Chapter 24.

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Sehun's P.O.V:

My eyes were adjusting to the lights of...Heaven? I doubted that I'd ever end up in heaven, but I think I was since Sarang's face is the only thing that I could see right now, she looked even more beautiful than I remember, and also very relieved. I reached a hand out to touch her, knowing that I probably couldn't since it was all just in my head, but thought I'd give it a try, and was beyond ecstatic, when I felt the soft skin of her cheek and watched as she leaned into my touch, smiling widely at me.

"You're safe now, insane oppa." she said, and I let out a small laugh, I thought that all my wounds would be healed once I'm dead but it seemed like I could still feel pain in my body, which made me frown.

Sarang's soft laugh filled my ears as she said, "what is it?" she lifted the corners of my mouth into a smile, and I smiled even wider, showing my front teeth.

"You know, it's good to see you looking this carefree." I said and brought her down to me so I could place a soft kiss on her tender lips, she smiled and ruffled my hair before pulling back, causing me to groan in protest.

"Do you want to see Luhan?" 


"What?!" I suddenly sat up and felt a sharp pain in my side but ignored it as I said, "he isn't supposed to be here, oh come on, not in heaven too!"

Five seconds.

It took her five seconds before she bursted into laughter that caused her eyes to tear up. I stared at her with utter confusion.

"You think you're in heaven?" she asked as she tried her best to hold back from laughing again.

I nodded slowly before saying, "am I in hell then? oh god, you're not a demon version of Sarang are you? where's Tao?" her expressions darkened for a moment at the mention of Tao, but she quickly recovered before doing something that completely caught me off guard.

She threw herself at me, and started showering me with kisses, and trust me, I was not hating it. She stopped giggling when I held her in place and looked into her eyes, "geez, if I knew you'd look this gorgeous when I'm dead, I would've died a long time ago." I said...

And slap! the back of my head started tingling after she smacked me, it felt so real, I guess everything around here feels real. She was about to get up but I wouldn't let her go that easily as I grabbed her hand and pulled her back to me, "are you going to run away from me in the afterlife too?" I said, she chuckled for a little bit longer than expected, then shook her head. There was a sound of a knock on the door and I figured that maybe, manners were still active in the afterlife too, I wonder if Tao was coming in next, but he could wait a little more.

"So," she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear as her gaze was fixed on my eyes then slowly travelled down to my lips, "you're saying that you'd even spend the afterlife with me?" she looked back into my eyes as she waited for my answer.

I pursed my lips in a thinking gesture, then grabbed her chin gently to bring her mouth closer to mine, "every single bit of it." I whispered against her lips.

"Oh for god's sake, they're about to get on with it!"

The boy with the big ears said from the door.


Chanyeol walked in just in the moment my lips touched Sehun's, I heard his knocking earlier but I guess we both decided to ignore it, I looked back at Sehun and found him staring at Chanyeol wide-eyed.

"I'm sure, I never wanted him to be here with us." He said, and I bursted into laughter, it was so cute how he still thinks this was all just a dream. I kissed his forehead as Chanyeol made a disgust sound, then closed the door behind him after walking in.

"I have eh, good news." He said, and my eyes moved away from him to Sehun's who was still looking pretty dazed from all of this. So I decided to spare him the confusion, and tell him the truth.

"Sehun, you're not dead. Luhan isn't either, you're both very alive." I said while looking at him, waiting for him to realize the situation, but he only laughed. "Very alive." He laughed harder, making it sound as if I had told him a joke.

But then he stopped abruptly.

"We're both alive? how? what happened?" He asked, and when I was about to explain everything to him, Chanyeol interrupted.

"Let me tell this idiot what went down. Listen you coo coo, Luhan's grandmother tried to kill you back in the operating room, but she accidentally unplugged Luhan's machine instead of yours, which had Luhan gone for minutes but thank god, he came back, now, that old woman had already secured another doner, which fortunately saved Luhan's life, so yes, your brother is completely fine, and about the good news, Lu Sojin's lawyer called Sarang's mother and told her that Sojin is no longer in a prison cell, she is spending the rest of her sad life in a solitary confinement, the same one you were kept in, Sehun."


"He's in the room next to you." He said.

"Are you okay? was this all too much for you?" I asked Sehun who was staring into the distance but then looked at me with a hint of a smile. "She finally got what she deserved." He whispered, and I nodded. "Does your mom know what happened?" He asked, I had already talked to my mom when we were waiting for either of the boys to wake up, she broke down and started crying, blaming herself for everything and for what happened to Tao, part of me wanted to blame her too, but the more I think of it, it was all Lu Sojin's doing.

I nodded in answer.

He squeezed my hand gently and flashed me one of his heart melting smiles, the ones where his eyes smile too.

"Well," Chanyeol suddenly said, "since I'm done here, I'll go back to my bestfriend's room, yes he's awake if ya'll want to see him, bye now." and just like that, we were all alone.

I felt Sehun's thumb tracing circles over my hand and I brought my gaze to his before he said, "remember when we first talked to eachother in chemistry class few months ago?" I smiled at the thought of when I first met him, he had affected me so much back then, and he still does.

"you chose to say talked instead of saw because you can't bring yourself to admit that you're a stalker?" I said and he laughed out loud, causing me to smile widely at him, it's good to see him this way, relaxed and unworried.

"I didn't stalk you all the time," he said and I made a face at him. "Sure, keep telling that to yourself." I said, still smiling widely.

"Seriously, you had your entire privacy when you were in public restrooms." He said and I smacked his arm to hide my blush. The bastard only laughed harder before pulling me into his arms so I was leaning against him on the hospital bed and he wrapped his arms around my shoulders.

"You said my favorite color was pink when it was actually your favorite color." He said and I chuckled softly.

"Did you already know that?" I asked genuinely.

"No, I only watched you from afar, I never once thought I'd get this involved with you to the extent of well, you know,  to kind of like you." He said in a humorous way, and I softly slapped his hand.

"So you kind of like me?" I said, and heard his breathing stop for a few seconds before he inhaled again.

"Do you know what I just did?" He asked, and I drawn my eyebrows together, not that he could see my face since my back was facing his front, but oh well.

"No." I replied.

"I just demonstrated what kind of like you feels like."

"You did?" 

He nodded. "You revive me."

And at that same moment, my hand made contact with the left side of his face.

"Ouch!"  he cried out. "Why'd you hit me?!" 

"Oh Sehun," I turned around to face him, "spare me your cheesiness."

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