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NBA 'S Daughter  38BABY PAUSED by mindyabusiness123
NBA 'S Daughter 38BABY PAUSEDby mindyabusiness123
What happens when NBA find out he got a daughter and she's disrespectful as fuck.
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One Shots By Kaynat by KaynatK01
One Shots By Kaynatby kaynat khan
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The Essence of Water by TheDowny
The Essence of Waterby Corri
***OLD AND NEW VERSION ENCLOSED*** Marked a Misfit and destined for tragedy. Adie must fight to keep her life. Water will not kill her but, it may be the death of her.
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Taking Chances (on hold) by DonelleNaveen
Taking Chances (on hold)by DonelleNaveen
Essence Turner gave up on men all together. She was tired of getting hurt, tired of the pain. She decided all she was going to do was take care of herself and her daught...
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Essence by imDreww
Essenceby Drew Hedgecoke
Mysterious power. Ancient history. Divided worlds. Rising threats. And a boy that blends into the crowd becoming the hope that lights the way. Discover the meaning of Es...
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My Heart, MInd, Love, and Soul by TallAngel2018
My Heart, MInd, Love, and Soulby SweetbutSassy
Poems about the love of my life, who I will never tell.
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Fantasy World Online [EDITING] || Book 1 by Corticse
Fantasy World Online [EDITING] || Corticse
Ceres Sazazuki is brother of the great creator of the first and best VRMMORPG. He witnessed the death of his family, except for his sister who is still alive, gaining tr...
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That's my baby forever 🔒❤️ by olivsjdhsjxj
That's my baby forever 🔒❤️by Insta dancers tea ☕️
A boy named Debo that's finds a good girl but doesn't deal with fuck boy vibes❗️(please read it)
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Default Title -silence by keertisd
Default Title -silenceby keertisd
Everything wil get what it deserves...
HOT COCOA! | st + it au by essieoleff
HOT COCOA! | st + it auby 💕wyatt's hoe💕
❝I'll take the number 7, please! The hot cocoa!❞ ❝I asked for hot cocoa! Not a fucking demon!❞ ★彡 HOT COCOA彡★ In life, we face many, many trials and tribulat...
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The Terrifying Trap by bhadstories
The Terrifying Trapby bhadstories
This is basically a story on a girl named Eisha, she's 17 years old and has an ordinary teenage life. One day a fan asked her out and she rejects him. This mystery perso...
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Is it Just Me? by Essence28
Is it Just Me?by Emily
This story will be about a hybrid being confused about life around humans. Shortly. just read the book please. Thanks. 🤗❤💙💜
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For I Am Not . by NeverMoreTime
For I Am Not .by Alexus-Eliasia
For She Is Not Your Average Fat Black Girl. She Is A Full Figured Black Woman Who Is Pursing Her Education And Following Her Dreams. She Is Not Following In The Steps Of...
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Family Issues by Aesthetic-Rose
Family Issuesby 🥀 Rose 🥀
~Sneak Peak~ I saw my dad for the first time. I ran up to him and gave him a hug from all my excitement. My mom on the other hand....well....she was feeling sketchy. She...
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The Essence of Life (Motivational ) by thecoldarcher
The Essence of Life (Motivational )by coldarcher
Can you still remember that time when you were still a kid? That time when everything seems so easy and all you wanted to do was to have fun, not caring what other peopl...
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Frost Ice Dragon God by WhitedragonGod
Frost Ice Dragon Godby Whitedragon God
frost lost all his family at a young age and had to rule the other ice dragons
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The essence of love [poetry] by paperlashes
The essence of love [poetry]by Vi
essence /ˈɛs(ə)ns/ noun 1. the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, which determines its character. do you love me?
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A little pain and a little heartbreak... by dark-angel
A little pain and a little Mahin
Poems about heartbreak, loss and pain. Everyone goes through heartbreak because it's a part of life. Be it friends, family or lovers-the heart is fragile and always wait...
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Valentine's Day Every Day by jimrileyenlight
Valentine's Day Every Dayby Jim Riley
Verses our hearts might sing, had they voices. Highest ranks to date, #1 in Deep Poetry, #1 in Mantra, #1 in Enlightenment, #1 in Naturalism.
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Acquiring Awesomeness with Chaz and Travis! by turtleism
Acquiring Awesomeness with Chaz Turtleísm
*The Self-help MySims Fanfic* "This may be the only way the two most awesome sims I know, Chaz Mcfreely and Travis Scott, ACTUALLY, become friends and not enemies...
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