Chapter 7.

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The bell started ringing just as Suho leaned down to pick up the water bottle that he had dropped earlier. "Sorry, I uh, I- was looking for her! yes, I was looking for Yunji, let's go Yunji." Suho spoke nervously as he grabbed the hand of Yunji's, who just happened to be passing by, she looked beyond confused from what was going on. Did she see us too? "Bye Sarang!" She waved with her other hand while Suho dragged her down the school hallway, and before I could say anything, they disappeared from my view. Oh, that went well.

I couldn't help but notice Suho's shocked expressions before he left, he tried so hard to cover it, but I knew him too well. What was going to happen now? What the hell did I get myself into? I turned to the guy beside me to find him holding two phones in his hands. One of them looked very familiar.

"Is that my phone?" I asked as I patted down my jacket, and a smile took over his handsome face. I found myself staring for a bit, but quickly recovered as he said "Yup, it is. We -he waved his hand between us- are exchanging numbers right now." How did he even manage to grab my phone out of my pocket without me knowing? so slick! "Do I have a say in this?" I asked boringly, knowing full will that I don't. And to confirm my thought, he shook his head.

"When I call, you pick up, and when I text, you reply. Clear?" he ordered, and I found myself nodding before realizing what he actually said. "What? you don't get to control me just because you kissed m-" "Oh right, and when I do this -he placed a soft, quick kiss to my lips- don't fight it too hard, it hurts my feelings." He said and I noticed his arms already around me. I didn't even have the intention of fighting it.

Does this mean that we're like, dating?

"Please?" He said politely, and I nodded again. How could I resist him? He curt nodded once before letting go of me, and I was suddenly craving for his touch again. Get a grip, Sarang! "I'll drop you off at your next class. What is it?" He asked as he handed me back my phone. "Same as yours Sehun" I murmured distractedly while checking my phone, and found that he placed himself as #1 on my speed dial, replacing Luhan. I shook my head at it with a smile on my face. Luhan would freak if he ever found out, he even saved his number under the name "Insane Oppa <3" I was laughing by now.

"Something amusing you, sassy?"


"Did you just call me 'sassy'? and yes actually, I find you so amusing." I said and stuck my chin up in the air. He chuckled then pointed at me with his finger. "And that's why you're sassy." He said. "What did you name me on your phone?" I asked. He made a show out of checking his watch, "oh shit! we better not be late to Chemistry, partner!" He said, totally trying to change the subject. "Answer me!" I said sternly and he actually had the nerve to laugh...I loved his laugh.

"Ohorat." He said. What?


"I'll tell you- no wait, I'll show you my phone if you agreed to go out on a date with me." He said proudly. I let out a huff sound, sort of admitting how smooth he was. "You're not bluffing around are you?" I asked suspiciously. "Nope. Just say the word." He said and then mouthed "Yes". I sighed heavily before replying. "Fine."

"Yehet!" He cried out, and I tried so hard to hold in my laughter. Yehet?

"What does that even mean?" I asked, still trying so hard not to laugh at him.

He patted my head as if I were a little kid. "You'll know soon" he said, "now, let's go to Chemistry."


"Sehun, are you okay?" I asked, concerned. We were mixing tubes and chemical stuff when Sehun started sweating uncontrollably, which made me worried sick about him. He was fine just an hour ago."I'm...fine..Don-don't make a deal" He said through shallow breaths "out of it." He barely finished. I ignored what he said and called for our teacher. "Mrs. Choi, my partner isn't feeling well." I pointed to him and she made her way over to us in a beat.

As Mrs.Choi came to a stop in front of our table, her eyes widened upon seeing Sehun, who was still breathing very little. Mrs.Choi managed to hide her expression all too quickly before anyone else could notice, but I already did, the undeniable concern in her eyes was heart wrenching."Are you having another one right now?" Mrs.Choi asked Sehun who nodded breathlessly at her. She meant to whisper that part but since I was standing so close to them, I heard her well. "Nurse's office. Now, and bring your backpack." She  told him as she pointed towards the door.

"Can I go with him-"

"No need for that, Sarang. Sit down please." She basically pushed me aside with her words as Sehun managed to pick up his backpack and drag it along with him, he didn't even have the strength to slide it across his shoulders. 

"Sehun let me hel-"

"Sarang, sit down." Mrs.Choi repeated and when I was about to act against her word and help Sehun out, he smiled weakly at me then nodded his head in reassurance. I can do it alone, Sarang. Is what he seemed to be telling me. My heart ached for him, but there was nothing I could do. As Sehun went out, I noticed a blue post-it placed next to one of the tubes and picked it up:

Next Friday at 7 P.M,

I'll come pick you up.

-Insane oppa.

I smiled to myself at his messy handwriting, and almost jumped out of my place from excitement. 

I have a date with Sehun!

  Except that I haven't seen him after that.

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