Rindu ( COMPLETED ) by maslily
Rindu ( COMPLETED )by MaslailyJaafar
Rindu itu subjektif. Boleh jadi rindu pada keluarga, Boleh jadi rindu pada yang sudah tiada, Boleh jadi rindu pada perkara yang sia-sia. Boleh jadi rindu pada si dia. Ta...
  • teenager
  • mature
  • censored
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Scary True Stories by Yixuan__Uniq
Scary True Storiesby ⚜ 엑소 ⚜
HIGHEST RANK: #3 IN HORROR CATEGORY _______________________ Most of us are familiar with the tradition of scary stories. Usually while gathered around a campfire, people...
  • scary
  • dreadfulness
  • creepy
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Red full moon (A why don't we fanfic) by wdw_wdw
Red full moon (A why don't we wdw_wdw
  • jackavery
  • wolf
  • zachherron
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Pearl by harribelle
Pearlby Harribelle T
#2 ranking in #sabahanstory Pearl... ...kisah hidup seorang anak yatim piatu yg dijadikan anak angkat oleh seorang lelaki kaya. Namun dia tdk pernah diterima dan diangg...
  • hate
  • sabahanstory
  • love
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My Bodyguard + Pjm [C] by Jmnutella
My Bodyguard + Pjm [C]by n u t 🦄
"Why are you always following me!" "Because i'm your bodyguard" "Get lost with your title 'Bodyguard'!" "I was paid to protect you&quo...
  • jjk
  • jungkook
  • jeonjungkook
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Chapstick~Noah Schnapp x Reader by stancyisbetter
Chapstick~Noah Schnapp x Readerby Sam
"I won't give up on you, no matter what. I promise." Highest Ranking: #1 on StrangerThingsXReader Some shit about Noah Schnapp that includes all the shit that...
  • random
  • xreader
  • fanfiction
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master ; jungkook by Softxie
master ; jungkookby rice cake
©softxie ; copied books will get reported immediately. ; inspired books accepted, but to certain limits. ; it's a fan fiction, not life. Don't take it too real. ; transl...
  • imagination
  • supernatural
  • jungkook
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Imagination by gisckaafs
Imaginationby Giscka
Bagi Siera, Nico adalah dunianya yang selama ini dia cari. Dan saat Nico pergi, dunianya ikut pergi. Siera hancur. Semua terasa sia-sia, tapi tidak saat Gaerin masih dis...
  • indonesia
  • sedih
  • wattys2017
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Jacob Sartorius and Tanner Fox CUTE/DIRTY by f1sht4nk
Jacob Sartorius and Tanner Fox f1sht4nk
This is the short imaginative gay story of how little Jacob and Tanner Fox met and what happens after they meet. Tragedy, drama, fighting, sex and story, It's all featur...
  • teen
  • twinks
  • bxb
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Danger | V/Taehyung fanfic (BTS) by tereselovlien
Danger | V/Taehyung fanfic (BTS)by Terese Lóvlien
Mina had to live through her life with her rare disease: having purple eyes. It wasn't a sickness, but it felt more like curse to her as that was mostly the only reason...
  • kpoplover
  • imagination
  • bangtan
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tainted lines by wizzlehues
tainted linesby ✨
shattered hearts, anguish confessions, unspoken thoughts, & masked truth. this poem collection contains pieces of art by the product of my own feelings. compos...
  • tula
  • confession
  • featured
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Layho/Sulay oneshots by Swagsnow
Layho/Sulay oneshotsby Snowie
Layho/Sulay Gifs, picture, imaginations and one shots. normal ones... ?? I will warn you , before something 18+ #3 in Sulay on August 14/2018 :) ❤
  • fanfics
  • exo
  • bxb
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Zach Herron Imagines and Preferences by DorkyRowland
Zach Herron Imagines and Princess Cammie
Reread the title... that is what its about ;)
  • embarrassing
  • cute
  • heartbreak
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『Imagines ; darren chen』 by keeyanha
『Imagines ; darren chen』by seo ri
Highest Rank ; #10 in short story 08/29/18 ----------------------------------------- 『Started ; 07/23/18 Ended ; 』
  • cringe
  • darrenchen
  • romance
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I Love You Since 2014 || JenKook  by unniedle
I Love You Since 2014 || JenKook by unniedle
Yung taong sikat sa buong school niyo. Hindi mo alam may gusto pala sayo. Hindi mo pinapansin yung mga taong may gusto sayo ng dahil nasaktan ka na isang beses. Pero het...
  • jenniekim
  • blackpink
  • kpopimaginations
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ItzAagna's Edits by itzAggna
ItzAagna's Editsby Ganga
It's a world of my edits 😊
  • imagination
  • creativity
  • edits
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BTS Imagines by Mochi_Sophie
BTS Imaginesby Mochi
According to John Muir, "The power of imagination makes us infinite." So let's use our imagination not only to please ourselves, but also, to change the worl...
  • imagines
  • humor
  • rapmonster
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Abel's Maid  by ExplicitMindWriter
Abel's Maid by OVOXOTWOD
Abel who is better known as The Weeknd needs a maid to keep his brand new crib and studio clean. How will things go when he hires someone to do the job? -Mature Content...
  • maid
  • fanfiction
  • abeltesfaye
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Magic&Love (Ongoing) by lyricbell98
Magic&Love (Ongoing)by >Ríåñå<
#1 Magical - 13 •05•18 #2 Magical - 11• 05•18 GENRE - ROMCOM | FANTASY •READ AT YOUR OWN RISK ITS HIGHLY MATURED • When Imagination meets Reality... An Alien Anika meeti...
  • rumya
  • wattys2018
  • fantasy
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I Never Imagined by SVTSwrites
I Never Imaginedby SVTS
"Imagination will often carry us to worlds we thought never were. But without it, we would go nowhere." -Carl Sagan. Ray Richards is a guy whose imagination p...
  • imagination
  • firstperson
  • senior
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