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You all might be shocked since I've uploaded SO MANY CHAPTERS AT ONCE. But because I have midterms coming up and my college life is just hard:\ so i didn't want you guys to wait any longer! :D (You already made them wait for like forever so...okay shut up me, but come on you guys, I love you, you love me, we're obsessed with idols as much as we could be!) Okay, I'm sorry.

Oh my god so that was the end! okay give me a second to like realize that this is it...Oh my god! 

First of all, I hope you all have enjoyed every single chapter of Revive, it was a story that really touched me, I even teared up at some point LOL my sad life:\ but anyway! thank you all so much for your massive support, you know that I always appreciate every vote and every comment you guys make! thank you sososo much for making me come this far! and well, this is it.

Please comment your thoughts of this fanfiction below and which character was your favorite maybe?! I just tried to think of one as my own personal favorite but then realized that all of them had pissed me off at some point  AHAHAHA I apologize for my weirdness. 

Once again, I can't think you guys enough for your amazing and thoughtful comments that kept me going, and wow, here we are. I love you all just as much as Nana loves to get rid of Sehun ^^ which is aloooot. Oh my, that woman had some serious issues. 

And lastly my dears! I hope you all have a wonderful semester whether you were in school or college or home schooled or go to a school in the outer space, just ENJOY IT. You'll never be this young again, and know that YOU CAN DO IT NO MATTER HOW TOUGH YOU THINK WHATEVER THAT YOU WANT TO DO IS? ANYWAY YOU CAN DO IT! And honestly, stress will only cause you terrible headaches! (talking from experience)  

Sorry for babbling so much, and ya'll take good care of yourselves for me okay?<3 I'll see you guys soon!


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