The Art Of Series by knightsrachel
The Art Of Seriesby Rachel
This is a spin-off of several works I have completed or are currently underway. This series of short stories will follow a few of my characters through the rehabilitatio...
  • oxy
  • addiction
  • bulimia
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Highschool Princesses (BLACKPINK X BTS)  by ShaneMaquirang
Highschool Princesses (BLACKPINK KathelynJaneQuenery
The first word that will come up to their mind when you meet this girls... Is the word... Perfection... But is it the real definition of the true self? Or its just an...
  • perfection
  • blink
  • jimrose
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Teach me, Daddy. |hs| by Caroline_Woods
Teach me, Daddy. |hs|by Cara
In which Mr Styles, a self made multi-millionaire, becomes infatuated with a young seventeen year old girl, Jamie. Follow both characters on their journey of jealousy...
  • hot
  • strangers
  • dark
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MSU (My Sweet Uncle)  by restydiyah
MSU (My Sweet Uncle) by mrsmendes_
  • uncle
  • perfection
  • rizkynazar
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The One || Chris Schistad by kellymesweetz
The One || Chris Schistadby Kelly
❝I would choose you.❞ ❝Then why didn't you?❞ © 2017 SKAM
  • perfectlove
  • isakvaltersen
  • alyciacarey
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Opposites Attract Each Other (Sakamoto Desu ga x Clumsy! Reader) [Completed] by Zer0_Blank
Opposites Attract Each Other ( Zer0_Blank
In Class 1-2 of Gakupon Prefectural High School, two students had the entire school's attention from the very first day. One was stylish of carrying out class duties, on...
  • sakamotodesuga
  • sakamotoxreader
  • kubota
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Perfection - The Oasis Project Book 1 (Complete) by EllaNigh
Perfection - The Oasis Project Ella Nigh
A nobody and a wrongly accused fugitive, Valentina Linkin, jumps at the offer of a free trip to Dell Island, a small tropical paradise. Here, with no pressure to leave...
  • mutation
  • escape
  • mutants
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Perfection | PJM by chimcrowny
Perfection | PJMby 🦄💗
"sometimes the sweet little things we did towards the people we hate is the real perfection." "why the love seems so fake but hate seems so real ?" ...
  • jimin
  • jhope
  • taehyung
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Destruction - The Oasis Project Book 2 by EllaNigh
Destruction - The Oasis Project Ella Nigh
Co-written with @squirrelg Recaptured by the scientists and relocated to black sites around the world, Linkin and Ira are barely surviving. Stripped of their identities...
  • lies
  • manipulation
  • action
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beauty killer ( elmax. ) by maxinesmayfield
beauty killer ( elmax. )by lo 💙
  • mileven
  • eleven
  • milliebobbybrown
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Nathaniel by terra_nova
Nathanielby ally
"But you're you, Nathaniel. You're brilliant and special and perfect." / He only smiled, bitterly. / "I'm not," he told her. "There's no such th...
  • darkness
  • taygetsthegay
  • perfection
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my letters » jachary by bbycmb
my letters » jacharyby lej <3
[COMPLETED] Zach writes a series of letters to Jack confessing everthing he feels. What happens when there is a mixup and Zach's letters actually get sent? a jachary fa...
  • jachary
  • love
  • jorbyn
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the 𝔻𝔼𝕍𝕀𝕃 in all of ᴜs • a role - play by followingsaturn
the 𝔻𝔼𝕍𝕀𝕃 in all of ᴜs • a 🇦​ 🇱​ 🇪​ 🇽​
𝙬𝙚𝙡𝙘𝙤𝙢𝙚 𝙩𝙤 𝙖 𝙬𝙤𝙧𝙡𝙙 𝙧𝙪𝙡𝙚𝙙 𝙗𝙮 𝙥𝙚𝙧𝙛𝙚𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣 basic idea • @followingsaturn admin • @followingsaturn cover made by • @followingsaturn
  • literate
  • devil
  • roles
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Scarlett Tanaquil Rivera, a chubby, nerdy red head, faces challenges due to her body. She goes through bullying, body shaming and all sorts of nerve wrecking incid...
  • transformation
  • love
  • perfection
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Malec // one shots  by Lucifer_Larry
Malec // one shots by x Lucifer x
{ongoing} These are all the random Malec fanfic ideas that regularly consume three quarters of my mind but transformed into a bunch of one shots. They don't follow any o...
  • malec
  • perfection
  • fanfiction
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Immaculate Deceivers | ✓ by introverttgirll
Immaculate Deceivers | ✓by 𝘛𝘪𝘧𝘧𝘢𝘯𝘺
This isn't your everyday love story. It's much, much more complicated than that. I mangled my fingers into his soft black hair, not in any way satisfied with what has be...
  • scandals
  • lust
  • featured
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Perfection [TWILIGHT] by keepfaithbaby
Perfection [TWILIGHT]by Maya Scott
❝How can I live up to her? How can I be more like her? How? I want to know. I just want to be like her. I want to be perfect. I'm gonna show her that I can be just like...
  • twilightfanfic
  • wattys2018
  • eatingdisorder
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The Price of Beauty by miramallows
The Price of Beautyby 「 m i r a 」
Simple name. Simple hair. Simple life. Claire Johnson was the exact image of a completely simple girl. And maybe she was, until she wanted to be more than that, or perha...
  • rivalry
  • theolympusawards
  • teen
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BRIGHT by tressajo
BRIGHTby Tressa
Peyton Emerson is not a normal fifteen-year-old girl. When she was younger, her parents discovered the usage CRISPR on toddlers and illegally genetically altered her to...
  • homecoming
  • crispr
  • perfection
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(In)Visible by Em_Ind
(In)Visibleby Em_Ind
Comment trouver sa place dans une société qui lui dicte sa conduite ? A l'heure où tous les étudiants vivent leur vie à fond, Cassie se retrouve coincée dans un quotidie...
  • secrets
  • perfection
  • amour
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