Chapter 8.

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  It's been six days since the last time I saw him.

Six days since I've stopped feeling anything...

"Sarang I would appreciate it if you paid attention in class." Mr.Lee said, distracting me from my own thoughts, from him. "Sorry." "Do you know what's the solution to this problem?"He asked me, and I stared blankly at him. Mr.Lee was my math teacher, and definitely one of the best in his field. He also had a diploma in psychology which made me a little uncomfortable at the moment since he could easily read me, I supposed. I shrugged while looking at the familiar problem written on the board in front of me, I obviously knew the answer but was too distracted to do anything about it. Ever since last Tuesday, I couldn't stop thinking about Sehun, the only thing that's been preoccupying my mind lately was Oh Sehun.

Mr.Lee eyed me for a moment before replying. "Sarang, a shrug, won't help you pass your exam, nor will help with your current situation. Come see me after class." He said before turning back to the board, asking other students what was the answer to the stupid math problem. I got 99 problems, but math wasn't one of them. I thought sarcastically, which placed a bitter smile on my lips. I couldn't even get myself to smile anymore.

What bothered the most was that Sehun didn't seem like he'd keep his promise, he suddenly kissed me out the blue, and asked me out on a date that I doubt would ever happen. I felt something poking my back which snapped me out of my thoughts. Again. I turned around to see who it was and found a smiling Luhan. "You okay?" He mouthed at me, and I nodded.

My act of normality sure didn't fool any of my friends, especially Luhan. He didn't know that Sehun and I kissed, but he knew something was up, and that it involved Sehun. No one knew what actually happened between the two of us except for, well...Suho. Who thank god, decided to keep his mouth shut about it.

My phone buzzed in my jacket's pocket and I slowly grabbed it out without Mr.Lee's noticing.

From: Lu HEN ^^

You look pretty today, Park Sarang. :D

Oh Luhan, always trying to cheer me up, and I loved him for it. I threw him a smile over my shoulder before replying.

To: Lu HEN ^^

Is that what you always say to your old girlfriend? ;) P.S I always look pretty. ^^

The moment I hit send, the place felt shady, and I looked up to see a very displeased Mr.Lee standing over me. Crap! "Forget about coming to my office after class. We're going there now." He said, then ushered me to get up from my seat. I looked hesitantly at Luhan as I grabbed my backpack, he had a poker face on. "You're dismissed." He told the students even though the class doesn't finish for another 20 minutes."You -he pointed at me- come with me."He said then grabbed his stuff from the desk and walked out of the classroom with me trailing behind.

"How are you, Sarang?" Mr.Lee asked as he sat at his own office, then ushered me to sit in the chair across from him, I did. "I'm good." I said, but could tell that he didn't believe me from the way he was studying me. "You do know that I don't believe that, right?" He said, and before I could answer,  his phone office started ringing. He held a finger up as he went to answer it. "Hello?" He said into the receiver. "Yes I do...she is...all right I will, thank you." He hung up. I stared down at my knotted fingers as he spoke, "um, Sarang. You are asked to go to the principle's office." He said, and I could feel my eyes widen. Why?!

"Can I know why please?" I asked and he shook his head "I don't know, but he's waiting for you at his office right now." He said. I swallowed before getting up from the chair and headed for the door. "Sarang." Mr.Lee called before I exited his office, I turned around to face him. "It will be okay." He said. 

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