who nods and gets the papers.

The girls sign the paper and the judge says that he will still have someone escort us to her house just for precautions. We went to her house and got all her stuff. We agreed we would just share a room for now. When we got home it was about 3:30. Alex and I took her stuff up and put it away then plopped on my bed. They decided just to get her a bed when we get home from tour.

"I'm tired" Alex groaned and curled under the blanket.

"Take a nap" I said in a duh tone.

"Cuddle with me" she said in a baby voice.

I got under the blanket and wrapped my arm around her. I turned on the girl station on ITunes Radio and set my phone at the head of my bed. I looked down and she was already passed out snoring lightly. I smiled down at her pecked her cheek and slowly fell into darkness.

-Time Skip-

"Shhh quiet!" I heard someone whisper and people shuffling.

"But they are sooo cute!" A different voice said hushed.

There was a few clicks then I felt a bright light shine through my closed eyelids. I groaned and put a hand over my eyes.

"DEMI!" Someone whisper yelled. Well now I know Demi is here.

I opened my eyes looking to the end of the bed and put my glasses on. I looked down and Alex was still sleeping. I have no idea how though. I looked at the end of my bed and saw the girls, Demi, and Little Mix.

"Um okay. Why are you watching us sleep?" I furrowed my brows and sat up slightly.

"Well we came up here to see what you guys wanted to eat but you were sleeping. So we were going to wake you up but we needed a pic first." Ma explained.

"Pizza. Preferably the taco kind please." I smiled.

"Ew okay. Whatever we will get a different kind." Dinah says.

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