She's awake

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*Dallas's POV*

All I remember is crying and then slipping into a dreamless sleep. Then being shaken awake and being told the news. She's awake, she pulled through but she has a bit of memory loss. They couldn't pinpoint what she has forgotten but they said it's only about a month and a half.

So now I'm waiting to go in because if that's how much she's lost then she thinks that we're still together.

Well it's now or never I guess. I push open then door to her room and instantly there's a lump in my throat. She looks so small and pale but she's alive and okay.

She looks at me and smiles big before saying "hey babe, what took you so long?"

"Uh well um I uh" is all that could got out before I started crying. Lauren was at my side in a instant pulling me out of the room.

"Shhh it's okay baby it's okay. I know but you gotta understand she doesn't know why you reacted that way. She's still really confused. We brought her up to date on what happened and where we are. We just haven't told her that you guys aren't together." She held me close and rocked us a little while explaining it all.

I had calmed down now but I stayed in moms arms for a little longer. Just thinking and trying to figure out how to go about this.

"What do I do mama?"

"Well I think you should start by going in there and giving your best friend a hug. She's been through a lot and really needs you. Then once you guys get alone time I think you should try and explain that she had asked for some time apart. You have to tell her and see how it goes." I nod along with her because she's right.

"Okay but what if she doesn't believe me? Or what if she just wants to act like that didn't happen? I mean to her right now it didn't. So what then?"

Just as I got done I noticed Dinah standing in the door. She smiled and pulled me from moms arms into hers as she spoke.

"Well then you make a decision. Are you capable of pretending like it didn't happen? Is that something you want to do? She will eventually get her memory back and there's no saying where it could go. But that's a decision you have to make for yourself sweetheart." She finished by kissing the top of my head.

I pull away just nodding and then I give them each a smile before walking into the room.

"Can everyone give Alex and I a minute please?"

As soon as everyone is out I walk up and give her a hug and just hold her for a second.

"What's going on babe?" She asks as we pull away.

I sit on her bed and take a breath before starting. "Well you know how you lost some of your memory?" She nods before I continue. "Okay well something happened between us in that time. You, well, you broke up with me. You said we needed a break but you couldn't tell me why"

She just stares blankly before saying "that doesn't make sense. I love you. Why would I do that?"

"I don't know why, you never got the chance to tell me."

"Well uh do we. Are we. Uh can we still be together now?" She looks scared as she asks.

"Is that something you'd really want?"

"Yeah of course. I don't know why I'd break up with you in the first place. I love you too much."

I look down noticing she ya ahold of my hand. I look back up before replying "yeah we can try. But you have to promise me something, okay?"

"Yes anything."

"Promise me that if you get your memory back we will try and work through whatever that reason was. That we won't give up and that we will make it through this."

She holds up get pinky whilst saying that she promises. I wrap my pinky around here and kiss my hand to seal it.

I put my finger to my lips to tell her shh. She just nods looking confused.

I then say, "okay now that that's done, wanna frickle?" As loud as I can.

Instantly all the girls are through the door our mothers leading them.

Alex and I are just laughing at their faces and they all realize that I was messing with them.

"You two are going to give me a heart attack one day." Dinah says as she sits down.

"Stop listening in on our conversations and this wouldn't happen" I sass back.

"Laur get your daughter"

"Oh what am I going to do? She gots a point!" Ma said defending me.

I just stick my tongue out at Dinah and laugh more as she huffs about this being ridiculous.

"Okay babe leave my mom alone." Alex says as she hits my thigh.

"Okay okay it's just too fun though" I respond with my hands in the air.

Just as she gets ready to say something there's a knock at the door. The doctor walks in with the same police officers as before.

The doctor goes right into checking Alex's vitals and asking her questions as the officers update us on the investigation.

"So we have her father in custody and he gave us a lead on where Luis could be so this case should be coming to a close soon. That's all for now. Good day ladies." Is all they said before exiting.

Before anyone got a chance to speak the doctor started "so her vitals are all good and everything seems to be in shape. We will keep her here through the week just to be safe then she should be back home with you guys." Then he left the room as well.

"So looks like everything is falling back into place and it'll be completely normal soon" ally says with the others agreeing.

"Yeah it seems that way, but I'm just glad she's awake" I say leaning down to kiss Alex's head.

The rest of the day is spent with all of us just hanging out and catching Alex up on drama and whatnot before everybody leaves to go to sleep.

There it is guys! Hope you like this chapter. Next chapter is probably the last! Then I might do an epilogue as well. Let me know what you think and what you wanna see!

Till next time✌️

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