Chapter 21.

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I watched as Sarang strolled down the hallway and headed for the bank of elevators, once I've seen her get on one of them I went back into my room and closed the door.

Just as I sat on the bed, my mind started playing the old memories, this hospital room looked nothing like the one I used to stay in, but it had the same feeling, the white walls and white bed minus the bricks covering the window, I tried to keep calm and breath in and out as slowly as possible, but nothing was working, I was having another episode.

"Sehun?!" I heard a voice saying as the owner of it rushed to my side and clicked on the button that I couldn't reach and called for the nurse, soon after, I saw Jinhee walk in, I recognized her from her hospital shoes, the other woman started rubbing my back and I looked up, my vision slowly coming back and realized that it was Mrs. Choi, the chemistry teacher, or that's what the people around me think she is.

"You feeling all good there big boy?" she asked, and I nodded. My breathing was becoming more settled. I laid back on the bed and looked at her from the corner of my eye.

"What brings you here?" I asked, and she ushered for nurse Jinhee to leave before coming back to sit on the chair oppoiste my bed.

She started with a laugh. "One of my students is basically ending his own life to save his brother's, are you telling me that I shouldn't have come to say goodbye?" 

"I was never your student." I said with a smile and heard her chuckle. Mrs. Choi, Jasmine Choi, was my eyes and ears inside the school, she was a good friend of Tao's and Sarang's late father who was a cop, and she practically helped raising Tao, so when she ditched cop work after the death of their father, she decided to become a teacher, and well, what a small world, it was the same school my twin brother and Sarang -Tao's half sister go to. 

"You are my student, mr. Pink lover, how did she take the news?" She asked, and I knew she was referring to Sarang.

"I'm not sure."  I said, I didn't know how Sarang truly felt about me going, when I kissed her just before she left, I could tell that she put everything into that kiss, like she always does, like we always do, we always kiss like it's our last goodbye, which at times I think it is because I start having doubts on whether I should stop using her the way I did, or to atleast save what's left of me before I completely give in to her, and that eventually happened, I was nothing without her, and I'm afraid that that kiss, the one we shared just before she went out to set the truth straight, would be our last one indeed.

"Oh boy, you've got it bad." She said with a shake of her head, and I found myself smiling.

"Does she know how much you're in love with her?" she asked, and I shook my head, my smile fading away. "How the fuck am I supposed to tell her when I'm close to my death?"

"Ay ay, I'm still your teacher you dumbshit, mind your language-"

The door flew open.

"Sehun, there's some change in plans." nurse Jinhee quickly said.

I sat on the bed and waited for her to spill it out, "what is it?"

She leaned against the door frame with a hand over her chest as she tried to regain her breath, "Luhan's condition is getting worse, we need to perform the surgery now."


"Excuse me, I-"

"What are you doing here?" I turned around to find Nara, one of the silicones coming towards me with disgust evident on her face. 

"What am I doing here? what are you doing here?." I said, and pushed passed her but she got a hold of my elbow. "Um, my dad is like a detective, you loser,  you know what you did to Kai oppa was really-"

"Nara get the hell out of my face!" I shouted and continued to walk inside the police station, I've reached an office with the sign "Detective Kim, Special in crimes" on it, and knocked on the door, only to be yanked back my Nara. "That's my dad's office, and you better tell me why you're here or I won't let you go in." She said as she blocked the doorway and I was left with two fists curled by my sides. Keeping in mind that I was inside a police station and breaking her plastic face would probably consider illegal, but, I had to take the advantage.

"Kai, is really sick." I lied, knowing that she'll pay full attention now and perhaps, leave me alone. "He's at the neighborhood hospital, you should go see him, oh my god, my friend-" I started fake crying, and heard her gasp.

"Oh my gawd! take me to him, now!" She said and I pretended to lose all control as I fell onto the ground and started crying, then realized that I should probably clutch my stomach for more affect, which I did, and then started gasping for air and clinging onto Nara's body. That definitely, made the other officers gather around us.

"Miss, are you alright? what did you do to her?" they all asked Nara whose face looked priceless. She stuttered before she tried to walk away but one of the female officers grabbed her elbow and started leading her to one of the rooms on my left side. And I heard as she said on her way, "don't you know who I am?! my father could put you all in jail!" 

Man, she wasn't the brightest kid in town.

After telling everyone that Nara punched my gut and broke an invisible tooth somewhere in the back of my mouth, which was all true but didn't happen right now, they asked if I was okay and wanted to press any charges, I was seriously considering it, then decided against it, and thanked them all before asking to go into Detective Kim's office.


I was sitting right across from Kim Nara's father, detective Kim Joon, whose personality was completely different from his awful daughter, he was listening to the recorder while I prepared myself for any unexpected questions.

"So this person, Tao, wasn't killed in a car accident, but shot by Lu So Jin?" He asked, the crease between his eyebrows becoming more visible. "Yes."

"Were there any eyewitnesses?"

"Yes, Oh Sehun, Lu So Jin's grandson." 

"Where is he right now?" 

"At the hospital, he's donating his liver to his dying brother, and the surgery is taking place tomorrow." I said, my mind still not able to comprehend the truth.

He nodded his head briefly at me before pushing his chair away from the desk and stand up, "Miss Park, I need to meet Oh Sehun."

"Right now?" 


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