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 APRIL 12th, 2005.

The old looking bed creaked underneath the weight of the young boy who sat on it, he didn't weigh much, which only confirmed just how old this place was as the boy started taking in his surroundings, and nothing but a small bedside table came in his view. 

The boy sat there quietly under the request of his mother, "Be a good boy, and I'll come to get you later" She told him, but the boy didn't see her or any other member of his family for two whole days. 

He tried not to think about it too much as he stood up and started walking around the room, maybe something would catch his attention and get his mind off the only thing he kept thinking about ever since he walked into this place two days ago; What if everything that happened was truly my fault? he often wondered what kind of place this was, but no one was there to feed his curiosity. 

The boy stood under the only window frame inside the small room, but there was nothing he could see through it since it was blocked with bricks, and he couldn't stop his doubts from creeping in again; Why would his mother drop him off at a place like this? Was he really at fault? Did he deserve to stay here alone without the company of others? His own family, even? 

The boy then started to think of what could have gone wrong that led him to stay in a place like this. It suffocated him really, how clinic-like this room was since he'd always hated places like this, it was the complete opposite of what he had at home, his bedroom which was full of all kinds of toys, including his own personal favorite; army soldiers.

The boy was startled when a woman wearing a white lab coat walked in and locked the door behind her, it wasn't his first time seeing her, but he was still surprised nonetheless. Her old looking self had reminded him of someone back home, someone whom he wasn't on good terms with, only because he resembled a particular man too much, a man of which that someone hated the most. 

The little boy froze in his place as the woman smiled at him while asking, "How about you take a nap, Sehun?" but Sehun didn't like how close she was getting from him and started shaking his head, telling her no, but that only caused her smile to widen as she took another step towards him. 

"Go lay in bed, if you do as you are told, mommy will be here soon. I promise." She said, and at that, Sehun couldn't hide his excitement for hearing about the possible arrival of his mother, he clapped his hands together then went to sit on the creaky bed, his deep brown eyes dancing with joy. 

Sehun had always believed that once a person makes a promise, they never ought to break it, which led him to trust the woman's words in an instant. She asked to see his wrists, and Sehun didn't hesitate as he put them out in front of him for her to see, but was taken aback when the woman brought her hands in front of her,  revealing the worn out leather belt she was holding all the time and reached for Sehun to wrap the belt around his fragile wrists before tying its ends to the headboard of the bed. 

Sehun looked at her with puzzled expressions as his eyes moved to the belt, he was struck and confused as to why this woman would tie his hands like this, and started pulling his hands free, but there was no use, the woman's hand reached into the front pocket of her lab coat to retrieve something, a sharp needle, and he began screaming at the top of his lungs, kicking his feet in the air restlessly.

This woman was no good! This woman was no good!  Sehun thought as he kept screaming until tears pooled in his eyes and it became hard for him to breathe. Soon, he felt a sharp pain shoot up his arm which caused his movement slow down, and his eyes to close before he drifted into the unknown.

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