Scary True Stories by Yixuan__Uniq
Scary True Storiesby ⚜ 엑소 ⚜
HIGHEST RANK: #3 IN HORROR CATEGORY _______________________ Most of us are familiar with the tradition of scary stories. Usually while gathered around a campfire, people...
  • stories
  • frightfulness
  • imagination
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Minion by RainyDaniera
Minionby Sunshine
"Heyy !! Stopp !" i yell while shoving his hands from my breast as he rubs them. He turned me on but i don't want it now. I don't want him... His left hand sli...
  • girl
  • wattys2018
  • minion
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master ; jungkook by Softxie
master ; jungkookby rice cake
©softxie ; copied books will get reported immediately. ; inspired books accepted, but to certain limits. ; it's a fan fiction, not life. Don't take it too real. ; transl...
  • wattys2018
  • demons
  • bts
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Prince Of Blood {Completed} by SaraTekirian
Prince Of Blood {Completed}by Sara Tekirian
You could know someone your entire life and think you know everythig about them.But then one day you realize the guy you're really in love with is a vampire.
  • blood
  • romance
  • mysterious
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Johnny Orlando Imagines.🌟 by jvomylove
Johnny Orlando Imagines.🌟by jvobby
you and jvo.🖤
  • lauren
  • kenzieziegler
  • joeybirlem
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MAGIC & LOVE - ONGOINGby Abstract_Ideaa
#1 Magical - 13 •05•18 #2 Magical - 11• 05•18 •READ AT YOUR OWN RISK ITS HIGHLY MATURED • When Imagination meets Reality... An Alien Anika meeting Real world Shivaay... ...
  • wattys2018
  • magic
  • fun
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Chapstick~Noah Schnapp x Reader by stancyisbetter
Chapstick~Noah Schnapp x Readerby Sam
LAST UPDATED: AUGUST 16 2018 "I won't give up on you, no matter what. I promise." Some shit about Noah Schnapp that includes all the other shit that authors fo...
  • spilledink
  • ohschnapp
  • oneshots
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BTS Imagines by Mochi_Sophie
BTS Imaginesby Mochi
According to John Muir, "The power of imagination makes us infinite." So let's use our imagination not only to please ourselves, but also, to change the worl...
  • fanfiction
  • romance
  • love
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"Lucas" ︎✦ Lucas Jade Zumann by multiluv
"Lucas" ︎✦ Lucas Jade Zumannby ᴍɪᴍᴏɴᴀ
___ A series of short stories based on Lucas Jade Zumann and his characters. ___ "So she's the lucky girl. The lucky person that Gilbert likes." From ➵ Gilbe...
  • gilbertblythexreader
  • lucasjadezumannxreader
  • imagines
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Layho/Sulay oneshots by Swagsnow
Layho/Sulay oneshotsby Frost
Layho/Sulay Gifs, picture, imaginations and one shots. normal ones... ?? I will warn you , before something 18+ #3 in Sulay on August 14/2018 :) ❤
  • bxb
  • imaginations
  • shortstory
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Unforgettable Sins [COMPLETED] by harribelle
Unforgettable Sins [COMPLETED]by Harribelle T
#Book1 Unforgettable Sins This is a story of an ordinary girl who had been betrayed by the people who she trusts. She lost almost everything include her dignity but some...
  • love
  • friendship
  • fate
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Danger | V/Taehyung fanfic (BTS) by tereselovlien
Danger | V/Taehyung fanfic (BTS)by Terese Lóvlien
Mina had to live through her life with her rare disease: having purple eyes. It wasn't a sickness, but it felt more like curse to her as that was mostly the only reason...
  • fantasy
  • korean
  • bangtan
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Instagram[J.Jk]*BOOK 1* by OhMaiJamz_1147
Instagram[J.Jk]*BOOK 1*by Jennieswife
JeonJungkook_97 started following Im_Y/n17 JeonJungkook_97 liked Im_Y/n17's photo JeonJungkook_97 commented on Im_Y/n17's photo Let's get to know Jungkook and Y/n's life...
  • exo
  • jeonjungkook
  • monstax
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Magic Academy RP [OPEN & ACTIVE!] by Rather_Be_Writing
Magic Academy RP [OPEN & ACTIVE!]by 🍞🔥FanFictionsGirl🔥🍞
Welcome to Magic Academy! We have a wide range of supernaturals here. From mermaids, to fairies to shapeshifters, to anything inside your imagination comes here. Feel fr...
  • mermiads
  • school
  • fairies
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Imagination is the key (stefan, Damon love triangle) by GiBbErZz
Imagination is the key (stefan, Jordyn :D
Lillie Gilbert-like any given person, didnt believe in the supernatural...Until she found herself home. In Mystic falls. Where her twin sister Elena just happened to hav...
  • katherine
  • vampirediaries
  • vampires
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Interracial Imagines by CandyKhya
Interracial Imaginesby CandyKhya
| 10-15-17 Highest Ranking #213 | | 10-25-17 Highest Ranking #198 | | 10-27-17 Highest Ranking #161 | | 10-29-17 Highest Ranking #152 | | 10-30-17 Highest Ranking #89 | ...
  • urbanfiction
  • vanilla
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There's No Such Thing As Happy Endings - Book Three of the Why I Run Series by maximumluv2004
There's No Such Thing As Happy Max
And... if I did go after Roman... Then where is he now? "I don't understand," I whispered, tears threatening to roll down my cheeks. "Where is he? Where's...
  • patton
  • prince
  • couldbegayer
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FANCAST by ShootingCarbon
FANCASTby Anonymous
Were I recast roles from books, movies, tv shows, and maybe even comic book. Disclaimer:I own none of the cast that I recast, pictures, or gifs
  • imagination
  • cast
  • fan
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Auctioned by ughirenex
Auctionedby Irene🌹
I'm 15, a Neko, a slut, a sex toy as you may call it, I've been raped over and over again, I wish I could go home, problem is.... Where is home?
  • slave
  • yuri
  • fantasy
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