Goodbye old life, hello new one

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*Dallas's POV*
She wants to adopt me. Me. I know there's a good chance she'll bring me back if I tell her everything. Not even the orphanage knows everything. As the girls stand up they come over and ask if I needed help packing. I shook my head and pulled out the two green and black suit cases out from under my bed. I actually have quite a lot because of how long I've been here and my parents had money put back. I stuck my five pairs of skinny jeans, three pair of weirdly colored and printed leggings, ten shirts, hi-tops, converse, and sneakers in one suitcase. Most of my clothes I've had for years, I haven't grown much since I was 11. I look up and all the girls are staring at me. I raise and eyebrow "take a picture it'll last longer" I chuckle and they all look at different things around the room. "Yanno you have quite the amount of stuff" ally said. "Yep I don't really change with age, always been the same, maybe subtle changes in little things. Nothing to big though." I smile looking around. I walk over to my little speaker and plug in my iPod. It'll take me a little longer, seeing as I like my stuff a certain way. I hit shuffle and the beginning to Miss Moving On blares through the speakers, I try to change it before they notice but by the little smirks on there faces they heard. So about six songs later I have all my posters, beanies, snapbacks, books, weird bags and a bunch of other little stuff in the other suit case. "Done?" Normani says. "Yep" I sigh grabbing them both and rolling them out of the room. "Coming?" I ask, seeing them watching me from the bed. "Need any help?" Camila asks. "Nah watch. Anybody by the stairs Louis?!?" "Nope!" He shouts back up. "Mkay make sure no one goes near it." "Wait are you doing it!?!" He screams. I smirk "yeah". Within two seconds he is by my side. "Can I go?" "Yeah" I hand him the smaller suit case. "Wanna see something I had installed for when it's to bad out for the kids?" I ask the girls. I get multiple yea's. I press a blue button on the side of the wall and the metal slates come out then click together over top the stairs. I look over at the girls and there eyes are big. "It's fun see" and Louis is sitting on my suit case going down the slide. "Are you outa the way?" "Yeah" "ok I'm sending my suit case down first." I send it down then sit at the top. "You guys coming?" I slide down then when I get to the bottom I look back up and see the girls coming down. "It's like a slide that's adult sized" lauren says. "Yeah and giant sized for ally" Dinah says making everybody giggle except for ally. "It's ok ally im not growing anymore so I'm this size forever" I say going up to hug her, I stand about an inch shorter than her. After I finish hugging ally and hit the button at the bottom of the stairs for the slide to go back I see Louis standing on the couch in the playroom. " hey buddy, yanno I'll come visit you right?" I ask and he nods still looking sad. He try's to hand my beanie back but I put it on his head and run over to my suit case to grab the stuffed zebra I was going to give him for his birthday. "Here buddy" he looks up and as soon as he sees it he is grinning ear to ear. " thanks Dallas" "no problem" I say as I pick him up into a hug. "You know I love you right? And I'll be there for you when ever you need me." I say hugging him tighter than putting him down. The girls and I are walking over to the office and I stop to tell Mrs. Thomas about the money. Yanno how I mentioned the whole getting money left behind thing, yeah it was over a million dollars. How my parents had that much I will never know but now it's mine. I said I wanted to give at least 200,000 to the orphanage to help the kids. I mean I did grow up here so why not leave at least a small imprint. Whilst I was in my own world I hadn't noticed that we had gotten in the van. I snapped out of it when Lauren pinched my arm. "Owww my arms are sensitive" I said pouting at her. " sorry you didn't respond when I waved my hand in front of your face" "oh sorry what is needed?" " nothing at the moment we are just home." I look out the window and see a huge house and see the light are on. That's when I realize that the others aren't in the car anymore. I look over sheepishly "oh". We get out and walk in. "Mkay do you want a tour?" "Could you just show me everybody's rooms, I'd like to explore the rest on my own."Yeah sure" I then followed them to each girls room and when we got to mine they told me to close my eyes. I did as told and they opened the door and told me to open my eyes. When I did I gasped. This room is perfect. "We will paint it whatever colors you please. But do you like the rest of it?" Asked Lauren hopefully. I turned around and gave them the biggest hugs ever. "I love it! It's perfect." I think I'm going to love it here.
💚 so this chapter sucked and it's kinda long but eh oh well. Hope you liked it. I will be updating soon. Possibly later today or tomorrow. Sorry for any mistakes - Taylor 💚

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