Forbidden Touch by thenight_sky
Forbidden Touchby thenight_sky
Nandini a 16 year old girl staying with her 26 years old uncle who is her only guardian now Peep in to know what happens?? *All the chapters will be made private* *Follo...
  • lust
  • desires
  • wicked
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His ex-Wife : Misunderstandings Creating Voids (Unedited) by TishyaRakshitasingh
His ex-Wife : Misunderstandings TishyaRakshita Singh
I am broken. I am not the same person, I used to be. He completed me, and then abandoned me. He left me when I needed him the most. Have my destiny planed something big...
  • yours
  • apart
  • parental
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GUSTAKHIYAAN! "a manan story" by littledamselintown
GUSTAKHIYAAN! "a manan story"by ~mimi~
(Completed) Ever thought of cousins being possessive,being passionate towards each other?No? Then peep into this story,you'll find out what it feels to be in love with a...
  • love
  • passion
  • friendship
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 MR.MAFIA'S HIJABI GIRL by tastiergal
I slapped him. He looked at me with no emotion is his eyes whatsoever. To say I was afraid, was an understatement. I was trembling, my hands shaking, my hear...
  • abuse
  • spiritual
  • mafia
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After Marriage Life [COMPLETED] by Aditi1405
After Marriage Life [COMPLETED]by 👑Aditi👑
After Marriage the life of a husband and a wife.. In short with all the ups and downs between Mr. and Mrs. Shekhawat...
  • wattys2017
  • sanyukta
  • friendship
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Clumsy Is My Middle Name!!! by Enticing_Romantic
Clumsy Is My Middle Name!!!by EnticingRomantic
#1 in CLUMSY (23.06.18) #2 in NICKNAMES (17.06.18) #52 in FIRSTLOVE (20.06.18) #322 in ROMANCE(24.04.18) Meet Grace. Simple definition of disaster. Gives importance to h...
  • desires
  • wattys2018
  • fights
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An Alternative Yandere Simulator by loli321
An Alternative Yandere Simulatorby The Great Loli Senpai!
In this story, Yandere-chan grew tired of Senpai. But it seems that Senpai, has taken a liking to her. After seeing her almost everyday from faraway, observing her silen...
  • gore
  • osana
  • love
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Desires of the Crown by Dream_big96
Desires of the Crownby Dream_big96
Desire is the plague that rules the heart. All her life Alliar was taught to be one thing, a princess. She was raised to curtsey, taught the wonders of the world and con...
  • knight
  • gameofthrones
  • forced
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Desires [J.JK & K.TH] by 8KpopLover8
Desires [J.JK & K.TH]by Little Potato
You have a desire for both of them....but you have to choose one of them... Taehyung Or Jungkook?
  • jungkook
  • taehyung
  • fanfic
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Submit.  by KittenWithaKnife
Submit. by KitKat<3
This is a bdsm story about a girl named Alice shes 23 a shy, submissive, clumsy brunette what will happen when she goes in for a job interview with one of the richest me...
  • desires
  • daddydom
  • abdl
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Snatched from His Love by jayinspired19
Snatched from His Loveby jayinspired19
Will you do anything to protect the one you love the most ?
  • love
  • justinbieber
  • romance
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I can't LOVE HIM by guptavishi
I can't LOVE HIMby guptavishi
New story New concept about OUR MANAN❤❤❤ . . Wanna know? Read it and follow me ..... story have MATURE content...
  • manan
  • love
  • marriage
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My Precious Love ! by diya_dd
My Precious Love !by i am a homosapein !
L. O. V. E It is a magical word which can create a life ! Which can give a life ! Sometimes it can also make a person realize what is life!! P. S THIS story is not r...
  • ishru
  • ishita
  • raman
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Sinking Hearts by wowlife
Sinking Heartsby wowlife
"Falling is such a cliché word. It's more sinking. Yeah, I have sunk for you. You have made my heart sink for you." He singed my innocent soul, tor...
  • healingwithlove
  • betrayal
  • college
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Untamed Desires by preez199722
Untamed Desiresby forlorn shadow
Love it's a four letter word with the world's worst emotion, because the problem is it lasts. Love is something that stays, its engraved in each memory. You will remembe...
  • untamed
  • studentteacher
  • romance
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Blood and Beloved(Book 1) by Myabaya
Blood and Beloved(Book 1)by Myabaya
Blood is normal Kia. Blood is normal Kia. Red eyes. Black. Blood is normal Kia. Blood is normal Kia. Red eyes. Black. Over and over again. That scene replays in my head...
  • stake
  • human
  • wattpad
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Deadly Desires (Izuna x Reader) by TonickaKennedy
Deadly Desires (Izuna x Reader)by Madara Daddy❤
"You'll call me Master and nothing else, i own you and you will do as i say" "Y-Yes Master" Secret lovers in a sex filled relationship that's kept a...
  • kinky
  • uchiha
  • izuna
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Our Dirty Desires  by yoitsyagirll_xx
Our Dirty Desires by yoitsyagirll_xx
Xelia Chastity Laurel Honour. We're four VERY different girls...but we have one thing in common...wait - no - two actually. We're all 18, a few months away from gradua...
  • romance
  • fiction
  • dangerous
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My first crush by Marytej17
My first crushby Marytej
Sharon is a crazy lover who foolishly dares a boy, Stephen who likes her to take her to the boys bathroom. "He was out of control. He wanted to kiss me, touch me, f...
  • love
  • badboy
  • crush
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