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Grimm rose (RWBY x child reader) by Reaper-fire
Grimm rose (RWBY x child reader)by Cyber-and-Gwen
Little y/n isn't like everyone else in remnant, the first thing is they were born a fanus to human (and quite racist and crappy parents at that) who were strongly agains...
  • mercury
  • sun
  • jaune
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RWBY! Beacon's Baby Dragon (RWBY x Child Male!Dragon Reader) by ShadeAkami
RWBY! Beacon's Baby Dragon (RWBY ShadeAkami
A new year begins at Beacon. The first years have just gone through Initiation and were currently in the middle of the after ceremony when Ozpin's Scroll suddenly goes o...
  • malereader
  • xmalereaderinsert
  • glyndagoodwitch
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From Abused To A Protector Velvet X Male Reader (Remastered In Main Account) by Velvet-Scarlatina
From Abused To A Protector Velvet Scarlatina
Abused and lost, you were taking in by a caring family and set out to become a hunter to protect the ones you love especially the person you first met when starting your...
  • rwby
  • roosterteeth
  • malereader
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kpop story ideas ♡ by GGUKCAM
kpop story ideas ♡by 𝒂𝒓𝒕
⤷ just a bunch of story ideas that you should use
  • velvet
  • completed
  • kpop
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plot shop by milkystars
plot shopby janice .
i have a lot of ideas i want to write but don't have time for
  • got7
  • janice
  • plot
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Coco Adel x Male Reader  by OblivionHero
Coco Adel x Male Reader by OblivionHero
The school fasionista Vs the school bully Disclaimer: I do not own Rwby
  • adel
  • xmalereader
  • rwby
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𝙧𝙤𝙤𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙩𝙚𝙨 ❁ 𝙨𝙚𝙪𝙡𝙢𝙞𝙣  by nayeonsbunny
𝙧𝙤𝙤𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙩𝙚𝙨 ❁ 𝙨𝙚𝙪𝙡𝙢𝙞� ᴊᴀᴇꜱᴇᴏɴ
° in which seulgi ends up roommates with none other than her ex-boyfriend, park jimin HIGHEST: #114 in Fanfiction #4 in #bangtanvelvet #1 in seulmin ° official entry to...
  • sonyeondan
  • bts
  • bangtanvelvet
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Cheaters never win - Cheater RWBY x Male reader by TauntRocket7871
Cheaters never win - Cheater TauntRocket7871
When y/n aka you gets betrayed and cheated on by his girlfriends something in him shatters causing him to lose it and by all means nothing will stop him
  • revenge
  • yang
  • betrayal
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Death Rides on Swift Wings: a RWBY x Male Reader x Highschool DxD Story by Bluebleo
Death Rides on Swift Wings: a Author Man
"Death does not discriminate." -Y/n Gremory, formerly Y/n Rose. Y/n Rose was the older brother of Ruby Rose, but was abused and neglected by his family. They w...
  • kiba
  • neglect
  • velvet
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RWBY x the Son of Death by Animefansetitoff
RWBY x the Son of Deathby Oscar G. Quiles Matias
Team RWBY thought they have faced everything possible. That is, until they met the Son of Death.
  • malereader
  • sonofdeath
  • yang
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RWBY Girlfriend Scenarios (GxG) by SmexyOver9000
RWBY Girlfriend Scenarios (GxG)by JAeHeE, FUck mE
RWBY Girlfriend Scenarios Includes Characters Such As: -Ruby -Weiss -Blake -Yang -Pyrrha -Nora -Emerald -Cinder -Raven -Neon Katt -Velvet -Coco -Neo -Penny -Winter -Gl...
  • lesbian
  • yuri
  • gxg
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Crimson Eyed Beast ( Alternate Universe RWBY Harem x Overpowered Male Reader) by chancegunnett
Crimson Eyed Beast ( Alternate Who-Else-But-Discord
My Magnum Opus, a mixture of cliches, emotion, edginess, and love. Not to mention forth wall breaks, God I love fourth wall breaks. Basically, you were a normal human...
  • overpoweredreader
  • evilreader
  • action
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Remnant War by Shadow_trooper
Remnant Warby Shadow_trooper
This is a book where our world and the world of Remnant have a door open between them. The US and Huntsmen work together. How will this event change the world?
  • blakebelladonna
  • velvet
  • yangxiaolong
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forever | joyri by yermturtle
forever | joyriby h
joy and yeri have always been best friends. but, when they fight, they tend to go too far. is fixing their friendship going to be easy? started and completed 180626 hig...
  • redvelvet
  • red
  • joy
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mission failed || seulrene  by yermturtle
mission failed || seulrene by h
irene is the leader of the high tech spy team under sm company, red velvet. however, when a mission that was given to her team ended up in a failure, she finds out about...
  • baejoohyun
  • sonseungwan
  • parksooyoung
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The Chosen Ones | RWBY x Male Reader  by NixiumDonuts
The Chosen Ones | RWBY x Male Nekole
A young boy who has unique power joins the academy of Beacon of the one and only Vale along with his cousin. The two of them are not close to other people but each other...
  • weiss
  • ruby
  • fanfiction
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A shattered heart: RWBY x neglected and abused Male reader by slycoop1246
A shattered heart: RWBY x slycoop1246
Sometimes love can the be the one thing that makes a life worthwhile, at least that's my case. My name was F/n Xiao long, but I prefer F/n L/n. And this my story.
  • rwby
  • romance
  • neglect
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The Dragon Of Remnant (Rwby Fanfiction)(Under Editing)(Missing Chapters) by BigBoss1006
The Dragon Of Remnant (Rwby The Big Boss
Since Desmond Royal was a little dragon Faunus he searched for a thrilling life. The dragon preferred a life of excitement, action, heroism and most of all passion. Howe...
  • cinderfall
  • yang
  • rwby
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True love by serpantking
True loveby The Serpantking
A make reader insert with Velvet.
  • malereader
  • velvet
  • romance
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Rabbit and the Plant by RyanJersey
Rabbit and the Plantby RyanJersey
Alright, this is going to be the first story in the Kaiju male reader series, in this every female will have a different Kaiju besides Blake, she already has a male read...
  • velvet
  • noravalkyrie
  • blakebelladonna
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