Sun Child  |✔| by world_joy_
Sun Child |✔|by World Joy
Lexie is not a warrior. In fact, Lexie is a painter. Her hands are always covered in paint. Never coming off. Always there. For Lexie, painting is an escape. An escape f...
  • moon
  • atlas
  • supernatural
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A Cowboy's Demand by PriviHeartsPink
A Cowboy's Demandby Privi
Evelyn Blake never knew what the easy life was. She is the hard worker. Life gave her no choice but to survive-no fun, no cheer, no freedom, just sheer responsibilities...
  • country
  • life
  • domineering
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... She's Mine... (Yandere!Alola Boys X Reader) by QueenOfNekoWriters
... She's Mine... (Yandere!Alola DaydreamingNeko
... I can't believe it... ... I'm finally in Alola! I've been waiting for this for like... Ever! Yes, I'll miss my home in Kanto, but to be able to visit the islands of...
  • xreader
  • pokemon
  • romance
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The Solstice Awards  (2018) - CLOSED by Yugana_Penrozu
The Solstice Awards (2018) - Gracious Vessalius Penrose
To us, Summer ain't just about the beach, no school, parties and ice cream - it's also about the awards!
  • contest
  • sun
  • summer
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Percy Jackson - Assassin of the Sun by Stregger
Percy Jackson - Assassin of the Sunby Stregger
When the Fates cast their spell during the final battle against Tartarus and Ourea, they turned back time to just before the second Giant war. And the worst part? Nobod...
  • sun
  • assassin
  • artemis
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Summer boy ~ Tal Fishman ✓ by mosaicbrokenheartts
Summer boy ~ Tal Fishman ✓by im
'The guy with the pretty eyes smiles, sits next to me and says hi.' And that was how it all started. Julia never expects to even socialize during the summer. But when so...
  • talfishman
  • adifishman
  • sun
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Captivated ~ N.H. by Little_Black_Dress8
Captivated ~ Little_Black_Dress8
"The moon produces no light of her own accord. She is reliant upon the sun's light to reflect her image to our earthly eyes."
  • wattys2018
  • niallhoran
  • love
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My Shining Sun - Lillie x male reader (Pokémon) by Golf420
My Shining Sun - Lillie x male Golf420
Lillie, the love of your life, left to Kanto. What will you do in the meantime, and what to do when she suddenly returns? A new adventure awaits! Will you be able to con...
  • kanto
  • moon
  • sun
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My dear loser: InSun's Playlist by CoffeePrince01
My dear loser: InSun's Playlistby Coffee Prince
This is a fanfiction story of In and Sun of My dear Loser the series. All casts and past happenings are all credited to the series.
  • boyslove
  • mydearloser
  • boyxboy
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The Wish (A Gladion x Reader Story) by WinterWolf1377
The Wish (A Gladion x Reader Story)by Winter Wolf
I don't own Pokemon or any of its characters. All of that belongs to Tsunekazu Ishihara and everyone else who actually owns Pokemon. I just made the story which is not...
  • pokemon
  • ultrasunandmoon
  • alola
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Cheater RWBY x Male reader by BlackNRedBrawler
Cheater RWBY x Male readerby BlackNRedBrawler
When a suicidal person goes tp school the last thing you never do to them is cheat and why? Well you find out what will happen in the story then and I hope you guys will...
  • ruby
  • rwby
  • malereader
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Sunshine Awards 2k18 by sharanyasanilkumar
Sunshine Awards 2k18by sharanya sanilkumar
If you are a new writer and wants to be noticed then you came to the right place. Sunshine awards will promote books plus you can win exciting prizes and get a whole new...
  • participants
  • judge
  • social
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The Sun and The Moon by Mikazuki412
The Sun and The Moonby Mikazuki
A girl that loves writing and fighting has to move back to her father's home nation, Japan. The weird things that keep happening and memories from the far away past make...
  • moon
  • fiction
  • japanese
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You Are My Light 2 by Storm_Mutzie77
You Are My Light 2by Storm_Mutzie77
Book 2 of You Are My Light Spark is not a night nor day person just like her younger sister, Glim. Being the oldest of the two she know she has to protect her sister fro...
  • youaremylight
  • evil
  • heartbreak
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Majikku Academy by juniorbluerebels
Majikku Academyby livii
Follow the twists and turns of Taeko and Kiyo, as they fight through day and night to master magic, fight mobs, and try to end the school day on a (semi) normal note. Th...
  • moon
  • magic
  • sun
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When the Stars Fall (Gladion x Moon) by 0ceanfox
When the Stars Fall (Gladion x 0ceanfox
Okay hi, I'm back at these but this takes place after USUM but is focused on the female character, Moon, from the originals. Sorry if you don't really like that, I only...
  • moon
  • kanto
  • lilliexhau
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Sun Kissed (Tom Holland x Reader) by mercwithalittlemouth
Sun Kissed (Tom Holland x Reader)by another fan girl
What was planned was a vacation to Cancún Mexico, but what wasn't plan was meeting Tom Holland during your vacation.
  • tomholland
  • jealousy
  • tomhollandlemon
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SOTUS: Found you by Snowyxox
SOTUS: Found youby xXSnow_AngelXx
this is a fanfic story about Kong and Arthit , Kong is a dangerous guy yet a softie at heart who wants and needs love and is the leader of a gang and his dad is the the...
  • bl
  • peraya
  • arthit
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Blooming Clouds by angelicvictory
Blooming Cloudsby Angel 🌞
The clouds hang themselves To impress the sun- Even for only a day. -Angel Thornton
  • angel
  • anger
  • earth
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Young Thug(Pokemon Various X Child/Teen!Reader) by Dragon_Descendant
Young Thug(Pokemon Various X Flare
After a young (Y/N)'s mother dies, Team Skull finds her with an Alolan Meowth. What will happen as (Y/N) grows up, claiming Guzma as her father? (WARNING: THIS MIGHT HAV...
  • guzma
  • teamskullgrunts
  • moon
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