broken |exo x male| by Sin_of_Forgiving
broken |exo x male|by Sin_of_Forgiving
He can sing. He can dance. But he'll never fit in. Especially not with EXO.
  • male
  • suho
  • kyungsoo
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Exo Boy×Boy Smut 2 by Princess_Yeoldetort
Exo Boy×Boy Smut 2by 💟Alexa💟
Book number two of my smuts! Chapters made at your request! Probably some fluffs I like those too. Lots of kinks, cussing, and sex of course. Cause what's a smut book wi...
  • yifan
  • chansoo
  • yixing
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Cliches in Kpop {Requests Closed} by KathyPTX
Cliches in Kpop {Requests Closed}by Brasileira
The many cliches in the wonderful world of Kpop Requests are closed! __________________________________________ Highest rank: #18 in Random Current rank: #203 in Random
  • got7
  • kpop
  • 2ne1
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Shooting Star · EXO Fanfiction by Dnakillsme99
Shooting Star · EXO Fanfictionby Totoro
Where in a girl just wishes for happiness from a shooting star Please don't plagiarize this book, I really worked hard for every chapter Highest Ranking: #294 in Fanfic...
  • minseok
  • chen
  • exoxreader
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Phone Sex | Chanbaek ✔️ by HYUNGWONSJAMS
Phone Sex | Chanbaek ✔️by ✨Stan CROSS GENE✨
The story of how Byun Baekhyun grows from a semi-famous Instagram slut to the love of rap god Park Chanyeol's life Chanbaek ft. Hunhan, Yoonmin and Taekook ~I do not al...
  • chanyeol
  • sehun
  • baekyeol
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Clash Academy (EXO Fan Fic) #Wattys2015 by heymacaREENA
Clash Academy (EXO Fan Fic) REENA
For 50 years, Two Moon Academy was an all boys school. However, the new owner decided to turn it to a coed school. Han Min Na was one of the girls who's interested to en...
  • chen
  • youngwritersprize
  • love
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Claimed [Kai Exo] by crave_my_thoughts
Claimed [Kai Exo]by ❁
Moving to a foreign country is frightening, let alone attending one of their most successful schools. But what's even scarier, is when you've been claimed.
  • kpop
  • fanfiction
  • suho
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EXO Reactions ♡ by unicornbaekii
EXO Reactions ♡by Lena ♡
Reactions & Scenarios of EXO!! ^^ Every reaction has the name of an EXO song so I guess there will be lots of reactions ♡ [OT12? OT12.] Started: 04/11/2017 Ended: 16...
  • zitao
  • exok
  • yifan
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Oppas' Sex Slave (EXO FANFIC) by MonkeyBabyZhen
Oppas' Sex Slave (EXO FANFIC)by QuoZhen
Young foreign exchange student, Elaine, from the States takes a gamble and decides to start college in South Korea, but she can't no longer afford school and worst, some...
  • exom
  • baekhyun
  • zhangyixing
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Church Boy Gone Bad [Chanbaek/Baekyeol] by HAJ-HWA
Church Boy Gone Bad [Chanbaek/ Miss Fujoshi
PRIVATE [فتى الكنيسة أصبح سيء] الفتى المخلص للدين، بيكهيون. يعيش حياة غاية بالملل. و رغم إعجابه الشديد بالمشجعة المعروفة بمدرسته،كيم تايون، الا انه مؤمن ان العذرية صفة...
  • تشانبيك
  • kai
  • اكسو
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cloud 9 // hunhan by gtxuuu
cloud 9 // hunhanby •̀ㅅ•́ 🌻
when a penniless boy meets a rich man. "I could erase all your problems, just tell me how much do you cost?"
  • lgbt
  • sehun
  • exo
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All of me {Chan-Baek} by Blink_Blinkblink
All of me {Chan-Baek}by Hit Chu with that Du Du Du
Instagram, Hybrid little in need of a daddy. Byun Baekhyun~ Hybrid Little in need of a caring daddy, looking on Instagram @Baekhoney Park Chanyeol~ Handsome New daddy...
  • daddy
  • xiumin
  • baekhyun
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Kyungsoo's First Heat (Fox/Wolf smut) by exolicious_wolf
Kyungsoo's First Heat (Fox/Wolf AnimeQueen
Rated M (for mature) Mention on boy x boy Rough sex Kyungsoo x ALL THE MEMBERS Under age sexual assault Mention of knotting/impregnating a male GAYNESS EVERYWHERE Se...
  • kris
  • exofanfic
  • baeksoo
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The Fake Nobelmen by Nawnaw17
The Fake Nobelmenby نور .
النُبلاء! كانت تُطلق علي الطبقه المُخمليه في العصور القديمه ~
  • hunhan
  • chanyeol
  • chanbaek
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The Little Prince - SELU by JIXCVL
The Little Prince - SELUby مَـادِي.
وقِحٌ صَغِيْرٌ وخَادِمْ..سِيلُو
  • luse
  • 520
  • luhan
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လိ​ေမၼာ္​သီး ?? by HunhanTD
လိ​ေမၼာ္​သီး ??by တီဒီ
က်​ေနာ္​့ အခ်စ္​က လိ​ေမၼာ္​​ေရာင္​​ေလး????
  • hunhan
  • luhan
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EXO Oneshots, Reactions and Scenarios 2018 [Requests Open] by valerie119
EXO Oneshots, Reactions and valerie119
Just an attempt at writing a bunch of EXO oneshots because I have so many request ideas that there's no way someone will write them all unless I write them myself. Open...
  • sehun
  • ot12
  • exonarios
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( Longfic- ChanBeak ) Bắt được rồi , Vợ ngốc . [ Chuyển ver ] by nghiemanhchanbaek
( Longfic- ChanBeak ) Bắt được rồ ❄️ Bún em gái CB ❄️
Biên Bạch Hiền - Một chàng trai xinh xắn đáng yêu , tính cách bướng bỉnh và ngỗ nghịch nhanh chóng chinh phục được Phác Xán Liệt - Thiếu gia của tổ chức mafia Growl danh...
  • tinh
  • chanbaek
  • chanyeol
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Exo 10th Member  by VVWW_9598
Exo 10th Member by BTS_ EXO_ GOT7
A bunch of scenarios, imagines and text conversations. The is a story where Kristen Park is the 10th member of exo ( first book might not be that good)
  • suho
  • kyungsoo
  • luhan
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Vampire Daddy by lovingluhanexo
Vampire Daddyby Meg(:
Yes, I decided to make it its own book! Most of you know I had the Vampire daddy series on my one shot book but it was getting too long and you guys seemed to enjoy it s...
  • hunhan
  • exofanfic
  • exok
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