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Life in Color by Honey_Money_
Life in Colorby Mo Money
Scarlett Rain Rhodes is just like every other 17 year old high school Junior. She goes to school, makes good grades, cheers on her schools squad and tries to stay out o...
  • sweetheart
  • badboy
  • adorable
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Her Hidden Self by ItsMeZee_
Her Hidden Selfby On-Off
Some people merely adopt darkness, but she was born into it. Hiding every gloomy secret, covering all the lies, she walks through the life devoid of all emotions. Bitc...
  • past
  • grief
  • college
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Just Kidding | ✔️ by LifeofmegXO
Just Kidding | ✔️by M.OBRIEN
After her parents death, change is an everyday occurrence, whether it be for worse or for better.... Kyla Daniels does not particularly enjoy her uneventful life to begi...
  • romance
  • drama
  • teenfiction
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The Mafia's Nanny by mindsets
The Mafia's Nannyby — E.H
A love story about the peace that can be found in our darkest moments, and the people that can help us find it. Alessandro Bellini used to possess a perfect life, with...
  • boss
  • wattys2018
  • arrogant
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OMEGA by TinyZebraThing
OMEGAby Tiny Zebra Thing
She's the Omega; he's the Alpha's son. Her life's been full of pain; his has been full of parties, popularity, and potential. She's filled with shame; he's filled with p...
  • jealousy
  • hurt
  • werewolf
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Unexpected fate by DeniellePimlott
Unexpected fateby ___
"Woah love if you wanted a photo that bad should have just asked" he says looking down at me, his hazel brown eyes scan my body and a smirk started to plaster...
  • emotional
  • billionaire
  • love
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Regret The Rejection by chrislovedale
Regret The Rejectionby christine
"She turned her pain into power, her visions into victory." "Behind every bad bitch is a sweet girl who got tired of everyone's bullshit." A girl who...
  • alpha
  • youngadultreads
  • romance
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Feelings Unfold- Poetry, Thoughts and Quotes by destinypetal
Feelings Unfold- Poetry, Thoughts...by Debagnika Paul
poetries, thoughts and quotes on feelings of lust, love, loss, revival, feelings of confusion and uncertainty from real life experiences which happens to many including...
  • poetry
  • pleaselike
  • feelings
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She Will Be Remembered by est_03
She Will Be Rememberedby Kit Kat
Sequel to "She will be loved" ************************************** "Jay, I'm disappointed. This our THIRD time this week in the emergency room and its n...
  • loss
  • love
  • romance
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Poetry by Forsaken_Angels
Poetryby Miy, Hinata, Shiori, Aieka, K...
This is a poem I wrote to describe myself and how I believe others see me. But what I want to know is what do people see when they look at me, whether through my work or...
  • lonliness
  • personality
  • sadness
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The sound of light (Poetry) by chewybreakyheart
The sound of light (Poetry)by chewybreakyheart
A piece of my soul. A piece of me An unknown, isolated soul trying to blend in with society. My heartbreak, My self perception and My life hopefully in tune with someone...
  • love
  • poetry
  • heartbreak
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You Promised Me by penguinispresent
You Promised Meby Ash
  • broken
  • love
  • wife
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All I Can Hear. by FlyingOnBrokenWings
All I Can Hear.by FlyingOnBrokenWings
Poems about the things that go on in my mind.
  • harm
  • wimp
  • hard
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Ashes of Time by ErinRosado
Ashes of Timeby ErinRosado
Five friends in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Will their friendships be strong enough to survive this fateful day? Will they come out the other side together, or...
  • loss
  • life
  • drama
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Lonely Boys by JaysonWKing
Lonely Boysby Jayson W. King
A man looks back at his relationship after learning life-changing news.
  • belonging
  • tori
  • childhood
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my poems 【 rough and unedited 】 by punk_in_love
my poems 【 rough and unedited 】by punk_in_love
i tend to write poems that suck and then never edit them. here's a collection.
  • illness
  • poetry
  • amateur
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When you made me feel by PickUp-22
When you made me feelby Elercae
The tale of when a beautiful girl meets a beautiful man under unfortunate circumstances. You were merely someone I saw across the street from school every once in a whil...
  • friendship
  • firstencounter
  • love
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catharsis [completed] by willola
catharsis [completed]by willola
[n. the process of releasing strong or repressed emotions; emotional relief] // a heartbroken girl who finds love again lowercase intended © 2014 willola
  • teen
  • heartbreak
  • love
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Never Ever by ashy_z03
Never Everby Zoe Ashmore
*****This is a short story only, so there will not be any more parts. If you're after a longer read, please check out my book 'Wilted Willows.' It's my first full novel...
  • grief
  • loss
  • movingon