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(Continued)*Lauren's POV*
"Well I came to talk to you two 'bout something important." I say and they look at each other than to me.
"What?" They say at the same time.
"Well Demi just asked if we'd go on tour with her and the girls of Little Mix and we said yes." I say slowly.
"I don't really want to leave Alex" Dallas says looking worriedly at Alex.
"We figured sooooo we were thinking maybe she could come with us." I say looking at the both of them.
"Really!?!" Alex says her eyes getting watery. I get up a crouch down next to the bed.
"Yeah. Hey hey what are you crying for sweetie?" I ask wiping her tears away.
"It's n-nothin. It doesn't matter." She says avoiding my eyes.
"Okay I'm not going to force you to tell me but just know that me and the girls are here for you." I say rubbing her arm soothingly.
"I k-know its just uh maybe later?" She says hesitantly.
"That's fine sweetie. Sooooo tour?" I ask with a big smile trying to lighten the mood. It works they both jump up on the bed and dance like mad men.
"Wait when is it?" Dallas asks.
"It's in two weeks" I laugh because they are now dancing and singing like the dorks they are.
"Wait with who again?" Alex screams because she almost fell while talking.
"Little mix, demi, and ourselves I believe is it." I say and next thing I know her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she almost fell of the bed but luckily Alex caught her.
"Woah she fainted" Dallas says with big eyes.
"Uh I see that dummy. Lay her on her back and lift her legs." I say and help her. In a few minutes she woke up and is looking at us like we're crazy.
"Why are you lifting my legs?" She asks with an eyebrow raised. She sits up after we put her feet down.
"You fainted. Are you okay? Do you want anything water or food or i don't know something?" Dallas asks all worried about her little crush.
"Uh no I'm good. Sorry 'bout fainting on you guys." Alex says looking down.
"You couldn't help it don't worry." I say and go to fix her hair that was sticking up kinda like alfalfa, but she flinched away. "Hey I'm not going to hit you hun." I say as I retract my hand.
"Uh y-yeah I know." She says looking down.
"Okay well remember we are always here to talk or whatever. Speaking of talking when are you going to ask you parents about coming with us?" I ask and she visibly tenses. "If you want we can come with you." I see if she'd like that better.
"Would y-you guys?" She asks in a small voice.
"Of course. Do you want to go now or later and maybe you can stay the night tonight?"
"Can we go now?"she looks up and starts to stand.
"Yeah of course we can" I say and leave them to get there shoes on.
I walk down stairs and see all the girls talking about the tour.
"So what'd they say?" Dinah asks turning towards me.
"Dallas said she didn't want to leave Alex, I said Alex could come, Alex started crying then they were jumping because they were excited, Alex fainted, and now we are all going to see if Alex can go on tour." I say and they all look worried.
"Alex cried?!?"Camila and Dinah said at the same time.
"Alex fainted?!? Ally and Normani said at the same time as the others.
"Yes and yes. I told her she didn't have to tell me about anything but that we were here for her. I think it has something to do with her living situation because before I told them that Alex could come Dallas looked scared to leave her alone for so long. Oh and she fainted because the whole little mix and demi thing. Yanno fangirling." The girls nodded and all looked like they were thinking. Then the girls came downstairs they had changed out of the pjs they had on into jeans and Dallas has my softball hoddie with Jauregui on the back and Alex had the black Jauregui hoddie we made for Dallas on.
"Are ya ready kids?" I asked as they reached the bottom of the stairs. They glanced at each other before screaming "Aye Aye Captain!" Then promptly giggling into each other's sides.
"Cmon ya dorks" I said walking to the door. Only Alex and Dallas followed. "That includes the older ones as well!" I yelled. They came running out all fighting over who sits where. Children. We all got in the car ally driving Normani in the passenger Alex, Dallas, and myself in the next row and Camz and Dinah in the back back. It only takes a couple minutes to get there. We hop out but Alex stops us before going to the door.
"Just know I'm really really sorry if something goes wrong" she kind of whispers looking down.
"Uh ok." I say hesitantly. Dallas goes up and whispers something in her ear Alex nods takes a deep breath then opens the door. As soon as the door is open you can smell alcohol. I hear Alex mumble an "oh great" under her breath.
"Maybe you guys should wait out there" she says looking scared.
"No we are coming with you at least I am" Dallas says and walks up to her and slides her hand into Alex's intertwining their fingers.
"O-okay" Alex looks down blushing. Awe so cute. We hear loud footsteps coming towards the door then see a tall gruff looking man with rectangular glasses and a bottle of liquor in his hands.
"What did I say about bringing home friends?" He asks in a cold hard tone.
"I-I k-know it's not a-allowed but-t-t we we just have something to a-ask-k you." She says looking down.
"No" he says and goes to turn away.
"What do you mean no. She hasn't even asked yet." Dallas says getting angry.
"Fine what do you want?" He says glaring at Dallas then Alex.
"I.. I mean we were j-just wondering if may-maybe I could g-go on tour with them in two-o weeks?" She says looking down.
"No now get out." He said pointing to the door.
"Why no?" Dallas asks stepping in front of Alex.
"Because I said and she doesn't deserve to go." He said gripping the beer bottle tighter.
"Okay whatever. She's staying with us tonight though."Dallas said calmly shocking all of us.
"I u-uh guess uh whatever." He said walking away.
This whole thing is weird but we get back in the car and went home. As soon as we got home the kids went upstairs and we sat in the kitchen.
"What just happened?" Camz asked super confused.

*Dallas's POV*

We walked upstairs and I changed into my pjs and threw some at Alex. She went got changed and then came back and we cuddled under the blanket with music playing.
"Are you really going to leave me?" She ask looking down. I put my fingertips under her chin and get her to look at me.
"Of course not. But maybe we should tell the girls. I mean I'm obviously not going to make you but maybe if we tell them then we can get you out of there." I say running my fingers along her arm.
"Then I will go to an orphanage and I won't be able to see you." She says starting to sniffle.
"Hey hey hey come on now don't cry. I'm sure one of the girls would be more than happy to adopt you or maybe demi." I say softly. She was about to answer but there was a knock at the door. "Come in" I shouted as Alex rested her forehead against my shoulder. The girls walked in and gave us a sad smile.
"Can we talk to you guys?" Ally asked sitting on one side of my bed.
"Yeah what's up?" I say running my hands through Alex's hair I know she needs comfort right now.
"So Alex yanno how I said we are always here for you?" Mom asked. Alex nodded against my shoulder.
"Can we ask you some questions? You don't have to answer?" Normani said from my desk chair. Alex again nodded into my shoulder.
"Ok so um is your mom around hun?" Dinah asked. Alex shook her head.
"Does you father always drink like that?" Cam asks softly. She nodded into my shoulder again.
"Is that the only reason Dallas doesn't want to leave you alone for long?" Ally asks. She shook her head again.
"He's hurt you doesn't he? More than just verbally." Mom asks rubbing her back.
Alex finally looks up at all of us but finishes at mom. "U-uh y-yeah"

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