A winter's tale...

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A winter's tale...

A tale forgotten whispers in the wind,

As winter’s moon begins to blink.

Of beauty frozen like lakes winding afar;

Of reality and of cold nightmares--

So similar to her and yet so far apart.

The snowflakes fall on grounds unknown; uneven

As she flashes back to the winter of 1967.

A warm bundle cradled in her arms in haste;


You’re a bitter shadow on her tongue’s taste.

Looking down:

The snow white skin and blood red lips...

Her frozen heart starts to vanish, as trembling lips tilt.

But, doleful sirens echo in the near distance

And howls the unending winter’s wind through trees dense.


A piercing, absinthian fire through her veins,

As knuckles rasp on wooden doors stripping of its black paint.

Kind eyes and questions on their face...

Hopes blooms inside the ice as she presses her life inside their place.

Slipping and sliding on the cold stoned pavement-

Shouts and cries drowned within her heart’s lament.

Warm tears freeze before they touch winter’s ground;

And for once the coldness bows its head and doesn’t fight back--

For the ice within her heart, cannot be owned by the ice around.

Shivers race across her broken spine,

As she gazes at the fire with eyes that blindly shine;

Cruel winter bringing back lonely nightmares

And thoughts of what could’ve been;

To strip her festering wounds again.

Laying back on bones brittle and wrinkled eyes that held no laughter,

Dawn starts to shadow the long lost night’s disaster.

Soon, her white frosted heart turns dun,

As flickers to life, the cold winter’s sun.

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