Chapter 4.

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"What's up with you and the new kid?"

"What do you mean?" I asked, totally confused by my best friend's surprising question.

"Dunno, you looked like you owed him or something" He shrugged. Did I really owe him? I did. 

"I do," I spoke my thoughts, "if it wasn't for him, God knows what the Three Silicones would've done to me" I said while looking at the floor and  heard Luhan sighing before gazing up to see him looking absolutely frustrated, I would've been frustrated with me too. I watched as he ran both hands through his hair before finally looking at me. 

"And you just -he waved a hand in the air- decided to tell me that?" He mocked.


"Damn it, Sarang! I was about to beat the hell out of the guy for you" He snapped as he got off the bed and started pacing the room back and forth. 

"I know, I'm sorry, good thing is that nothing bad happened right?" I said, trying my best to sound as apologetic as I could. Way to start my senior year. I thought mockingly. He nodded in answer then sat back on the bed. 

We were still in our school uniforms.

"How did he save-?"

"Should we-?"

We both said at the same time, and Luhan lightly smiled as he urged me to go first. 

"Should we change into something more comfortable? Your clothes are still here from the last time you came over" I pointed to my walk-in closet behind me.

"Ye-yeah, I think we should. I'll take my clothes and change in the bathroom outside, you can change in your room" 

"And who said that wasn't already the plan?" I joked, and he shook his head with his smile broadening.

"Exactly. Your house, your rules." He said before getting up and heading for the closet. I swear this boy could move in at any day, he had his own clothes here, my mom adored him, and he was like family to me. I wonder what it would be like to have him actually living here, it'd be a complete chaos as mom would have to deal with two teenagers instead of one. I smiled at that thought. 

Luhan cleared his throat and I turned around to face him, "Yeah?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I...I will go now," He said with a clipped smile and pointed towards the bedroom door.

"O-Kay?" I said slowly, and he rubbed the back of his neck before going out. After he closed the door behind him, it was time to change, so I took out my favorite pink sweats and white tank top and put them on, nothing that Luhan hadn't seen me in before. 

I put my hair up in a bun and decided to check my school email, so I fired up my Mac Pro and sat on the bed, only to be interrupted by a beeping sound, "Oh, that's not my phone" I said to no one when I realized that my phone didn't make the beeping sound, it was Hen's. 

Just when I got to my feet to check it, Luhan walked back into the room.

"Ooh, Park Sarang, fancy" He mocked my comfy outfit and I stuck my tongue out at him, but then I noticed what he was wearing and my expression turned serious.

"Wait, why are you all dressed up?" I asked, motioning to his outfit which consisted of dark jeans, a white t-shirt and a gray sailor jacket. His outfit made him look a bit older than he actually was and he stared at me with a puzzled look on his face. 

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