Chapter 13. [Part 1]

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Once again, I  couldn't sleep.

After playing boardgames with Luhan and his grandmother, it got late so I was asked to spend the night. I had called my mom and told her so she wouldn't be worried, which I'm sure she was because of the way I took off this morning. I kept tossing around in bed, while Luhan was snoring beside me. 

"If you would just shut it, Han." I whispered, then threw my pillow over his face, hoping that it'd stop his snoring, but unfortunately, it didn't. I wasn't going to kill my bestfriend or anything, ofcourse not.

So I gave up and got out of the bed, might aswell take a walk since apparently, I wouldn't be getting any sleep tonight. But Luhan's snoring wasn't the only reason why I was still up, I kept checking my phone almost every minute waiting for a call or a text from him, but nothing came in. I was already a hopeless case, I've managed to ruin two relationships in just one day. How terrific.

I got to my feet and into my slippers, well, Luhan's. Then headed for the door. Turning the door knob ever so slowly, I managed to get it opened without squeaking, and felt as if I had just won an olympic trophy, that is until I realized that I was at Luhan's mansion and his room was in a different floor than his grandmother's. Talking about feeling dumb. I was just so used to my house, I guess.

I straightened up after being crouched for no apparent reason, and walked to the staircase, as I finally reached the first floor, I noticed a light coming from under one of the doors, but since everything was almost too dark, I couldn't tell from where it came until I walked closer and figured that it was coming from the office room. Luhan's grandma must still be up aswell.

"Never eavesdrop on people, child!" was probably the most repeated line throughout my childhood years, since I was a very, very curious child by nature, and some of that curiosity has came back in full force.

As I glued my ear to the door and held my breath in, I tried to hear what Luhan's grandmother was saying, but only parts of it made sense to me since her voice came out a little bit muffled. I could tell that she was on the phone with someone.

"Yes, I made sure that it was very clear."  she said, and then stopped. Probably waiting for the person on the other line to finish talking.

"Ofcourse, she won't."  She?

"I'vknown the child for more than 9 years."  I pulled back a bit and stupidly pointed at myself before gluing my ear back to the door. "She'd do whatever I ask her to."

If she was talking about me, I wouldn't be able to handle the irony of this situation, since I'm doing something right now that she'd never expect, nor ask of me. But, was she really talking about me? to who?

"He should be back in rehab, I told you that maniac should've never been released."  Does she mean...

"No I'm afraid not. Stay aware incase something new comes up."  

"He only has 4 months left. Thank you, I'll be waiting for your next call. Goodbye."  I didn't realize that I had sank into the floor until I felt the cold marble freezing my bottom. I was beyond shocked. Maniac? Sehun? he only has 4 months? 4 months for what? and then my heart clenched. Oh god, what is she going to do with him? What have I done?

I heard the sound of a chair being pushed and quickly got to my feet and headed upstairs, the last thing I'd want is to get caught by her. Don't let looks deceive you. Indeed. Nana would seem as the world's most nicest, and loving woman, but that was just a cover to her many dark layers underneath. The same loving woman who bought me my favorite chocolate everytime she came over to my house to visit, and always gave me good advices, and scolded Luhan for my sake, turned out to be a vicious one. The woman whom I've considered my own grandmother, is plotting something extremely rotten. And from what I found out, she was a strong woman and not to be messed with, a woman with a great authority and dominance, her tone on the phone and during the small talk we had this morning said so. But why does she dislike Sehun so much? he's her grandson too, just like Luhan. Why was she so shaken up by my question that she had to call someone in probably the middle of the night? does that mean that I'm a target now? along with Sehun?

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