An eventful day

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*Dallas's POV*

Screaming, that's all I hear. All the girls stayed in our bus for a 'mega sleepover' which mean it's so loud I can't hear myself think.

"Guuuys it's like five in the morning" I whine slightly opening my bunk curtain.

"It's one in the afternoon Hun" Demi says trying not to laugh.

"Oh" I just shrug and get out of my bunk.

I get some cereal and sit down and listen in on everyone's conversations. It's mostly just talking about tour. I can't believe we've been on tour for three weeks already. I must have gotten lost on my thoughts because next thing I know my cereal is gone and Alex is in my lap.

"Hey babe" I say pulling her into me more.

"Hey" She whispers before pecking my lips.

We stayed with our foreheads together and my eyes were closed till I heard a camera shutter. I opened my eyes and turned to the girls where Cam had her phone out.

I raised my eyebrow and looked at her with an amused expression. Alex however had her face nuzzled in my neck leaving soft pecks.

"Okay sooooo what're we doing today?" I asked everyone.

"We're off for today so it's just a hang out day." Demi informed going back to her phone. I just nodded and looked at Al.

"Hey, let me take you on a date?" I said into her hair. She just nodded and smiled shyly.

-Time Skip to 6:30pm-

"So I'm taking her to the movies to see Zootopia then I'm going to teach her how to ride my penny board. I just hope she likes it" I told ma nervously.

*A/N I know Zootopia isn't out yet but eh, plus I really wanna see it*

Ma just smiled and helped me pick out my outfit. "She's going to like it don't worry"

"I have to worry ma, she's my girlfriend, my princess. She deserves to be treated like one." I said pacing back and forth.

Mom just threw black ripped skinny jeans, a red and black flannel, and a the 1975 tank top at me. I shrugged and put it on then put on my black Chuck Taylor's. I looked at myself in the mirror and I have to admit I look pretty good.

"You got this sweetie go grab her from Demi's bus." She threw my bag at me and pushed me towards the door. I grabbed my penny board before jumping off the bus.

I grabbed the single red rose I asked mom to go get for me and knocked on the door. The door opened and it was like my breathe was knocked out of me. Alex stood in front of me in a black skater skirt, a black stay weird crop top, a red dope SnapBack and red vans.

"Wow I don't know how you do it." I say smiling at her.

"Do what?" She asks with a cute confused face.

"Every time I see you, you manage to look even more beautiful than the last time." I answer with a small smile. Her cheeks form a red tint and that only makes me smile harder. "Oh for you princess" I say handing her the rose.

She smiles and motions that she will be right back. She come back out of the bus and we start our journey to the theatre.

Once we get there I buy our tickets, which she was super excited when she noticed what we were seeing. We then got snacks and proceeded to take our seats.

About half way through the movie I found myself looking at Alex. I mean how could I not? She's the most beautiful human, with the most perfect laugh. Her eyes would shine when she saw something funny and she would have a cute little frown when she saw something she didn't like. Before I knew it the movie was over and I missed most of it.

We walked back to the buses because it was kinda getting dark, however we were still going to ride the penny board. The whole way back Alex was talking about her favorite parts of the movie. We got to the buses about ten minutes later and I already had my board since I wasn't planning on being here when we did it.

"What're we doing now?" She asked when I pulled her away from the busses.

"Well I'm going to teach you how to penny board" I said whilst scratching my neck nervously, I mean what if she didn't want to.

However she smiled really big then started jumping around. I got the board out of my bag and showed her how to stand and balance herself.

She got the hang of that fairly quick to be quite honest. So I showed her how she should kick off then place her feet. She did it perfectly, she was like a pro.

I watched as she rode past me and she was about ten feet away when she just dropped. I ran over to her and tried to wake her up but it was no use.

"HELP!!! MOM! DINAH! ANYONE!" I started yelling while I was holding Alex in my arms. She wasn't moving at all I checked for a pulse and barely found one.

By the time the girls got there I was bawling and holding Alex tight. I have no idea what happened she was fine. The last thing I remember was sirens before it got dark.

Hey guys sorry I haven't updated in forever there has just been a lot of stuff happening. So if you have any ideas let me know I may incorporate them- Tay

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