Chapter 16. [Part 1]

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Monday at school passed by and I didn't get to see Luhan anywhere, not even in our English class. But maybe he decided to skip it anyway, I wouldn't be so surprised if that's what had happened. I also made sure not to run into one of the guys so I wouldn't have to repeat the same thing I told Sehun when he asked why I didn't take my friends' side."Because you only did what you did to protect me." Was what I said, and he pressed a quick peck to my forehead before rushing over to his next class, and until the end of the day, I didn't see him. I got a few calls on our landline phone from Chanyeol and Kyungsoo as my mom told me, they probably wanted to ask what went on that led to Lay and Kai's suspension, I didn't take their calls.

I was sitting in my bedroom when I tried calling Luhan for the tenth time from my mom's cell, he still didn't answer any of my previous calls which got me worried that something might have happened to him. I even tried calling my own cell, but it was turned off. So I tried to tell myself that everything was okay, but I knew otherwise, and since I couldn't buy my own words, I got out of bed to get ready and head to Luhan's house, and when I reached my closet, everything went pitch black, signaling for a sudden blackout. 

I pressed the buttons on my mom's phone to lighten up the screen, then moved away from the closet and started making my way toward the door. "Mom?" I called out. "Yes honey, don't worry, the electricity will be back soon. Stay in your room, I don't want you to trip over something and break a bone." She said from downstairs. "Okay, are you in the living room?" I asked. "Yes." She answered, and I went back inside and laid in bed, fingerscrossed for the electricity to come back on so I'd get to see Luhan. But I suddenly felt a cold breeze fanning my hair, I don't remember opening my window. I got out of bed and casted the light from my mom's phone on the window, only to find it already pulled down.

A smooth voice broke into the silence of my heavy breathing as it said "Help me..."  I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand. I started sweating cold sweat. That wasn't Sehun. I was actually frightened, since he had told me that he wasn't at my house yesterday. "W-who are you? and what do you want?" I tried to sound brave enough, but failed.

"The box..." The voice spoke again, and I tried searching for its owner around my room. "What box?" 

"The one with the memories..." He said and when I was about to reach for the box, I heard the sound of it hitting the floor, and the lights went back on, once again. No one was there. 

"Honey, you're shaking!" My mom said when she walked into my room after the lights came back on and found me rocking back and forth on the floor. I couldn't feel anything. "Sarang?" I could hear my mom calling my name, but couldn't get myself to answer her or to even move. I was trapped, in my own body.

"I'm calling 119." She said and started looking for her phone that I had with me, it was gone. 

"Sarang, talk to me baby, where's my phone? huh?" She asked but once again, I couldn't answer. What was happening to me? I couldn't even tear up at the thought of being trapped inside my body.

I felt my mom fumbling around for her phone, and moments later she ended up running downstairs to call 119 from the landline. I could hear her screaming into the phone and begging for help to come as fast as possible. I tried to get myself to move, but nothing happened. I was still rocking back and forth in the same position when my mom came back and pulled me towards her. I shivered even though I wasn't cold, but my body wouldn't agree with me on that. 

Until my vision decolored, and everything around me, including my mom, got swallowed into a big black hole.

I found myself standing in what looked like a living room area, the furniture was all in black and white, including the walls, and I was definitely sure that this wasn't my bedroom, or my house for that matter. But this house gave a lonely feeling to it, it was massive and felt gloomy, and I was sure that I've never been to this place before.

 "You sure you got that?" I turned around to where the voice had came from, and saw Sehun standing  behind a counter in the kitchen area. I gave him a confused look. "What are you talking about? why am I-" 

"The salad, Sarang, it's in your hands?" He pointed to what I was holding in my hands, and I followed his gaze to find myself holding a salad bowl. What the hell?

He flashed me an ear to ear smile then turned his back to me. "Will you place it on the table please? the pasta is almost ready." He said from over his shoulder. I just stood there wondering how in the world did I get into Sehun's warehouse? and then it hit me, "this isn't real." I said. 

Sehun turned away from the sink and looked at me with puzzled expressions, "what do you mean?" he picked up a knife and started sharpening it on the chopping board. I swallowed as my eyes got glued to the knife. 

"Sassy?" He was waiting for my answer. In fact, I didn't know if this was real or not, but it felt real, so real that I could almost smell my fear. Sehun must have noticed since he put the knife down and started making his way towards me.

"Hey, what's wrong?" he brushed a strand of hair away from my face and then grabbed the salad bowl from my hands, "I'll put it on the table, don't worry." He said, then walked passed me and to the dining table that was placed a few feet away.

I started looking around, maybe there's something I could do to wake me up, if this was a dream, then I'm sure I could find a way to wake up. I looked down at my hands and noticed that I was wearing the same dress I wore to our date on Friday, I checked the edges and they looked perfectly fine, and not torn at all. 

"This can't be real." I said as I looked at Sehun. He gave me that puzzled look again and started walking towards me. I put my hands up. "Stay way" I warned, but that only made him come closer until he was a few inches away from me, I wrapped my arms around me and he lifted his hands up "I'm not going to hurt you." He said, "Let me just kiss you so I'd prove you that this is all real, sassy."

Another step closer.

"Sehun, please." I plead.

"Shh, it's okay, I won't hurt you I promise." His hand brushed the side of my face, and I felt tears escaping my eyes. He leaned in so his lips was brushing over mine before he moved up and whispered into my ear, "I won't hurt you, but they will." I gasped.

The black hole appeared again and swallowed everything in its way, including me.

And that's when I awoke.

I was in my bed with the lights off and almost drowning in cold sweat, I rushed up to my feet to turn them on and make sure that I was indeed, in my bedroom. Seconds later, I ran out and started calling for my mom, "Mom, mom!" I called out.

"Yes honey? is everything alright?" after hearing her voice, I sank into the floor beside the staircase. It was just a bad dream after all.

"Yes, I'm fine."  I said before going back into my room.

As soon as I closed the door behind me, my hand froze on the handle. The box that I knocked off in my dream was on the floor, with a note attached to it. I looked sideways as I could hear my heartbeating out of my chest, and slowly walked to it. Picking it up, I started reading the note:

Dear Sarang,

I did warn you to keep the insane ones away, but since you didn't, you will watch him pay for their mistakes.

Blood for blood.


I dropped the note from my hand in shock, how did the note writer get into my room while I was here the entire time? I crumbled the piece of paper in my hand then remembered that I could use it as evidence later on, so instead of throwing it away, I tucked it into the pocket of my shorts and put my sneakers on, ready to leave the house. This psycho wasn't only after me, he was also after Sehun, and I hard to warn him.

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