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You and me make WE (A ShivIka FF) ||✔️|| by LunchbirdS
You and me make WE (A ShivIka FF) LunchbirdS
Shivaay and Anika's relationship goes through a rough patch forcing them to part their ways. But this not the end of their story as their paths cross again after 6 years...
  • oberoi
  • family
  • sso
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Swasan TS forgive me(✔️✔️) by Sreekkuttyv
Swasan TS forgive me(✔️✔️)by Sreekkutty
Story after laksh missing😖😖😖 Cover pic is from Google...☺ #26 in short story 13/11/17😊😊 Oh my God #88 in short story...😊😊😊 Omg #54 in short story 12/11/17
  • anger
  • forgiveness
  • arjun
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Love makes a change ✔ by Diya543
Love makes a change ✔by Diya
Cover credit: @CutieIshh We could see 3 couples in a bridal attire. One by one the couples r getting blessings from the elder One of the bride's father: Happy married li...
  • raglak
  • madeforeachother
  • romance
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Taken For Granted by dhruma345
Taken For Grantedby ArshiRumyabestcouple
What happens if the girl you like breaks your heart and turns out to be a cheater? What happens if the family that claims to love you, fails to trust you? What happe...
  • shivay
  • saumya
  • anika
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Letty by imastupididyut
Lettyby imastupididyut
All Rights Reserved. 2016 Imastupididyut. Lyn (A.C.H) THis story is all mine and a part of my imagination.. with a few memories. No part (or part thereof) of it can be c...
  • betrayal
  • chicklit
  • friends
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Thodi si dooriyaan hai thodi majbooriyaan hai by jaanishra
Thodi si dooriyaan hai thodi jaanishra
Hello everyone.. This is my first story here.. It's based on the plot of Shagun's memory loss.. But it's completely my take.. I can say on before hand it's purely on ish...
  • divyanka
  • seperation
  • jkr
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shivika by SuryaThayana
shivikaby Surya Thayana
During the vanawas track. this is my first story
  • ishqbaaz
  • anika
  • shivaay
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I Will Make You Mine, This Is My Promise ✔ by slow_learner
I Will Make You Mine, This Is My SAma
He pinned her to the wall by grabbing her arm and stood too close to her. So close that their noses and foreheads were touching. "You look hurt, Maira. Your eyes a...
  • tears
  • romance
  • desperation
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Swasan ff: When Will We Meet..?? by SamairaRajput
Swasan ff: When Will We Meet..??by Dark Angel
Story starts from laksh's disaperance... But in this story instead of laksh sanskar is will swara survive without sanskar... will laksh also find his broth...
  • suffering
  • seperation
  • wattys2018
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Don't you think my love deserves a chance? ( Under Editing) by ankitha21
Don't you think my love deserves Akshaya
A continuation of ipkknd from the sheetal track. what if khushi is thrown out by Anjali ,shyam,Dadi and sheetal by heir cruel plans on a mid Night. No one there by her...
  • love
  • arnav
  • khushi
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When Reality Sets In (Harry Styles) by MetteMA
When Reality Sets In (Harry Styles)by Mette
An untypical love story between a boy and a girl. When they were younger they did not know that the small, kind gesture she had made all those years ago would end up hav...
  • harry
  • romance
  • love
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Never Turn back ANIKA by Dare_devil1997
Never Turn back ANIKAby Akansha
This story concentrates on shivaay and anika separation track where shivaay came to know that HARSHAVARTHAN TRIVEDI is not anika's dad. its the trick of roop bua to cove...
  • anirivya
  • anika
  • ishqbaaz
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Anika's Secret by ChasingDreamcatchers
Anika's Secretby A
Shivaay always believed in Naam Khoon Khandhan......finally leading Anika and Shivaay to separate. But what happens when Anika is the Missing Rana Princess. Will she for...
  • home
  • love
  • seperation
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My Alpha is my mate ? by _kat_25
My Alpha is my mate ?by _kat_25
Having a mate was never something I really wanted. Matthew came in and changed that, I started falling for him. I was kidnapped and replaced by someone else. When he saw...
  • matthewespinosa
  • heartbreak
  • hayesgrier
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Transformers Prime: The Creator's Light by StarshooterPrime
Transformers Prime: The Creator' StarshooterPrime
When a young human femme abused when she was small is discovered by one of the thirteen original primes a new chapter of hope appears for all Cybertronians. Primus allow...
  • death
  • family
  • adventure
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Shivika-addicted to love  by anonymous_princesa
Shivika-addicted to love by XxChocolatesBaexx
Shivika Ishqbaaz 💝 Cover made by me 😊
  • wattys2017
  • ansh
  • 6yearlater
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MY CHILDHOOD FRIEND,MY RIVAL AND MY LOVE (Pyrrha X Uchiha Male Reader) by zafry54321
(Y/N) and Pyrrha were very close when there were in their younger days.Unfortunately,Pyrrha had to leave you because of family matters when they were only 9 years old.Th...
  • badass
  • childhood
  • rival
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Always. by ElishaPatole
#18 ElishaPatole
"Emily!" He took a step close to me. It was the first time I saw his eyes giving out the emotions he had for me. His cold fingers wiped my tears. I was lost i...
  • love
  • relationship
  • pain
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Flood-Drowned in Trouble! by stuffofdreams
Flood-Drowned in Trouble!by stuffofdreams
This story goes on from the book thunder..Just like life does.A few ups and down,a few dark twists,some passionate romance..Mix all this and you have a calamity...A floo...
  • marraige
  • unrequitedlove
  • desire
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It's our baby 💔 by _aisha_ish
It's our baby 💔by jahanvikashish
Story similar to "Hey baby " But end would be different in my style 😎
  • surbhichandna
  • shivika
  • baby
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