Hey kitten

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*Dallas's POV*

I'm awoken by the sunlight hitting my face and faint laughter. I rub the sleep from my eyes and go to stand up but I'm stopped by a arm around my waist. I look over and see Alex sleeping peacefully. I move her arm carefully to make sure not to wake her then go grab some sweats and a sports bra. I go to my bathroom change, wash my face to get rid of the tear stains, brush my teeth and my hair, then walk back over to my nightstand and grab my phone. Hmm it's only 7:30 PM, I'm going to go work out. I asked the girls if we could get some lifting equipment and put it in the basement, luckily they said yes. As I walk out of my door I turn to make sure Alex is still sleeping, which she is. As in walking down the hall way I hear footsteps behind me, it's probably just one of the girls so I don't turn around.
"Hey kitten" a rough voice says from behind.
"Leave me alone Luis or I'll tell my mom your what you used to do to me." I said stiffly.
"Oh but you won't. You love her to much." He said in a taunting tone.
"I love her and the girls more than anything but that won't stop me from telling if you come near me." I said finally looking into his eyes.
Then suddenly I'm against the wall with his hand on my throat. He looks at me with a little smirk, raises me off the floor and tightens his grip slightly.
"You won't do anything or I'll come after you kitten." He says through gritted teeth.
I can't say anything and I can barely breathe. Then he's on the floor knocked out and I dropped. Breathing deeply for several minutes while someone is rubbing my back. I look up and see Alex. I thought she was sleeping, I scrunch my eyebrows and look at her. She must of understood because she said,
"I got cold so I woke up, did you know you are really warm and cuddly?" She says looking at me.
"Nope but thank god you woke up. How'd you do that?" I ask pointing at the now unconscious Luis laying on the floor.
"Oh um I know some of the pressure points to make someone knock out" she says chuckling.
"Oh cool. You should teach me sometime. You hungry? I was going to work out but I think I should probably eat first." I say standing up with her help.
"Uh yeah I could eat. What we having though?" She asks tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.
"Um we can have sandwiches or ask to order a pizza?" I say and we look at each other.
"Pizza" we say at the same time giggling.
We walk down to the living room and see ally and Troy cuddling on the couch, Normani and dinah squished into a recliner, Cam on the floor, and my mom on the other couch probably waiting for Luis. I should probably tell her he is upstairs unconscious.
"Hey uh m-mom." I stutter and everyone looks at me.
"Yeah Hun?" She says with a smile. Oh gosh she's not going to be smiling in a minute.
"Uh uh well you see l-Luis is upstairs u-unconscious." I say looking anywhere but at her.
She runs upstairs to check on him and everyone else looks at Alex and I.
"What happened?!?" Ally asks as she sits up.
"Well you see um Alex may or may not of pressure pointed(is this even how you say it ha) him." I say grabbing Alex's hand and sitting on the couch.
"Why?" Dinah asks patiently.
"Well you see um um well." I stuttered.
"He had her to the wall with his hand 'round her throat" Alex said for me.
"Uh yeah that." I say looking down.
I look back up when nobody says anything. Then I see a very angry looking Dinah and Troy running up the stairs.
"Oh great. Come on we have to go make sure they don't kill him." Ally says.
"Wellllllll" I start to say but she gives me that look. The "it's not the time now come on before you get it" look. I nod and quickly follow everyone up the stairs. The first thing we see is angry Dinah and Troy with their backs to us, a even angrier Lauren yelling at them, and a smirking Luis. Great he probably lied might as well listen to what he said.
"I don't believe you. Why would he do that!?" She said in a more normal tone.
"I don't know why ask him or better not he will lie again! Ask your daughter! Why would she do what he told you!?" Troy said this time.
"He said she did it because she's jealous. He already told me why." She said looking me in the eye.
"He's lying mom! Who do you believe?" I ask looking at her in the eye so she knows I'm not lying.
"Luis. He gave me a full story and I've known him longer." She said looking anywhere but me.
I don't even say anything to her I walk to my room lock the door and grab my backpack. I put a weeks worth of clothes, my phone, my charger, my wallet, and journal, and my drawing pad wth a few pencils. I walk over to the window and drop off the balcony. If she doesn't love me enough to believe me then fine I'm gone.
*Alex's POV*
Dallas just walked into her room and locked it. Nobody was paying attention, they were all yelling at Lauren. So I went behind them and knocked Luis out with a more strong pressure point. I stuck him in a guest room all without anybody noticing.
"EVERYBODY QUITE!!" I yelled and they all turned to me and stared in shock.
"Where'd he go?" Lauren asked.
"I knocked his low life a** out again. Sorry for cursing. Now if we are done yelling for now Dallas just locked herself in her room and even though we just met I know she is probably packing to get out of this house as fast as humanly possible. Soooo anyone got a key?" I ask and they just stare at me.
Dinah just reaches up and grabs the key from on top the door frame and unlocks the door. As I thought the windows open and she's gone.
"Ok so before we freak out... Want me to tell you everything I know? It not really my place to tell but under the circumstances I think she probably won't care. And if she does I take full responsibility and she can hate me for the rest of my life." I look around and see everybody nod. "Come children it's story time." I say monotone whilst ushering them into her room. I lock the door so f*ck boy McGee can't get in. I sit on her bed.
"So you going to tell us?" Lauren asks annoyed.
"Don't sass me! We wouldn't be in this mess if it wasn't for you and your little boy toy. But yes I'm going to tell you just trying to find a place to start. Ok do any of you know anything about her past?" I ask eyebrows raised.
"I do. She said that she has permanent bruising all over her body from when she was with her dad still. She said that him and his friends used to beat her and and" she stopped and that's when I looked up to see her crying.
"And what lauren?" I ask gently.
"She said they u-used her as there play t-toy." She broke down in sobs and Camila went and rubbed her back.
"Ok well I don't have much to tell then. Um well Luis was one of her dads friends son. He used to um well help them. Oh p.s. Don't call her kitten i don't know if you would but don't. He calls her that." I say looking down. I look up when I hear rustling. Lauren's trying to stand up. She's keeps mumbling "what did I do?" "I'm a horrible mom" "oh god what if she's hurt". She gets up and walks to the door but before she makes it she faints.
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