Chapter 20.

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I rushed down through the hospital's corridors, entering other patients' rooms and checking everywhere I could look at since I saw no traces of nurse Jinhee after she handed me the recorder. Doctors and other nurses were already fed up with me as one of the male nurses tried to slow me down, which only made me go faster, because truth was, I knew who told nurse Jinhee to give me the recorder, and I also knew who the secret donor was.

I was now on the second floor, which is one story below Luhan's room. Luckily for me, I got a glimpse of nurse Jinhee's dark hair and watched as she walked into one of the hospitals room, I followed suit, pushing her to the side as I made my way in.

"Are you doing this to hurt me? to get back at me since my father was the reason for all the shit you've been through the past eleven years?" I said in one go, my heart shattering as I listened to my own words, I didn't know how or why my father was killed, but I sure will get the answers now. "Was this all just kind of a sick game to you?" I spat, while the guy sitting opposite me on the hospital's bed stared back at me with a knowing smile and a harsh look in his eyes, then looked back as he addressed nurse Jinhee. "Thought I told you not to tell anyone?" He said, then looked back at me, his mouth twisting into the same horrifying smile I saw on that Friday night.

I looked back at nurse Jinhee who took the hint and left us alone. "How long have you been trying to get back at me?" I asked, my voice wavering, making me sound vulnerable. Tough up, Sarang! don't you back up now.

"You want the honest truth? or just you know, the truth" he waved his hand in the air, obviously enjoying this while it broke me down to tiny little pieces. "The honest truth." I said, and he got up from the bed, and I noticed that he already had a hospital's gown on before he started making circles around me. 

He rubbed his hands together then said, "Park Sarang, you know, your father had no damn business being there that night, I didn't know him back then, but as I grew up surrounded by four walls and metal bars, I struggled to know the truth, the man whose death caused me my entire childhood was your father-"

"Is this why you played me the way you did?" I said with tears pooling in my eyes, blurring my vision, he was so close to me yet so far as his hands dropped to his sides and he took a step closer to me, forcing me to look up at his dark eyes that gave nothing away.

"I've been watching you ever since I was released, I tried to know every little thing about you so I could you know -he shrugged- get on with my revenge, although it wasn't that easy to be quite honest, you're hard to break, Miss Park." He said it as if I were supposed to be proud of hearing such nonesense, but instead, hearing it teared me down to pieces.

"So you're saying we were a lie?" Something flashed in his eyes but he quickly gazed away and nodded his head, confirming my biggest fear, I was thoroughly used by him.

"The only person you should be mad at is your bestfriend's grandmother," he started again, completely ignoring the tears that were streaming down my face, not that I wanted him to do anything about it, I just hoped that I could get away from him, and from everything else. "She just happened to know that your father was a cop, called his station and said that she saw something going down at the house infront of hers, only that it was her house really, she already hired that housekeeper's husband to kill your father and came up with a believable excuse for the police, she told everyone that she never saw that man in her life before, and didn't even know what he was doing at her house, I was only eight, do have any idea how hard it was for me?" he grabbed me by the shoulders and started shaking me, "do you know how many times I've tried and tried to get myself killed, to hang myself even, but each time, Tao was there to stop me. But take a look around Sarang, do you see him now?" He was standing mere inches away from me, his nails dugging into the piece of fabric I had on.

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