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Call My Name {Shota Aizawa} MHA by Imnotwhatyouwant
Call My Name {Shota Aizawa} MHAby QuoteTheRavenNevermore
*What It Takes To Be A Hero stand-alone* "You should be getting more sleep, Aizawa. You can't live on coffee your entire life." "You should eat less sweet...
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Boku No Hero Academia Parent Scenarios by Jewleya
Boku No Hero Academia Parent Scena...by Jewleya
Boku No Hero Academia Parent Scenarios ❤ This a book filled with Boku No Hero Academia Scenarios and reactions. Includes: All Might, Aizawa, Midnight, Nezu, Present Mic...
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Cloudy Night Sky||Midnight x Reader|| by AcesFuckingCrazy
Cloudy Night Sky||Midnight x Reade...by Ace Of Spades
ღON GOINGღ ღUPDATED EVERY WEDNESDAYღ (Y/N) is a Snow Dragon Slayer.Half a side of her hair is pale blue and the other is a beautiful shade of (H/C).Her eyes are pale blu...
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(Bnha) Hello Sensei! by MySoulReader
(Bnha) Hello Sensei!by MySoulReader
(Discontinued!) Izuku Midoriya, aka Evangelion the Third-Ranked Hero. Now turned teacher at UA academy for heroes/heroines in training. How will he deal with a class of...
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Betrayal by Junkie_John
Betrayalby Junkie_John
This is indeed my first ever fanfic so bare with me if it's not the best 😄
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THE PROFESSOR | BWWM by viciousvengence
" I could fuck your sweet little pussy til the end of time, so sweet and tight. " " Does this mean i'm going to pass your assignment? " " Shut...
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Cinderella my Ass (COMPLETED ✔)  by Freaking-Weirdo
Cinderella my Ass (COMPLETED ✔) by Nyssa A. Stravage
Highest rank #1 in humor #1 in sgs400 #1 in shines2017 "Aren't you scared that you might fall?" I asked him. I noticed in darkness his lips tugging up in a...
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Cotton Clouds (Oboro Shirakumo x Reader) by eridol
Cotton Clouds (Oboro Shirakumo x R...by 🇪​🇷​🇮
"What, you think I'm cute or somethin'?" You paused, glancing over at the white-haired boy; soft-looking cotton-hued hair, round bluish grey eyes, a smile so...
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Gif Me Love by tea_bag_
Gif Me Loveby (My name)
Let's say friends night, Enter boredom, Enter mischievous friends And a evil plan. What can go wrong when your friends know who your crush is? Well everything! Texti...
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Search for the Guardians (Colu and Midlu) by Infinity_of_Nobody
Search for the Guardians (Colu and...by Kami-Sama
Lucy has been treated like she was nothing alot lately by her so called family and she doesn't even understand why. So finally, after she's had enough, she just leaves t...
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Midnight Smiles (COMPLETED ✔)  by Freaking-Weirdo
Midnight Smiles (COMPLETED ✔) by Nyssa A. Stravage
ALERT!!! READ CINDERELLA MY ASS FIRSTLY. BELIVE ME GUYS, IT'S BETTER THAT WAY. But then you can just ignore me and then regret it later. Just this time. It was the las...
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The Alpha's A Chick by shatzelyginorio
The Alpha's A Chickby Shatzely Ginorio
For centuries werewolf packs have been lead by male alphas. What happens when the only male heir to the title disappears? Adeline Moon is sixteen years old and she is re...
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Fairy tail boyfriend scenarios by RedPandaOtaku
Fairy tail boyfriend scenariosby RedPandaOtaku
I own none of the characters or the series all credit for that goes to hiro mashima!!! Will include: Sting,Rufus,rogue, cobra, midnight, zeref, laxus, gajeel, bickslow...
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The One I Love by hiddenheartprincess
The One I Loveby ♡Marissa♡
Book 1 of the The One Series: Blood. Sweat. Bruised knuckles. That's what describes Maeve Volkov's life for the past seventeen years. After her mom died when she was ten...
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Dear Me by bluebrynth
Dear Meby bluebrynth
journeying through poems
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My Hero Academia: When All Hell Breaks Loose by MagieMagical
My Hero Academia: When All Hell Br...by Magie Magical
Midoriya Izuku is not your wimpy loser that every anime tries to portray. Instead, he is the most straight-forward, over-dramatic teen you will come across. Oh, he is al...
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Live With Joy by joynotes
Live With Joyby Sarah Montsinger
Joy. I strongly believe in the power that being joyful brings to life. If I wasn't joyful, I don't know who I'd be. Joy is life for me, and it's my goal to help everyone...
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torn at the seams by nightmime00
torn at the seamsby sellina
a book of words for my heart to pour ㅡ all is written by me Highest : #1 on poetry #2 on literature
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Breaking Cosmos - A Midnight Mafia Novel by ObsceneIrrationality
Breaking Cosmos - A Midnight Mafia...by R.A. Franco
Being a teenager is anything but easy. Being a teenager smitten with a police officer while your father is the don of the mafia is...well....chaos ~Stand Alone Novel~ ~B...
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Elementary, My Dear Watson || Kit + Ty by fightclubsoundtrack
Elementary, My Dear Watson || Kit...by E☁︎
Tiberius 'Ty' Blackthorn x Christopher 'Kit' Herondale • Lex Malla, Lex Nulla • "Like I said, it's obvious. You like him. He likes you. And that's as far as my matc...
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