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ZEUS by Aroha_xox
ZEUSby Aroha_xox
There are three of them They are ruthless They are cursed They are Immortal They are the HellHounds. ****** They were a legend. A story. But all legends are based off of...
  • hurt
  • mates
  • cursed
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The Wallflower and the Prankster by MakeMeSwoon
The Wallflower and the Pranksterby Reza
It started with a prank and a kiss. Alazne 'Alana' Martina is a self-proclaimed wallflower. So it surprises her when she got caught in a prank by the handsome prankster...
  • lonely
  • snow
  • wallflower
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Red-Nosed | ✓ by bateaux
Red-Nosed | ✓by ミ☆ 𝘬𝘦𝘭𝘭
Kinley and Theo haven't seen each other since the ninth grade. Kinley wanted to keep it that way. Copyright © k.s. lynch 2014
  • romance
  • diversityinlit
  • highschool
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Snow Angels (Larry Stylinson) by PierceWithKellic
Snow Angels (Larry Stylinson)by Erika
What if two famous people fall in love? Well that happens all the time. What if those two are both male? Then people start talking... a lot. This is how award winning si...
  • stylinson
  • games
  • famous
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Flipped Realities by opuscon789
Flipped Realitiesby opuscon789
Saga and Sugar have a fight and they then find a strange man which with him they play a quick card game then wake up finding out that they have switched bodies. Will the...
  • snow
  • shot
  • flipped
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Clipped by skyybridge
Clippedby Ace
Talim and Petal go to a dance, but Petal soon finds herself wrapped up in a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions.
  • story
  • short
  • gay
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Winter by thinkingsilver16
Winterby Erin McPhie
Names have no meaning in Riverswift; it is the people that define them by their personalities and strengths. But for Etsu, it has never been this way. She is a soul spli...
  • inuit
  • ice
  • snow
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Show Me a Hero by NovaNaut
Show Me a Heroby NovaNaut
The Alt for 'Show Me a Hero', a book currently being written. This short is about a girl named Danny Chard, and is complete.
  • small
  • originalcharacter
  • scifi
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One shot Chapters by amazingfulness
One shot Chaptersby Rae
Whichever gets the most comments, i will finish writing.
  • snow
  • stories
  • cinderella
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Winter night by Daniella_Winter
Winter nightby Daniella Winter
a very short story
  • newyork
  • snow
Black Noise by natashaincherry
Black Noiseby natasha
prose by natasha
  • blacknoise
  • quiet
  • snow
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The Winter Wonderland by AfreenShanavas
The Winter Wonderlandby Afreen Shanavas
As I walked though a sublime terrain of snow, I glared at the beauty of snow, evident in the landscape. Admiring the beauty of the white snow, I enter a house, to snuggl...
  • christmas
  • winter
  • snow
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Snowcats, Dogs, and Dreams by ChrisO2
Snowcats, Dogs, and Dreamsby ChrisO2
In a sleepy ski town in Colorado, a socially awkward but very bright 16-year-old boy and his precocious 12-year-old sister inadvertently end up running the family busine...
  • snow
  • pbs
  • firstkiss
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The Lamps of Yuletide by EthanHReynolds
The Lamps of Yuletideby Ethan H. Reynolds
Merry Christmas!
  • yuletide
  • snow
  • love
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Once Upon A Time: The Twist by harrypottergirlie
Once Upon A Time: The Twistby OUATfangirl4ever
What would happen if Marco never lied about the wardrobe? If snow, charming, and emma(still inside) came to our world, determined to get revenge? Will they change the en...
  • ginnifer
  • emma
  • onceuponatime
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Winter Gothic by grapefruitgoddess
Winter Gothicby Dumb bitch
The woman in this story is a real person in my life that stops in front of my house on super snowy days to stare at the lake. No one in my family recognizes her but 🤷‍♀️
  • poetry
  • eery
  • eerie
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Stuck in Storybrooke (a sequel to princess and in training)  by MultipleFanfixs
Stuck in Storybrooke (a sequel ♔Hannah Nicole♔
What happens when summer and Freddy and the gang get sent to a place called storybrooke maine, But what happens when summer and freddy have to raise there 10 year old da...
  • snow
  • schoolofrock
  • fremmer
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CaptainSwan by sleurini
CaptainSwanby sleurini
This is a story of how Emma and Killian find out how much they need each other.
  • ouat
  • hook
  • snow
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